One Pot Masala Dhal

Dhal has to be one of my favourite dishes ever. It has all those beautiful Indian spices and flavours, but is typically mild, making it a great family-friendly meal. It’s also really easy to prepare and low cost too. We often serve it as a mid-week meal, then I enjoy the leftovers for my lunches.

One Pot Masala Dhal

I never get tired of dhal as it can be made in so many ways, using different spice blends, lentils and liquids for a myriad of flavours and textures. My ‘go to’ dhal recipe is this Coconut Dhal with Butternut Squash, which we’ve been making for many years now, but I’m always on the look out for new recipes to try.

When I was browsing this month’s Vegan Life magazine, one recipe that instantly caught my eye was Kimberly Parson’s One Pot Masala Dhal. The principal spice in the curry paste is Smoked Paprika, which I absolutely adore. Combined with tomatoes, red lentils and creamy coconut milk, I could just imagine how amazing this dish was going to taste.

Vegan Life 16 Masala Dhal

Since all the ingredients are staples in my pantry, I immediately set to work creating it. I did tweak the recipe a little (I halved the amount of fat and coconut milk used and reduced the amount of heat in the curry paste), but nevertheless it tasted absolutely delicious! It got a big thumbs up from the boys and I know this recipe will now be in regular rotation in our house.

To make the dish, you first make the masala curry paste. This simply involves throwing the ingredients in a mini food processor and whizzing to a smooth paste.

Masala Paste Ingredients

Masala Paste Ingredients

The paste is added to all the remaining dhal ingredients except the spinach, and cooked until the lentils have softened. As a last step, the spinach is folded in.

Masala Dhal

Ladle into bowls, sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and it’s ready to serve.

Masala Dhal

We love to serve our dhal with flatbreads (either home-made chapattis or shop-bought seeded flour tortillas), brown rice, or a mixture of the two!

Masala Dhal

Masala Dhal


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2 Responses to One Pot Masala Dhal

  1. Markio

    Delicious and filling. Ate this cold last night, sitting at a picnic bench in the Forest of Dean. Made for a good mid-ride refuel while I waited for the other guys to turn up and ride into the Solstice sunset…

  2. We love dahl! It’s incredible how many different ways it can be made! Yet so yummy ever time! 🙂 We love ours with yellow lentils. I’m trying a dahl tonight with mung beans!

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