Macmillan Fun Day 2011

Last Friday, M, Lil’ L and I helped out at the Macmillan Fun Day at The Verwood Hub in Dorset.  The event was organised by my sister Jodie and supported by a lovely team of volunteers. 🙂 

There were lots of stalls and fun activities running throughout the day.

I was tasked with running the ‘foodie’ stall.  In the week leading up to the event, I was busy making cupcakes, flapjacks and raw chocolates (another of my latest passions 😉 ).

My mum was an absolute star and helped me out by baking and frosting nearly 200 cupcakes! Her poor electric mixer blew up half way through our frosting frenzy, so the remainder had to be made by hand. Me, my mum, and sister Sandra were up to midnight on Thursday frosting the cakes. After this, none of us could get to sleep. I’m sure we inhaled far too much icing sugar… I was buzzing all night!

All our cupcakes were dairy-free. We used Alpro soya milk and Pure margarine instead of cow's milk and butter.

I didn’t want to skimp on the quality of the ingredients, so I chose to use all my favourite products including Alpro’s soya milk; Sweet Freedom’s award-winning natural sweetener and syrup; Crazy Jack’s organic natural syrups, dried fruits and nuts; Detox Your World’s organic raw chocolate liqueur, cococa powder, goji berries and nuts and Flahavans wonderful Organic Oats. 


I want to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to all these wonderful companies for the fantastic support they gave for this event.

A big THANK YOU also to Dan and Paula from Elements for Life who kindly donated a tray of their award-winning ‘Yummy Scrummy’ Raw Chocolate Brownie. Since tasting Yummy Scrummy at the Frome Green Fair earlier this year, I’ve been hooked on raw chocolate!  I was hoping that a piece of Yummy Scrummy would be left over so I could bring it home, but no chance of that… the whole tray was snapped up within the first hour! 

Another popular item on my foodie stall was the goji berry flapjack that I made using NO fat and NO refined sugar. Instead, I simply used natural sweeteners, chopped goji berries and nuts combined with oats and barley flakes. Again, the tray was emptied in no time at all.  

A number of people asked me for the recipe, so I promise I’ll write it up and post it before the end of the week.

My final picture is a close-up of the Christmas Cake that my sister Sandra made for the Macmillan event. It was covered in delicate Christmas trees made of wafer thin icing. It was breathtakingly stunning! The lucky winner is sure going to have a great centrepiece for their dining table this Christmas!

All in all, it was a great day and, most importantly, we raised lots of money for Macmillan.  The ‘goodie’ stall raised £200, while the overall total was a touch over £1,100.

A big thank you to everyone that supported the event. We hope to see you again next year xx

7 thoughts on “Macmillan Fun Day 2011

  1. What a beautiful cake your sister made, those trees are fantastic. The event looks wonderful and congratulations on the money that you were able to raise.
    I haven’t had raw chocolate, but they look good and hurray to you for not compromising on ingredients.

    1. Thanks Rachel. I’ve just read your post and want to wish you and your son happy belated birthdays! 🙂 For some reason I’ve been having trouble leaving comments on your blog this past week. I press ‘post comment’ and the comment disappears into thin air. 🙁 I’ll log on using my laptop tomorrow and see if that makes any difference xx

    1. Thanks Sarah! The cake was indeed stunning… and very delicate. I was terrified to go any where near it in case I snapped the trees off. Sis would have killed me lol!

  2. Hi Sharon

    Congratulations to you, your mum and sisters for making the Macmillan event a great day for those who attended – the photos look great
    and I’m now feeling hungry!

    Joni from Seend Cleeve

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