Weekend Photo Journal – Beautiful Walks, Bike Rides & the Bath Half!

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend! 🙂

We had a pretty active weekend, kicking off on Friday night with Lil’ L’s first experience of scuba diving at his friend’s ‘Bubblemaker’ birthday party.  What an incredible treat!  We didn’t get back home till gone 10pm but Lil’ L was still buzzing from the experience and not tired in the slightest!

 On Saturday, the weather was glorious, so we decided to walk along the Kennet & Avon Canal into Bath, hop on the train, and spend the day in Bristol.  The canal was a hive of activity, with lots of people out walking, running, cycling, boating and kayaking.

I love the way that a spell of good weather brings people outside 🙂

We did a lot of walking on Saturday.  We did six miles to and from the train station, and walked for about 2 hours round Bristol.  By the end of our canal walk back home, our feet were feeling a bit tingly and worn out, so we stopped at Bathampton Mill for a drink.  The weather was still so good that we sat outside on the decking next to the beautiful Bathampton Weir.

Back home, we decided that we definitely had earnt a movie and pizza night 😉  I made a portobello mushroom pesto pizza (drizzled with truffle oil).  Totally delish (and healthy!)  I promise I’ll write up the recipe soon!

Sunday was the Bath Half Marathon.  While I wasn’t competing myself, I wanted to go along and cheer on all those brave people that were running, and to soak up the atmosphere.  We decided to give our feet a rest and hopped on the bikes 🙂

We found a good location to chain up our bikes and watch the race, just outside the Holburne Museum.

 We watched the race on the final bend before the finish line. 

I felt really emotional watching the guys running past as I could sense their feelings of agony, relief and triumph as they entered the home strait on Pulteney Street. 

Well done to everyone that took part.  What an incredible achievement!

After the race, Bath was totally buzzing. Such a great atmosphere!  We decided to buy some food and sit in the beautiful Pulteney Gardens. Lots of people were in the gardens, making the most of the good weather 🙂


Here’s Lil’ L busy sketching in his new note book.  He’s really into drawing funny little cartoon characters at the moment.  Those filthy, muddy boots to his right are M’s.  He’d already been out on a 2 hour mountain bike ride before we went into Bath, and was covered head to foot in mud! 

Every time I point the camera at Lil’ L, he pulls a face.  You really have to catch him off guard if you want to get a decent picture.  I eventually managed to get one of him laughing  in between the face pulling!

 See what I mean?

By the time we’d finished lunch and headed back to Pulteney Street to find our bikes, the Bath Half was completely finished.  The streets were being cleaned, and the finish line banner was coming down, ready to be packed away for another year.

Time to head back home!

It has been a wonderful weekend in Bath, thanks in part to the beautiful weather.  Long may it continue! 🙂

What was the highlight of your weekend?



8 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Journal – Beautiful Walks, Bike Rides & the Bath Half!

  1. Thank you for a beautiful tour–I’ve decided that we are definitely travelling to Bath someday just because of all of the gorgeous photos you share. I wilsh I could say we had similar weather for our weekend, but instead we had very cold wind, some snow, hail and rain. Not very conducive to doing anything fun outside.
    I know just what you mean about not being able to get a good photo of Lil’ L. Cameron is the same way! How cool that he got to experience scuba diving!
    The hightlight of my weekend was…having my nephew over–the three cousins were some very happy boys!

    1. Yes, put Bath on your ‘travel wish list’! I’d love to show you around. Come in Spring time and escape your wind, snow and hail 🙂
      Sounds like the boys had a great weekend… and hopefully you & Erik got a bit of chill out time 🙂

  2. Beautiful weekend. Bath and the canal looks splendid as usual. No expense spared on the Georgian bike leaning post outside the Museum. Well done to everyone who took part in the run. Nearly made me want to do it. But not quite.

    1. I love the pic of M leaning on the post. Super cool!
      I felt the same about the race. I really admired the competitors… but don’t fancy going through that agony myself. If anything, I quite fancy doing another sprint triathlon. I’ve got an expensive tri suit gathering dust in the cupboard 😉

  3. The weather was gorgeous! I might be visiting Bath next week – I’ve never been before, but it looks fabulous.
    You did a lot of walking at the weekend – your poor feet!

    1. So cool that you’re coming to Bath! 🙂 I’ll email you with a few suggestions of great places to eat and free galleries/museums that are worth a look at xx

  4. What a great amount of exercise you all got this weekend. I do wish that my area was condusive to bike rides, but here you would just get run over by a car (they are quite aggressive).
    My 9 year old, Owen, is into cartoons and making little comic strips just like Lil’ L…must be something about their age where they enjoy this stuff as well as being little hams for the camera!

    1. I do feel really lucky that it’s so ‘bike friendly’ round here. The road into Bath city is pretty dangerous as the bikes and buses have to share the same lane and the buses often try and squeeze past the cyclists. Fortunately, we’ve got the canal towpath to ride on instead, and this takes us right into Bath (or straight to the Holburne Museum cafe… even better!) 🙂

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