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How Meditation Makes Us Kinder

Today I have a guest post from the lovely Holly Ashby, who works at Will Williams MeditationLong-time readers may recall that Holly wrote a series of guest posts for me on the subject of meditation in 2015. I’m delighted to welcome her back once gain. In today’s post, she explains how meditation can increase our capacity for kindness and compassion, both for ourselves and for others.

Over to Holly…

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The Science Behind Meditation

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, and the positive effect it has on people’s lives and well-being has been evident for just as long. However, until recently it could never be proved conclusively that it is truly beneficial. Luckily, with the advent of scientific research, the conviction that it does you good can now be backed up with studies and data.

There are over 3000 studies on the benefits of meditation, and its impact on everything from stress to concentration has been researched. There are far too many findings to explore them all, so here I’ll focus on a few of the key areas in which science has illuminated exactly how meditation can help us.

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Meditation for Children and Young People – The Benefits

Today I’m delighted to bring you the second installment of our meditation mini series by Holly Ashby. In this post, Holly discusses some of the key benefits of a regular meditation practice for children and young people.



When thinking about meditation, it’s easy to assume that it’s something only adults would benefit from. To a certain extent, most children are shielded from the stresses and strains of modern life that make it such a useful tool for adults. However, children aren’t completely immune from this stress and have their own unique worries. To help, meditation can be a great relaxation technique for children. Continue reading


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Health, Happiness and Meditation

As most of you will be aware, I am passionate about meditation. I’ve been attending weekly meditation classes for about seven years now, as well as practising alone at home and in the great outdoors. Since 2010, I’ve also been teaching children’s weekly meditation workshops. Along with the shift towards a 100% plant-based diet, meditation has definitely been key in raising my levels of physical and mental well-being these past few years.

Today, I am delighted to share a guest post from Holly Ashby who works for the London meditation centre, Will Williams Meditation. Holly is a super talented writer, and she’s kindly offered to write a mini introductory series on meditation for Bit of the Good Stuff. We’ll be posting one article per month for the next three months. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do

In today’s post, Holly is talking about some of the benefits of meditation.


by Holly Ashby

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Ash from Viva! and his Vegan Muffaletta

 Today I am delighted to share a guest post from Ash, who works for the animal charity Viva! I first came into contact with Ash after eyeing up his Muffaletta on Twitter! I was so wowed by it that I asked if he’d share the recipe, along with an insight into his work at Viva! Wait till you check out that sandwich. Lil’ L & M are going to be so impressed when I make it for them!
Over to Ash….

Hello Good Stuff readers, I’m Ash and I work for Viva! – one of the few animal charities out there who actually tell the ugly truth and are motivated exclusively by improving the quality of life of ALL animals. Have a look at our current campaigns.


I am lucky that when I’m not doing techy stuff I get to be involved with other things like fundraising and foodie things. For instance some of us made a series of instructional food videos – showing people that vegan cooking is not rocket science. This is part of our initiative to extent the success of Veganuary, and give people a wealth of cooking tips and recipes for a whole month. It’s called the 30 Day Vegan.


Another awesome thing I get to do is co-ordinate supporters’ fundraising challenges. This comes under the heading of Team-Viva!. This year we are building up the number of people taking part in running events – an activity dear to my heart after training my little legs off last year for the Bristol Half Marathon. It’s not just about running though, so if you want to partake in any sponsored activity (cake bake, sponsored silence, world’s largest vegan sausage, for example) please get in touch!

ash run 500

I became acquainted with BitOfTheGoodStuff through Twitter, after being complimented on a particular food post I uploaded one lunchtime. It was for a vegan muffaletta which (as well as having a funny name) is a deliciously impressive, and speedy dish to whip up.

Thank you so much Ash for guest posting today and sharing your awesome recipe

Viva! is an incredible charity and one that is very close to my heart. I’ve been a supporter for many years now and Lil’ L and I actually volunteered at the Incredible Veggie Roadshow when it came to Bath in 2010. We had such a blast handing out leaflets, chatting to people and encouraging people to check out the event. I promise you, no one could resist that Lil’ cutie 😉

Incredible Veggie Roadshow 2010 - 400

The next Incredible Veggie Roadshow is in Gloucester on Saturday 26 April 2014 so, if you’re within the vicinity, do check it out!


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