Special Moments from Christmas 2011

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful break over the long holiday weekend.  Apologies for the lack of posts this week, but the computer and phone have been switched off for the past week so that I can give the family my full attention and do all those important things with them like playing board games, watching movies, going for long walks… oh and let’s not forget all that festive eating and drinking 😉

For us, this Christmas has also been marked by a sad occasion.  On the evening of 23rd December, M’s nan sadly passed away.  She was such a wonderful lady, with a heart full of kindness and generosity.  She will be greatly missed by us all.

At the last moment, our Christmas plans changed and, instead of hosting at our house, the three of us went to Dorset to spend a few nights with my mum and her dogs, Poppy and Beau.  We had the most special time.  Here are a few of the highlights…

Here’s Lil’ L opening his presents from Santa. Unbelievably, that boy actually got dressed at 7am before he left the bedroom. That’s a first!

I, on the otherhand, have spent most of the holidays in my gorgeous, new fleecy pjs’ and fluffy slippers that my mum bought me for Christmas 🙂

M helped me prepare the Christmas dinner.  It was totally delish… and, by consensus, the best nut roast I’ve made to date 😉

My mum practically lives in Verwood Forest and we love going out for long walks in the mornings with her dogs.

It’s such a beautiful forest!

Here’s me and my mum with the dogs.

And here’s Lil’ L, who will turn even the smallest twig into a shooting device.  What is it with boys and guns???

The forest is filled with this beautiful yellow bracken.  Don’t get too close though as it’s super spiky.

We also found came across some beautiful holly bushes.

While we’ve certainly indulged in festive eating, our family walks have been a great counter balance.  One day, we went for a 6 hour walk along the beach to Bournemouth.  It was an exhilarating day and all that sea air really helped to blow the cobwebs away! 

Guess how long it took for Lil’ L to get his feet soaking wet…

about twenty seconds!

Poppy and Beau loved playing on the beach!

They didn’t seem to get tired… even after six hours of playing!

Unsurprisingly, Lil’ L didn’t like the fact that his feet were soaking wet.  Luckily, M&S was open in Bournemouth and the boy was back to his smiley self after he’d put on a fresh pair of dry socks 🙂

I loved all these colourful beach huts.  I looks like someone has worked their way through the Dulux colour chart 😉

Once we’d made it to Bournemouth Pier we popped into the town centre to get a bite to eat.  The town was heaving with shoppers!  We couldn’t wait to get back on the beach.  The return journey was filled with lots of laughter, games, a sneaky times table practice and a beautiful sunset 🙂

Thanks family for such a beautiful Christmas 🙂

Time to get back to those board games now 😉

If I don’t manage to post beforehand, I bid you all a very happy New Year.  I hope that your 2012 will be filled with good health, prosperity, happiness and a good dose of fun and laughter 😉 Take care xx

12 thoughts on “Special Moments from Christmas 2011

  1. And a happy New Year to you and yours too!

    From your description I’m sure M’s nan created much good karma and will be moving on to a heavenly place. 🙂

    Yule and the Solstice are over so I’ve no more virgins to sacrifice this year – good job, they’re as rare as hen’s teeeth round here! LOL 🙂

    You have not shown a VITAL ingredient of the Xmas meal – where’s the bread sauce?

    All looks delicious – we had Linda McCartney roast. She tasted OK but needed more stuffing.

    Enough of the awful innuendo and puns for this year, I reckon.

    Enjoy the rest of it and bring me back a collie! 🙂

    1. Sacrificing virgins… so that’s what you’ve been up to eh? I wondered what was keeping you so busy lol!
      Very observant of you to spot the lack of bread sauce on the Christmas dinner. I LOVE bread sauce… but I’m the only one that eats it! It seemed pointless making a jug of it for me to eat on my own, so I went without this year and had gravy instead. I didn’t miss it THAT much 😉

  2. I send my deepest sympathy and a hug for the loss in M’s family. May you find comfort in your fondest of memories.

    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Spending time at the beach is so good for the soul, I always say. There’s just something about it, even when it’s cold out. I love it.

    Happy New Year to you and your family as well!

    P.s. I can totally relate to the fashioning of any simple object into a gun. We tried so hard to keep guns away from them, but it was no use. I think it is ingrained in the DNA of boys…

    1. Thanks Candy for your kind words. It was tough losing Nan. She was a wonderful lady! Yet even though she’s gone from this life, I feel that part of her will live on in us. We did have a wonderful Christmas despite the sad event. It was a nice, quiet, family Christmas. Just what we needed!
      Now I’m back on the computer I can’t wait to catch up on your blog and see what you guys were up to over the holidays!

    1. The slippers & PJ’s were so cosy. I never realised that Sainsbury’s sell such gorgeous nightwear. I practically lived in this outfit over Christmas. I hope you got the new pjs you were after too xx

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