Chocolate Cupcakes (dairy free)

Okay, so this blog was meant to be about healthy stuff and I’ve started it with chocolate cupcakes!  That wasn’t exactly how I intended to start it, but it’s the school jumble sale today and I volunteered to bake some cakes to sell.  Lil L’ assures me that chocolate cupcakes will be a popular choice with the kids, so that’s what I’ve gone for.  I’ve also learnt from C’s experience… when she’s made a healthy, tasty, wholemeal cake for school events, it still tends to be eagerly looking for a buyer at the end of the sale.  She then ends up buying it herself and taking it home again!

So chocolate cupcakes was the choice for today.  My aim was to create a ‘dairy free’ version of the famous Hummingbird Bakery cupcake.  They came out really well and the people I tested them on couldn’t tell at all that they were dairy free.  Who says you need all that full fat milk and butter hey? 😉

Chocolate cupcakes
Chocolate dairy free cupcakes

You can find the recipe here.

Lil’ L tested a cupcake and reported back that it was ‘delish!!!!’

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