Chive, Onion and Sun-Dried Tomato Frittata. Vegan. Gluten-free.

When I spotted the front cover of Issue 13 of Vegan Life magazine, it reminded me that I’ve yet to publish a single frittata recipe on the blog. This needed remedying at once!

In contrast to egg frittatas which I’ve never been able to bear (I can’t stand the ‘eggy’ flavour or texture), I absolutely adore their vegan counterpart. They’ve proven to be hugely popular with the rest of the family too. While they don’t share my egg aversion, the boys much prefer these egg-free frittatas to the original kind.

Vegan Life Issue 13

The recipe I’m sharing in today’s post is for a tasty Chive, Onion and Sun-Dried Tomato Frittata. The addition of chives was inspired by the recipe in Vegan Life. (I love how pretty they look sprinkled on top of the frittata!) Rather than using the recipe featured in Vegan Life (which calls for ingredients that I don’t have on hand, like lupin flour) I used my ole’ faithful vegan frittata recipe which always comes out perfect for me (and I hope it will for you too!)

Chive Frittata

As an egg replacement in frittatas, I use a mixture of gram flour (aka ‘chickpea’, ‘garbanzo bean’ or ‘besan’ flour) and silken tofu. Gram flour is usually found on the world food aisles in supermarkets (in the Indian section). It’s gluten free and really high in protein and iron. Silken tofu is the one that comes in tetra paks and is also typically found on the world food aisles (in the Japanese section). I most often use the Clearspring organic silken tofu.


Earlier this month (as a Mother’s Day treat to myself!) I purchased a GreenPan frying pan (‘skillet’ to our overseas friends). I’d been wanting to try a ceramic pan for ages, so when I spotted one in TK Maxx for just £11, I snapped it up. It had a few tiny chips on it but, for that price, it didn’t bother me.

As well as being super non stick (at the moment… ) it’s also oven proof which means it’s perfect for finishing off frittatas. Before I had this pan, I used to slide the frittata onto an oiled plate, place the frying pan over the top, then carefully flip it over to brown the other side; but popping the pan under the grill (broiler) for a couple of minutes is much less of a faff!

In future, I will always make sure I buy oven-proof frying pans. It’s most definitely worth it!

Chive Frittata

Unfortunately, since purchasing the GreenPan, I’ve read lots of negative reviews online. People are saying that, in their experience, these pans are super non stick to begin with then, after a short while, they start to stick badly. Uh oh! Doesn’t sound great but we’ll see how it goes. I’ll report back in a few months. If the GreenPan starts to stick, I’m thinking of investing in a pre-seasoned cast iron skillet.

What kind of frying pan (skillet) do you use? I’d love to hear any recommendations!

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12 Responses to Chive, Onion and Sun-Dried Tomato Frittata. Vegan. Gluten-free.

  1. catriona archer

    This is making me feel veeeeery hungry!!

  2. I wish I had more dishes that could go from stove top to oven! As it is we have just one, a Scanpan skillet, which isn’t my favourite pan to use as it’s medium sized (often either too small or too large!) and not that non-stick. We have another fairly generic non-stick frying pan which I use a lot but is definitely not oven proof.

    I am yet to try a vegan frittata but was a late convert to scrambled ‘eggs’ vegan style so suspect I’d like this a lot, especially with the flavourings!
    Kari @ bite-sized thoughts recently posted..Glazed tofu with red wine vinegar and giant couscousMy Profile

    • Hi Kari. I was never a fan of egg, so I much prefer scrambled tofu to scrambled egg. If you’re the same, I definitely think you’d enjoy these frittatas 🙂

  3. Looks delicious, its so funny how magazine covers or even recipe books kick us up the back to make variations of our own. I have lots of frittata recipes, but not vegan – will have to double check – but regardless, I want to make a version myself too. Before right now, I want a slice of yours fritatta.
    shaheen recently posted..Cardiff Indoor Antique and Flea MarketMy Profile

    • I very rarely follow recipes but I definitely get inspired by magazine covers and images I see in books & on the internet. You’ll definitely have to give a vegan frittata a try. I’d love to know what you think!

  4. Ana

    I can’t wait to try this frittata recipe! I’d have never thought to add chickpea flour. Being in the American South, the only skillets I own are cast iron. They last forever and work great for cornbread, pan frying, sauces, and frittatas!

  5. Hi Sharon, Guess I stopped by too late for the recipe testing, but I’m excited to hear that you’ve gotten so far on your cookbook! I had never thought of making a vegan frittata, but this is the second recipe today that I’ve wanted to try that involved chickpea flour (besan) so I’ve put it on my grocery list. I have a whole box (about 10 containers left) of shelf-stable silken tofu that I want to use up for sure and I’ve been looking for some new silken tofu recipes, so this fits the bill. Hope to try it soon and let you know how it goes.
    Mary @ Fit and Fed recently posted..Kelp SaladMy Profile

  6. I agree with you! I always hated egg dishes, like omelette, etc, but totally LOVE their vegan parnters! Tofu scramble is just so delicious. I remember being so nervous to try it when I first heard of it, but then loved it straight away. The only egg dish I used to like was curried egg sandwiches but a tofu curried sandwich is equally as delicious.
    I have been debating getting a pan that goes from stovetop to oven, but don’t really see that we have a huge need for it.
    It’s always so frustrating to find reviews “after” buying an item!
    Sandy recently posted..Chocolate FrappeMy Profile

  7. Oh – and as far as frying pans go – we use the stone pans – they are so great for cooking with. Great non stick factor without those nasty linings. Really great for us because we eat oil free so it’s really easy to flip pancakes, patties etc without using oil.
    Sandy recently posted..Chocolate FrappeMy Profile

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