My Little Saviours

Okay, time to reveal the source of the ‘challenges and opportunities’ (known to others as ‘frustration’) that I encountered Tuesday night and Wednesday morning…

Here it is…

It looks so innocent doesn’t it?  Some might even call it ‘beautiful’.  Before it arrived in the post, I was even referring to it as the ‘Sexy Salsa’.  Now I just call it the ‘smartypants’ phone :-/

I thought it was about time that I embraced the new technologies of the 21st century and get myself an ‘android smartphone’ (I don’t have a clue what that means!)  This upgrade (£13.50 p/m) is actually cheaper than my old phone deal, so I should add it to yesterday’s ‘Big Budget Challenge’ post.

Well, it turns out that the ‘smartphone’ is way too smart for me.  I didn’t have a CLUE how to use the thing.  I was chuffed when I finally worked out how to turn it on after 5 minutes of fiddling… but it all went downhill from that point onwards.

The phone had automatically ‘synced’ with Facebook and my phone contacts list was then filled with the phone numbers of Facebook ‘friends’, rather than my regular friends.  I pressed the first name that appeared at the top of the screen to see if I could edit it.  To my horror, the phone started calling the person… Esther in Canada!!!  It took me ages to work out how to end the call (because I’m so thick when it comes to new technology).  THEN, I accidentally rested my finger on the phone… and it started ringing Esther in Canada again!!! aarrghhhh!

I gave up and decided to have another try in the morning.

M asked me if I’d read the manual.  I checked the manual and no, it doesn’t mention how to make a phone call or send a text as it ASSUMES that everyone already knows how to do this.  The manual just talks about ‘Facebook Chat’, ‘Snap, tag and share’ and other things that I have NO clue about.

I finally worked out how to send a text, but my fat fingers seem to press about 5 letters at once.  A 2 sentence text took me about 5 minutes because I had to delete every other letter.  I can’t wait to let my mum have a go (mind you, she can’t do worse than me lol!)

My second ‘challenge’ on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning was an attempt to move my blog to a new host.  My new hosting provider has a ‘1 click install’ which is described as being so simple that even a 4 year old could do it.  I’m sure a 4 year old probably could do it… but I failed miserably. It’s still not sorted, but I’m hoping that my wonderful tecchie friend ‘E’ will be my saviour on this one.

So after a rubbish Wednesday morning (which I’m happy to say wasn’t a complete waste of time as it’s been a great source of amusement for my friends), it was a relief to leave the house, the phone, the computer, and go to teach my kids’ meditation classes.

The kids were little stars as usual. Just watching them meditate filled me with such a sense of peace. Apparently, Lil’ L and some of his friends had been meditating during playtime, before I’d even arrived at school.  It was a very chilled, rewarding afternoon.  This carried on after school too.  I sneakily took a picture of Lil’ L meditating in the garden…

And here’s a pic of another 2 of his classmates meditating Wednesday evening (emailed to me by their mum).

Don’t they look so peaceful?

And finally, here’s a beautiful picture that another one of Lil’ L’s friends drew on Wednesday afternoon.


What a beautiful way to end a crazy day!

I’d love to upload these images onto my new smartypants phone but that’s one step too advanced for me.  Maybe I’ll ask a 4 year old 😉

Have a wonderful weekend everybody! xx

10 thoughts on “My Little Saviours

  1. I have avoided getting a smart phone for fear of finding out how much knowledge I actually lack. Sorry your trials and tribulations were many with the phone, but hopefully you will get it sorted out.
    The meditation is wonderful…how terrific that children are doing it at home. Must bring them a great sense of peace.

  2. Fantastic to have such a wonderful effect on children of that age. It shows that teachers can lead behaviour. Shouty teacher, shouty kids. Serene teacher serene children. Mind you, perhaps no so serene when faced with the tech demons! LOL 🙂

  3. So awesome to see the children meditating! It calms them in such a crazy, technology, fast paced world! I do deep breathing with my children as soon as they get frustrated or just go straight to tears…it helps calm them down and gives them that second to regroup!

  4. I had to switch my blog and figure things out myself….it was a pain and I had a few hiccups….I am so not a techie and have no techie friends so my site has never been GREAT!!! LOL

    1. You’ve done a fantastic job with your website. I think it’s amazing! You’re clearly better at the technical stuff than u think 😉
      I’ve found WordPress very easy to use but I’ve found the self hosting part REALLY hard! It’s still not sorted 🙁

  5. Haha – I can do most things on my smartphone, but I do sometimes struggle with making phonecalls – I always mute it or put it on hold by accident!
    We used to meditate at school and sometimes I still use the techniques – it’s so calming.

  6. Haha, I can so relate to this! I never get the new stuff! I really feel old when I see young children understand everything, and Im just like “……?” 😛
    Ive never seen kids meditate before! They look so peaceful! Must be wonderful for them!

    1. I know what u mean! Lil L picked up an iPhone 4 in the shop & started whizzing thru the menus, searching the web & taking photos. As for me … I couldn’t even work out how to use the touch screen lol! I think kids are pre- programmed to use the new technology. I feel like a dinosaur in comparison 😉

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