Father’s Day Highlights & WIAW

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far!

Firstly, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU¬†for all your kind birthday wishes. They really made me smile ūüôā¬† Well, I’ve been 40 for a week and a half now¬†and I’m glad to¬†report that I’m still feeling as young as ever. Long¬†may it¬†continue!

Secondly, HAPPY BELATED FATHER’S DAY to all the Dads out there.¬†¬†I hope you all had lots of fun on Sunday!¬†¬†

I thought it only right that¬†M should decide¬†how he’d¬†like to spend Father’s Day.¬†¬†After all, the day was ‘his’ ūüėȬ†Here’s what he chose to do….

– Mountain bike ride in the morning…¬†followed by a lunch¬†of creamy¬†spiced¬†parsnip soup

–¬†Trip to an open day at Crofton¬†Pumping Station to see the oldest beam engine in the world in action (such a boy thing to do!)


– Visit to the market town of Marlborough for coffees and a browse round the Oxfam shop (we all bought a little something ;))

– Art session with Lil’ L where he taught Lil’ L how to stencil and spray paint (it was his first time!)

–¬†And, to finish off the day …¬† an evening meal at our¬†favourite Indian restaurant, Rajpoot.¬†¬†

Even though we did lots of activities, the day was really chilled and M said he loved it … and that’s¬†the most important thing!

WIAW – Time I got partying!

Yesterday, I¬†actually managed to photograph a days’ worth of¬†meals.¬† That hasn’t happened in a while!¬† It’s¬†WIAW¬†time ūüôā¬† Let’s get partying!

On warm days, such as yesterday, we’re¬†enjoying a simple bowl of cold oats, made with¬†Alpro Almond or Soya milk, and a sprinkling of chopped nuts, linseed and goji berries.¬† We’ve been using the¬†Mornflake Superfast Oats which are so fine that they can be served straight away, without the need to soak them in milk overnight.¬†

I was surprised how enthusiastic Lil’ L is about this simple breakfast.¬† For the past couple of weeks, he’s asked for it most mornings!

For their packed lunches, M and Lil’ L had seeded bagels filled with bean pate¬†and some slices of red pepper on the side.¬† The lunch looked so good that I decided to have it myself too ūüôā

I rarely buy shop-bought pate but this Redwood Beanfeast Pate is absolutely delicious!¬† It contains 7 different types of bean and 4 different types of seed, so it’s packed full of goodness.¬† It’s available from¬†Holland & Barratt and Asda, and also online from¬†Redwood¬†and¬†Goodness Direct.¬† It costs around ¬£1.58 and will¬†easily serve us for 4-6 lunches, so a pretty¬†good value purchase!

For dinner, we had one of our absolute all-time favourite meals… roasted squash and black bean enchiladas in a lightly spiced tomato sauce.¬† Such a simple meal to make and so tasty!

This meal is delicious served warm¬†or cold, and Lil’ L loves to take the leftovers for¬†his lunch the next day.¬† Recipe coming soon!

РCreamy strawberry banana chia smoothie
– Piece of orange and almond cake

Me: Hot lemon & water, Clipper organic nettle tea, Twinings cherry & cinnamon tea, apple & mango juice, 1 black coffee, lots of water

Lil’ L: Innocent apple & mango juice, Innocent apple juice carton, water

No snacks for me today. 
Lil L: sesame rice cakes with manuka honey; oatmeal & raisin cookie 

I¬†always make sure¬†that Lil’ L has two snacks available each day – one for morning playtime and one when he gets in from school.¬† I always try and give¬†him tasty,¬†nutritious snacks¬†that are going to nourish him and give him lots of slow release energy.¬† Since June is the WIAW month of ‘Sensible Snacking’,¬†next week I’ll¬†give a rundown of some of Lil L’s¬†current favourite snacks.

Have a great week everyone! xx

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14 thoughts on “Father’s Day Highlights & WIAW

  1. I cant believe how healthy LIL’L grows up living! you are such an inspiration! I dont know any kid who would crave for morning oat bowls at this age… so used to seeing my little brother digg in the sugary cinnamon ceral or cornflakes.
    the parsnip soup totally got me! i love creamy root veggie soups! but its so hot here at the moment that i am more relying on salads and fresh things to keep me cool ūüôā

    1. I never imagined that I’d still be eating soup in June but what with our rainy, dark, windy weather we’re having, salad just won’t cut it.
      I wish we had some of your sunshine over here. It’s been raining for weeks now! Let’s hope we actually do get a summer here in the UK. Maybe the hot weather we had back in March is the best we’re going to get this year. That won’t please the Brits!

  2. What a great Father’s Day for M, so glad that he enjoyed it. As for the almond orange cake, I think that has to be my favorite item featured here. Just so yummy…I really do need to give it a try for my kids.
    Hope you have a great Wednesday Sharon!

    1. I rarely have success when baking cakes, so I was pleased (and relieved) when the orange & almond cake turned out well. If you try it, you’ll have to let me know what you think x

    1. The combo of roasted squash, red pepper and black beans work so well in enchiladas. It’s so simple to make too. I just stir in some passata, chilli sauce and a few spices. You must give it a try!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Father’s Day for M! I love that the boys did an art piece together!
    I have been on a big Mexican food kick lately–there’s just something about the start of summer that has me craving salsa, lime, fresh, spicy, and crunchy. Your enchiladas sound and look delicious! I had some friends over for lunch today and had a spread of Mexican inspired goodness that covered almost the entire table!
    I look forward to hearing what Lil’ L likes for snacks. Always up for new ideas in that department!

    1. I was just about to request a pic of your Mexican spread when I spotted your new post. It looks absolutely amazing! You did a great job there!

    1. Thanks Andrea. That’s so kind of you!
      I don’t relate at all to the number I am now, so I’m just going to forget it and carry on feeling young ūüôā In future years, I’ll celebrate the day I was born, rather than seeing my birthday as a reminder of being another year older. It all depends on the spin you put on it right?

    1. Yes you must give the Beanfeast Pate a try. It’s really yummy! We bought another 2 packs in Holland & Barrett this weekend as they’ve got a deal on where you buy one item and get the second half price. You can mix and match items too. It’s a pretty good deal!

    1. It’s great that Lil’ L and M can enjoy creating art together. Unfortunately I haven’t got an artistic bone in my body. My drawings look like a 2 year old did them (actually a 2 year old could probably do a better job ;))

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