WIAW – I’ll bring the Apple Cinnamon Pancakes, Plum Compote & Chocs!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I hope you’re having a great week so far 🙂

Here in Bath it’s turned pretty cold this week.  I’d got used to the mild winter weather so it’s a bit of a shock to the system.  I’m determined not to put the heating on at home during the day though as it costs a fortune.  I’ll just put on another layer and, if it gets really cold, a hat, oh and my new microwaveable booties that a dear friend bought me last week after hearing how cold my feet get on our concrete kitchen floor.  I am so looking forward to trying out those babies! 🙂

This week, for Jenn’s WIAW party, I’ve decided to share what we ate on Monday.  I can’t remember the last time that I showed a typical Monday’s eats.  For us, Monday tends to be the day of leftovers, where we use up everything that’s left over from our weekend meals.

Here goes…

Hot lemon and water (so glad that I’m back into this as coffee definitely makes my tummy race first thing in the morning 🙁 )

Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes
These were left over from Sunday’s breakfast.  They are soooo delicious… even when a day old and heated up in the microwave!  I ate them for breakfast, and Lil’ L ate them for supper at 8.30pm after he came back from cubs.  They’d be running around Bannerdown Common in the pitch black, with torches and glo sticks.  It was freezing cold, so he said that the pancakes were the perfect supper 🙂

I don’t do anything special to make these pancakes.  I simply throw all the ingredients in the blender.  Here’s the recipe:

(This recipe has been submitted to Ricki Heller’s Wellness Weekend 8-12 November 2012).

As I was going out for a run this evening, I opted to have my main meal at lunch time.  I had some leftovers from an Indian dish that I’d made last week- yellow split peas in a creamy, spiced tomato sauce with a chapatti.

Snacks & Drinks
Water (not enough), nettle tea, home made blueberry smoothie (another sneaky way to get Lil’ L to eat fruit 😉 ), 1 black coffee, handful of almonds & sunflower seeds roasted in soy sauce (our current favourite snack… they’re so delish!), and 1 of these scrumptious raw chocolate coconut butter cups that I made last Friday.

After my run, I had a bowl of curried vegetable and lentil soup left over from Sunday, along with strips of toasted pitta bread.

For dessert, we had some plum compote (that I’d frozen from our plum harvest last Autumn), drizzled with Alpro Chilled Soya Cream and a sprinkling of chopped goji berries and almonds.  This is one of my all-time favourite desserts.  It is truly scrumptious! 🙂

Lil’ L normally runs a mile if you offer him a plum, so I nearly fell over in shock when he actually said that that this dessert was ‘nice’ and proceeded to eat the whole lot.  Yet another fruit to add to the slowly growing list.  By the time I’m done with him, he’ll love his fruits as much as he loves his veggies 😉

Well, that’s me done for another WIAW.  Time to hop over to Jenn’s and check out what everyone else is bringing to the party.  I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be a good one this week 😉

Happy WIAW everyone!  See you next week x


17 thoughts on “WIAW – I’ll bring the Apple Cinnamon Pancakes, Plum Compote & Chocs!

  1. All your food looks delicious as usual. I particularly like the look of those pancakes. Whenever I try to make pancakes they never turn out like that! I hope you manage to keep warm – those microwave booties are great – I have a pair 🙂

  2. Apple and cinnamon pancakes? Those look and sound seriously delicious, I would love those for my breakfast tomorrow! And your plum compote looks really tasty too, I love that you put it in little ramekins 🙂

  3. Sounds great to still be eating apples from thegarden that were put in storage in the autumn. Feels good! Makes carefully boxing them up in the Apple Tower seem really worthwhile. Might go for a taller tower next year…I’ll start looking for pieces of wood to recycle.

  4. These look SO good! I am a total pancake fanatic–my very favorite breakfast, ever–and these pancakes would certainly be top of the list. Actually, everything you made looks fabulous! Thanks so much for linking to Wellness Weekend, too! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome @ #WellnessWeekend. I’ve been admiring it from afar for a long time now, but I’m glad I’ve finally taken the plunge to join in 🙂 You’re one of my ‘foodie heroes’ Ricki! You’re a total inspiration!

  5. I LOVE pancakes! This looks like a great recipe. I made apple ones a while ago but never wrote down the recipe. And wow, you have an orchard! Fantastic. A little while ago I got a ‘green pan’. Have you heard of them? They are less ‘toxic’ than other pans, regarding what they are made with and actually their environmental impact. What is an extra bonus is, they are super non-stick. So with pancakes, I need no oil at all. I love it. They are a bit pricey to buy but come with a long guarantee 🙂

    1. ‘Orchard’ is a bit of an overstatement these days as we’ve only got one apple tree and one plum tree left! The patch of land/garden is pretty overgrown at the moment as I’ve totally neglected it, but we’ve got some huge brambles growing down there so I’m hoping for a bumper crop of blackberries this year 😉
      I’m so glad you mentioned the ‘green pan’! I saw one in our local kitchen shop and it sounded fantastic. I wondered how true the ‘non stick’ claims were though and, since the pan’s quite pricey, I wanted to read some reviews first. Having read how pleased you’re with it, I’m might take the plunge and buy one ! 😀

  6. I’m so glad I could be helpful! We loved the pancake pan so much we got a larger saucepan to replace an old one, and will be replacing all our pots and pans with them. they have an odd smell at first, but that aside they are definitely the best non stick I have ever used. I love making pancakes with them!
    Fingers crossed for your blackberries and for you sharing any delicious recipes! 😀

    1. Hey Simon! Lovely to hear from you! So pleased that you liked the apple cinnamon pancakes. They’re one of my all-time favourites. Perfect for this time of year too 🙂

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