The Garden

Our garden looks its best in June.  The garden is filled with the smell of roses at the moment; you can even smell them as you walk up the garden path 🙂  As the flowers are not going to last much longer, I thought I’d take a few photos before they disappear.

The white rose bush has literally got hundreds of flowers on it!  It looks and smells incredible!

I’m not very good with the names of flowers, but I think this is a pink geranium.

Mum gave me the Sweet William.  I  believe it’s from our old house in Essex. 

These are the flowers growing in the shady spot under the magnolia tree.  I think the plant in the foreground is called ‘crown vetch ‘ (I’ll take more pictures when it comes out in flower).  Not sure what the yellow or lilac flowers are called!

I’m not sure what the plant below is, but the bees absolutely love it! 

The dinner we had last night was one of our all time favourites – Veggie Paella.  Here’s the photo I took:

Veggie Paella

It’s super easy to make and only uses one pan, so very little washing up.  We like those sort of dinners best!  The recipe can be found here.

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