WIAW – I’ll Bring the Treats! Mama Pea’s Blueberry Streusel Muffins

Hi Everyone!  I hope you’re having a great week so far!

The sun has finally come back to Bath. Hurray! 🙂

Yesterday, the Olympic Torch Relay arrived in Bath, and the city was totally buzzing!

At 12pm, I picked Lil’ L up from school and we headed into the city centre.  As the torch wouldn’t be arriving till about 4pm, we had plenty of time to relax in Pulteney Gardens and eat our lunch under the shade of a beautiful blossom tree 🙂

Check out that blue sky.  We haven’t seen one of those in Bath for a long time!

For lunch, we had vegetable couscous, broad bean falafel and flat bread… all home-made leftovers from a previous night’s dinner.  It was as delicious cold, as it had been served hot.  Lil’ L proceeded to pile everything onto his flat bread and roll it up.

For dessert, we had home-made blueberry muffins.  I followed Mama Pea’s recipe for Blueberry Streusel Muffins and they were so good!  And guess what? Lil’ L loves them even though they have blueberries inside 😉

After lunch, Lil’ L asked if we could go to the library as a “treat”.  Armed with four new mystery books (which he couldn’t wait to get stuck into!) we popped to the Holburne Museum Garden Cafe for some refreshments.  Lil’ L enjoyed an apple juice, while I had a lovely cafetiere of coffee (with soya milk on the side).

Just before the Olympic Torch was due to arrive, we headed out to Pulteney Street.  Lil’ L squeezed himself into a little space at the front of the crowds, while I stayed at the back, hopping up and down trying to see what was going on.

And guess what?  I didn’t actually see the Torch! That is so typical of me!! I saw the coaches and trucks that came before the Torch, and I saw the coaches and cyclists that came after.  I don’t know what happened.  I must have blinked and missed it!

This is what I should have seen:


Never mind! I wasn’t that fussed anyhow.  It was enough to be there in Bath with Lil’ L, soaking up the atmosphere 🙂

We were so hot by the time we walked home, that we raided the freezer for ice lollies to help us cool down.  Yep, it was that hot!   For dinner, I made spinach & tofu ricotta cannelloni.  Another family favourite (apologies for the lack of photo but I had to serve it straight away as M was heading back out for an evening meeting).

For dessert, we had a raw chocolate, banana, chia smoothie made with Kara coconut milk.  Lil’ L also had a piece of home-made coconut and cherry flapjack (granola bar), and we all had a piece of the raw chocolate pecan bark.

WIAW Party Time!!

One of these days we’re going to have to take WIAW out of the virtual world and have a real WIAW party.  Can you imagine how much fun that would be?  As well as a ton of delicious food to try, it would be so good to actually meet all my fellow WIAW party goers 🙂

If the party was this week, I’d bring along a couple of treats… a tray or two of delicious raw chocolate pecan bark and Mama Pea’s scrumptious Blueberry Streusel Muffins.

Since I can’t physically get them to you, you’re just going to have to try making them for yourself.  Both treats are so easy to make (and if I can do it, you definitely can!)

The original recipe for Mama Pea’s muffins can be found here.  As the quantities are published in cups (which I know many of my friends and family members don’t use), I’ve listed the conversions below.  I’m not 100% convinced by the online converters, so I weighed the ingredients as I went along.

Thank you Mama Pea for such a great recipe! 🙂


🙂 xx

4 thoughts on “WIAW – I’ll Bring the Treats! Mama Pea’s Blueberry Streusel Muffins

  1. Oh I love those blueberry muffins…such delicious recipes. It seems that you and Lil’ L had a wonderful time in town (sorry you actually missed seeing the torch).
    What an exciting time to be in England the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee, 2012 is big!
    I would definitely be on board for an actual WIAW to try everyone’s food. It always looks so amazing in photographs. I think the problem would be over eating, because I would just want a sampling of everything.
    A lovely post full of wonderful pictures as usual. Beautifully done Sharon!

    Have a happy Wednesday!

  2. I can’t wait for the torch to get to the North East, my parents live right close to the Angel so we are planning on watching it there. Those muffins sound lovely, I’m missing having a stash of muffins in the freezer!

    1. I couldn’t believe that I actually missed the torch go past! That’s so typical of me! Mind you, I was about 5th row back with lots of tall people stood in front of me. I hope you get a better view!
      It sounds like you’ve been on a baking mission these past few days so I hope your freezer is back fully stocked with yummy goodies 🙂

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