Weekend Photo Journal

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend!

I’ve noticed that my blog posts have got a bit wordy lately and so, to save my lovely readers from blog fatigue, I’m going to keep this one short and sweet 🙂 

Here’s some of my favourite moments of the weekend, captured on camera:

Crunching through the leaves in this beautiful Autumnal wood


Ducklings in November! This crazy weather has turned everything topsy turvey!


I love the smell of wood smoke that wafts out of the canal boats this time of year 🙂


Lil' L wanted the world to be orange today. Isn't it great being 8?


Even though it's November and I don't really want to see Christmas paraphernalia yet, this shop front was so beautiful that I had to stop and admire it. I think the shop's called 'Cole'. It's in the new shopping mall in Bath called 'Little Southgate'.


I popped into Next to buy Lil' L some school trousers... they didn't have any in stock, but they did have this cute black and white top in my size 😉

  Last week, Lil’ L discovered the video function on his new camera.  At the weekend, he worked out how to prop up the camera so he can video himself.  It’s kept him amused for hours!  You’ve got to check out his martial art sound effects! 



NAKED Chocolate Giveaway Result

Before I sign off, I just want to announce the winner of the NAKED Chocolate giveaway, who was randomly selected using Random.org. 

The winner is  …. Laura!  

Congratulations Laura!  I’ll be in touch to get your postal address.

Look out for next month’s fantastic giveaway.  I’ll post details on FB and Twitter in the first week of December.

Have a great week everyone! 


13 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Journal

  1. Wow, those are some fierce moves, Lil’ L! I have an 8 and a 5 year-old boy so I can totally relate to the martial art moves and fun with a camera. This summer they would spend hours creating, directing and acting out “movies” and music videos. So fun!
    Love that shirt!

    1. Thanks Candy! I’m not meant to be buying new clothes at the moment but I couldn’t resist this sneaky little treat 😉
      Those little video movies really capture moments in time don’t they? It’s going to be great fun watching them back when they’re older!

    1. I’ve never know a November like it! It’s kept M busy for the past couple of weeks though with all those radio and TV interviews Apparently the water levels haven’t been this low since 1976. Wow, I actually did learn something from his news item this week (in between all the giggling at his accent and noticing how white his teeth looked on camera lol! 😉 )

    1. Looks like you had a beautiful weekend too! I loved your pics of the Durham Lumiere!
      Naked Chocolate is now packaged up and will be making its way to you tomorrow xx

  2. Martial arts and wrestling are rampant at my house. I just hope that my 9 and 4 year old don’t hurt each other.
    The weather has been crazy here as well. Today in fact I am in a sleeveless shirt and not cold a bit.
    Love the striped top, a good pick up!

    1. Oh wow, I didn’t know that you were having a warm November too! My friend was in New York at the end of October and they had a huge snowfall there. Crazy weather all round!

  3. They are some fantastic photographs and they really capture the season – that wood looks beautiful. I know the weather has been quite mild, but even so, I think the ducks have got it very worng … I hope the little ducklings survive winter!

    1. Thanks Sarah!
      I’m a bit concerned about the ducklings too. Let’s hope the cold weather stays away for a few more weeks. If it gets too cold, we might have to rescue them and stick them under a warm lamp!

    1. It’s strangely captivating isn’t it? For me, it’s quite bizarre to see him acting so serious… he’s normally laughing and mucking about and saying totally inappropriate things into the camera… things I won’t dare to repeat 😉

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