Scrummy Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake

For the past two birthdays, Lil L has asked whether we can make a home-made vegan chocolate cake as his birthday treat, rather than one of those fancy shop-bought birthday cakes.

Three reasons why I’ve considered this to be great news…

1. It means he actually likes the cakes I make 🙂
2. It’s saved me a small fortune 🙂
3. It means I get to spend some quality time with him in the kitchen 🙂

This year, he got heavily involved in all stages of the cake-making process, including the sieving, the mixing and, of course, the bowl licking. No guessing which bit he enjoyed the most 😉

Last year, he chose to have a plastic Frankenstein stuck in the top of the cake.  This year, we went for something slightly more sophisticated… berry and cherry spread in the middle, raw chocolate fudge frosting on top and 8 candles 🙂

The chocolate and fruity filling flavours went really well together.  For me, the cake also had the perfect consistency (moist, not crumbly, easy to cut).  In summary, this cake was totally delish! And, most importantly, Lil’  L loved it! 🙂

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2013… This cake has now been surpassed by the 2013 Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake! The birthday cakes seem to be getting better every year 🙂

Vegan Chocolate Sandwich Cake

11 thoughts on “Scrummy Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake

  1. I hope Ill get a kid like L who actually asks for a vegan chocolate cake 🙂 so cute! And this looks delicious! Absolutely a cake I think my family would have enjoyed too!
    Did you see on my blog that I got the Yummy Scrummy`s the other day? I absolutely LOVED them! And Ive found a place I can order them online 🙂 Im also saving the ingredients list so I can try to make them at home! Thank you so much for sending them<3

  2. What a terrific cake…thank you for making the conversions for your American readers. The looks fantastic and it really is a ton of fun to get your kids involved in the kitchen.
    Happy Birthday to Lil’ L and so glad that he chose a homemade cake over store bought (so nice to have control over the quality of ingredients).

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