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Indian-Spiced Cauliflower Soup with Onion Bhaji Sprinkles

For me, soups are one of the best cold-weather comfort foods. They’re warming, satisfying and leave me feeling amazing on the inside. They’re also simple to prepare. Only basic chopping skills are required to create a delicious soup!

The recipe I’m sharing today is a recent creation which has quickly become a family favourite. With its golden hues, warming spices and creamy texture, this soup is just perfect for the Autumn season. It’s very filling, so can easily be served as a main meal. It’s super cheap too. The ingredients cost a total of £3.06, which equates to just 77p per portion. Bargain!

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Naturally Nourished and Kid-Approved Broccoli Basil Broth with Noodles

Today on the blog, I’m sharing a review of Sarah Britton’s new release Naturally Nourished and one of my family’s current favourite recipes from the book – Broccoli Basil Broth with Noodles.

I’m sure a lot of my blog readers will already have heard of Sarah Britton. She is the creative force behind the hugely popular vegetarian blog My New Roots and launched her debut cookbook, under the same name, in 2015. Responding to her readers’ requests, her follow-up cookbook is filled with recipes and inspiration for weeknight cooking, using easy-to-source ingredients.

Though Naturally Nourished is a vegetarian cookbook, by far the greatest majority of the recipes are vegan (I counted 89), plus most of the non-vegan recipes can be easily “veganized” by switching the dairy cheese or yogurt for their vegan counterparts.

Sarah’s style of cooking really appeals to me as it focuses on using natural, whole food ingredients. This is the kind of food that my family loves to eat and we thrive on it. After eating meals like this, I always feel highly energised and great ‘on the inside’. I tend to make all our meals from scratch, so I’m always on the look out for simple, whole food recipes that are easy to throw together. Continue reading


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Smoky Yellow Split Pea Soup

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful break over the festive holidays. I spent a magical five days with my mum and her three dogs in Verwood, Dorset. It was so relaxing, which was just what I needed after a busy year finishing the cookbook.

We went for daily walks in Verwood Forest, had a glorious day on Bournemouth beach, and spent our evenings watching films and munching our way through all the Christmas goodies. As you may have seen on my social media channels, I was totally spoilt by family and friends this Christmas and received lots of beautiful boxes of vegan chocolates. Needless to say, most are empty now.

And after all the excesses of the festive season, this month I’m looking forward to getting back to my favourite way of eating – simple meals filled with natural ingredients and packed full of flavour and nutrients.

To kickstart my recipe shares for January, I have one of my family’s favourite winter-warming dishes – Smoky Yellow Split Pea Soup ❤️

Not only is this soup easy to make, but it’s incredibly cheap too. A 500g bag of Suma yellow split peas costs £1.15 and we only use half a bag in this recipe. Add in the remaining ingredients and this soup costs about £2.25, which works out at 56p per portion. Bargain! Continue reading


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Cosy Mushroom Minestrone

My cookbook has gone to print! It was so scary hitting the ‘send’ button. In fact, it took me a good few hours to pluck up the courage to hit it. I was paranoid that I was going to send an old version my mistake so I kept checking and re-checking the file names. I was turning into a slightly scary, crazy woman but I finally took a deep breath and just hit the button. And while I’m waiting for it to roll off the printers in London, I’ve been having fun in the kitchen, trying out new ingredients and recipes.

One new dish that has been hugely popular in my house lately is this Cosy Mushroom Minestrone ❤️ With the weather cooling off and the evening’s start to draw in, these are the kinds of dishes that I start to crave. Warm, filling and super savoury. This is my idea of the perfect comfort food.

Cosy Mushroom Minestrone

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Malaysian Coconut Noodle Soup

Happy Friday everyone! And to all our friends over in the USA, Happy Fourth of July! I hope you’re having a fantastic extended weekend

Today, I thought I’d share one of our all-time favourite noodle soups. It’s my family-friendly vegan take on Malaysian Laksa Lemak. This dish usually contains a fair amount of spice, but I’ve toned down the heat to make it suitable for youngsters (and lightweights like me!) It makes a great weekend lunch or light weekday meal.

Malaysian Coconut Noodle Soup

While you wouldn’t normally expect to see smoked tofu in this dish, I find the flavour works beautifully with the fragrant spiced gravy. I use Cauldron’s Organic Smoked Tofu (which you’ll find in the chiller cabinets in most of the UK’s major supermarkets). Its smoky flavour is very mild which suits Lil’ L (other brands have been ‘too smoky’ for him). If the smoky flavour isn’t your thing, feel free to substitute with sesame tofu or your own marinated tofu.

Caudron Smoked Tofu

If you want to keep the dish gluten-free, go for a brown rice noodle rather than wholewheat. One of my current favourite organic noodle brands is King Soba, which is currently available in the UK from independent health food shops and online. They cost £1.89 for 250g, which is a good price for organic noodles. If you can’t find them locally, you can buy them directly from King Soba, and they offer free delivery when you order six packs.

King Soba Noodles


Malaysian Coconut Noodle Soup

This recipe was featured in the latest issue of Fresh Vegan. Launched just a few months ago, this digital magazine has already gathered a huge following. It was recently nominated in the VegfestUK’s best publication awards, alongside well established magazines such as Vegetarian Living, so a huge well done to the FV team

What I love about Fresh Vegan (and what sets it apart from other food magazines) is the diversity of its features. It includes restaurant and product reviews, travel features, interviews and much, much more. If you’re interested in hearing the ethos behind the magazine, there’s a great interview with its creators over at HappyCow.net.

Fresh Vegan June 2014 Issue


Have you got any plans for the weekend? I’m really excited about the Tour de France, which starts tomorrow in Leeds (UK) no less! It’s my favourite sporting event of the year. And of course we still have the World Cup and Wimbledon. In between watching all this sport, I’m looking forward to heading out on my bike. A little bit of tennis (or ‘bat and ball’ in my case) might be in order too. Whatever you’re up to, enjoy! xx




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