WIAW Party Time! I’ll Bring the Veggie Burgers & Butternut Squash Fries

Hi everyone!  I hope you’re having a great week so far! 🙂

It’s Wednesday again!  Time to party!!!

For this week’s WIAW party, I’d like to show our eats from yesterday (Tuesday).  Thanks as always to our gorgeous girl Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for being such a great host.

– Hot lemon and water (pre school run)
– Post school run: Large bowl of muesli made with spelt flakes, barley flakes, oats, ground linseed, chopped brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, dates, goji berries, and a splash of Alpro Almond Milk.  This milk is really sweet so I didn’t need to any other sweetener to the muesli.

I love home-made muesli so much!  There’s something really satisfying about making it yourself.  I mix the grains together and store them in a container. We then use our ‘pick and mix’ jars of nuts and dried fruits to create our own favourite muesli combinations 🙂

We all had pasties for lunch today.  Since the sun briefly came out at lunch time, I took the opportunity to sit in the garden.  The timing was perfect as, an hour later, we had a thunder storm and hail stones!

The peonies have just opened.  Aren’t they beautiful?

We’ve also got lots of Forget-me-nots growing all over the place.  The bees love it!

Snacks & Drinks
Pistachios when we got in from school (one of Lil’ L’s favourite snacks)
Nettle tea, 1 black coffee, water, apple juice, chocolate banana chia smoothie

For dinner, I made a Thai curry from scratch.  Last Friday, we’d been to one of our favourite restaurants in Bath – Thai Basil – and we had the most amazing banquet of veggie dishes, including a beautiful Mussaman curry.  It was a touch too hot for Lil’ L, so I though I’d attempt to make my own, milder version.  It turned out really well and Lil’ L absolutely loved it!  He even asked if we could have it again tonight!  I think we have another winner 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to photograph it but I’ll make it again soon and post the recipe.

Instead, I’ll show you another of our favourites dinners… so nice that we’ve eaten it twice in the past week…

Home-made Veggie Burgers and Baked Butternut Fries

Black Eye Bean Burger

Veggie burgers are SO easy to make!  You can use all different types of beans, nuts and veggies in them, but the recipe below is our all-time favourite.

Strawberry ‘Fro Yo’ which I made by blending a cup of frozen, chopped, organic strawberries and Alpro plain soya yoghurt.  The immersion (stick) blender works best for this job, as the strawberries just bounce around in the jug blender!

The fro yo was topped with goji berries and pecan nuts, and a drizzle of maple syrup.  Totally delish!  And Lil’ L loves it… even though he tells me he doesn’t like strawberries 😉

Well, that’s me done for another WIAW! 🙂  Time to head over to Jenn’s and get inspired!

Happy Wednesday everyone! xx

9 thoughts on “WIAW Party Time! I’ll Bring the Veggie Burgers & Butternut Squash Fries

  1. The forget-me-nots brought me back to my childhood–my mom had lots of them in her flower gardens and I always loved them. So little and so unassuming, but still so pretty.

    I have yet to find my perfect veggie burger recipe, so I can’t wait to try yours! Can I sub something else for the mushrooms, or even omit them? It looks fantastic, as does everything else.

    I always get hungry when I visit your blog!

    1. I love forget-me-nots too. They’re not only cute and colourful, but they just look after themselves and even self seed. That’s my kind of plant! 🙂

      I’ve made lots of different veggie burgers but these are our current favourite as they’ve got lots of flavour and are pretty firm. If you wish to omit the mushrooms, I would sub with 1tbsp soy sauce (or the gluten-free equivalent) to replace the flavour x

  2. Your garden is beautiful, we have forget-me-nots growing all over too 🙂 Your food is making me so hungry, I love the look of the pasties and your strawberry fro yo sounds and looks so delicious! I adore butternut squash fries too, so much better than those made with potato! Hope you had a great week 🙂

  3. oh great, i adore all this beautiful homemade food. I have been away for a couple of days and am drooling over your photos. Its so good to be back and enjoy homemade food again! thanks for sharing Sharon!

  4. I love that you topped the fro-you with goji berries. It looks just delicious and the color is fantastic.
    You never cease to amaze me with the creations you post. I do so hope that some of these wonderful items will end up in your book.

    1. Hi Sheila! So pleased you like the look of the burgers! I do usually thaw the burgers then pan fry them. However I’m sure you could bake them in the oven straight from frozen. I’d just brush or spray them with a little oil first to stop them drying out x

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