WIAW Party – I’ll bring the Nut Koftas!

Happy Wednesday everyone!¬† I hope you’re having a great week so far! ūüôā

In foodie blogging world, Wednesday can only mean one thing… WIAW PARTEEEE TIME!¬†with our lovely host Jenn @¬†Peas & Crayons.¬† For those of you new to this shindig, WIAW is a virtual party where, once a week, Jenn’s foodie friends¬†share a day’s¬†worth of eats, along with photos and recipes.¬†¬†It’s a great way to gather inspiration for new eats and meet new foodie friends.¬† You must check it out!

For this week’s party, I’m going to¬†share what we ate on Sunday.¬†

Lil’ L asked if he could have a ‘special breakfast’ (code for¬†‘pancakes’).¬† His little face lit up when I told him that I’d make some blueberry pancakes as a special treat.¬† He normally runs a mile when I offer him¬†a blueberry,¬†but stick them in¬†a pancake or muffin,¬†and he’ll¬†happily eat them and¬†declare them to be ‘delicious’! Funny that!

I prepare these pancakes super quick by throwing all the ingredients into a blender.¬† It’s not the ‘correct’ way to make pancakes, but it works a treat for me ūüėȬ† The recipe can be found¬†here.

After a cold morning¬†working in the garden, we needed something¬†for lunch to warm us up.¬† I decided to make some potato and onion rostis…

and roast some almonds and sunflower seeds, which we ate nice and warm, straight from the oven.

The nuts and seeds were roasted in a little soy sauce and they were absolutely delicious!  I used around 1 cup of raw almonds and 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds. I coated them in Kikkoman reduced salt soy sauce (about 1 1/2 tbsp), then placed them on a tray lightly sprayed with olive oil and roasted them for 8-10 minutes at 190C (mixing half way through). 

Lil’ L loves roasted almonds and seeds, and he often eats them¬†as after-school snacks.¬†As they’re packed with goodness (lots of vitamin E, B vitamins,¬†minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium,¬†good fats, fibre and protein) they are a way better after-school snack than shop-bought biscuits or crisps.¬†¬†He’s also asked whether he could¬†take a pot of¬†roasted sunflower seeds to school for play time snacks too which sounds good to me (I don’t think there’s a seed ban, but¬†I better check… you never know these days!)

After lunch, we headed into Bath and popped into¬†our most recent favourite coffee haunt – Costa Coffee.¬† Their soy cappuccino is¬†really, really¬†good¬†and, unlike other coffee chains, you¬†don’t have to¬†pay¬†extra for soya milk.¬†¬†This little touch could actually swing my¬†coffee chain allegiance.¬† Gosh I’m so easily swayed ūüėČ


For dinner tonight, I chose to make an old family favourite that we haven’t eaten in ages …¬†nut kofta kebabs.¬†¬†Lil’ L absolutely loves these koftas, and when they’re stuck¬†on a¬†kebab stick¬†their¬†appeal goes through the roof! ūüėȬ†

They’re super easy and quick to make, and are packed with lots of goodness.¬† For main dinners, we serve them with vegetable couscous, raita and pitta strips.¬† They’re also great stuffed in pita breads for lunch.¬† The recipe can be found here.

For dessert, we had some banana icecream, made with some frozen over-ripe bananas…

and one of my home-made raw chocolate hearts, left over from Christmas.

All in all, it was another day of delicious eats ūüôā

Right, time to head over to Jenn’s and get inspired.¬† See you there?¬† Happy WIAW everyone!


12 thoughts on “WIAW Party – I’ll bring the Nut Koftas!

    1. Lil’ L absolutely loves the nut koftas. I make them mild for him, but they could easily be spiced up for adults with the addition of a little chilli.
      I recently learnt that if I stick any type of food onto sharp pointy skewers, then Lil’ L suddenly becomes way more interested in it. I bet it wouldn’t work with fruit though ūüôĀ

    1. The nut koftas make a nice change from falafel, which we tend to eat a lot of. If you like your food spicy, I’d recommend adding some chopped chilli to the koftas. I tend to make them mild as Lil’ L doesn’t like chilli at the mo.

  1. I love WIAW because it leads me to blogs like yours! Your photos are gorgeous ūüôā And those pancakes look divine. Those koftas look fantastic as does the couscouse, that’s exactly the sort of thing we eat for bbqs in the summer ūüôā

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sophie! It’s great to meet you too! I love the idea of adding koftas to the BBQ in the summer. That would be far more interesting than the usual selection of veggies that we stick on skewers for the barbie. Thanks for the tip! ūüôā

  2. All that food looks delicious, especially the nut koftas. I love eating nuts now, but I’ve only really discovered them over the past couple of years. I’m sure I would have been a lot healthier if I ate nuts when I younger instead of the rubbish I did eat.
    I still have some of your chocolates left – I’m savouring them ūüôā

    1. I’m so glad that you liked the chocolates. I’m going to write a post soon on how to make them. They’re so easy! Would make a great Valentine’s pressie ūüėČ

  3. I can attest those raw chocolates are to die for.
    I have never heard of that type of kebab, but they absolutely fabulous. Are they anything like falafel?
    But of all of the food I think I am with Lil’ L and would jump for joy if offered some blueberry pancakes (especially if I didn’t have to be the one to make them).

    1. I’m so glad that you liked the chocolates! ūüôā
      The nut koftas are similar to falafels, but have totally different ingredients (nuts and beans, rather than chickpeas and sesame seeds). We eat falafels a lot, so the koftas make a nice change.
      I really cheat when it comes to making pancakes and simply whizz all the ingredients together in a blender. Fortunatley, my palate isn’t sophisticated enough to know the difference ūüėČ

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