Something good for the weekend… Delicious dairy-free wholemeal scones!

Dairy-free wholemeal scones

On weekends, we love to have something special for breakfast or elevenses.  Today, we decided to make some scones and eat them fresh out of the oven.  We made them dairy free by using soya milk and Pure dairy-free sunflower spread.  To add a touch of wholefood goodness, we used half wholemeal and half plain (all purpose) flour.  We served them with a big dollop of St Dalfour’s sugar-free strawberry spread and fresh strawberries.  The result was a tasty scone that is far healthier and nutritious compared to classic scones. 

Lil’ L said it was definitely worth the wait for these (ie. the wait for me to actually get out of bed and make them 😉 ) and proceeded to eat 2 scones… then come back a minute later for another one!

The recipe can be found here.

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