Oatcakes and the Tortoise… or am I a pogo stick?

North Staffordshire oatcakes are one of our favourite breakfast treats.  I was introduced to them at university by a friend who was actually from North Staffs.  I thought they were stunning when I first tried them, and I still love them now.  We usually save them for the weekend, but I decided to surprise Lil’ L by making him some for breakfast today.  He was really excited when he heard and managed to eat 2 oatcakes before school, and then asked if he could have another one as a snack after school!  While you can put savoury fillings in them, we prefer a big dollop of strawberry fruit spread.  I also sneak in a little hemp seed oil or walnut oil for an omega-3 boost.  Here’s the recipe.

North Staffordshire Oatcakes

After school, Lil’ L and I had fun playing Twister (haven’t played that in ages!) and while dinner was cooking, we made some of our super ‘Omega Chocs’.  I’m sure Lil’ L only likes helping with the baking so he can lick the bowl out 😉

At 7pm, Lil’ L went to a special cubs meeting where he was going to be ‘invested’ (?)  While he was there with his Dad, I decided to go for a run.  For the first time ever, I wore M’s Garmin Forerunner watch so I could find out how slow I run.  I’m afraid to say that it’s now official…. I’m as slow as a tortoise 🙁  I managed to run 4.07 miles in 44.20 minutes.  That means it takes me nearly 11 minutes to run a mile.  That is soooo slow.   I would use the excuse that it’s very hilly round here but, on the canal towpath, girls that were jogging in a much slower rhythm than me were actually speeding past me!  My running action must be like a pogo stick – I go up and down rather than along.  Tips on how I can stretch my pace whilst exerting the same amount of energy would be much appreciated.  Thank you 🙂

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