Me and My Blog are 1 Year Older

Today, my blog is officially one year old! ūüôā¬†I can’t tell you how much I’ve¬†enjoyed blogging this past year.¬† I know my posts are a bit random at times, but I’ve really valued the opportunities I’ve had to document all those special little moments in life that I’d normally forget.¬†¬†

Something that¬†isn’t forgettable though is the fact that yesterday¬†was the end of an era for me.¬† Yep, I said goodbye to the 30s, and (slightly begrudgingly) turned¬†40.¬† I’m¬†still in shock¬†that I’m actually that number¬†now.¬†¬†I still feel so young at heart!¬†

I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to all my beautiful friends and family for making my¬†birthday so special.¬† I had the most amazing (long) birthday weekend, which started off on Thursday night with a trip to Dorset to see my mum, sisters & niece.¬† On Friday, M and I went to stay at¬†the¬†Carey’s Manor Spa Hotel in Brockenhurst.¬† I absolutely loved spending some¬†quality 1-2-1 time with him, chilling out in the spa and¬†drinking jasmine tea in the Zen Garden ūüôā

On my actual birthday, we decided to take a quick trip to London to visit the Kensington Roof Gardens open day. The Roof Gardens, which cover an area of 1.5 acres, are hidden on top of the old Biba department store.  There are over 100 trees, three distinct gardens, a stream and, unbelievably, a pond with flamingos and Mandarin ducks!

Here are a few shots we took at the Roof Gardens, including my obligatory birthday shots ūüėČ



When I was at the¬†Roof Gardens, I realised that they were right next door to Whole Foods and the Saf Restaurant, which are housed in the old Barkers building.¬† Obviously, we¬†had to¬†visit both before¬†heading home ūüėȬ†

Lil’ L was totally in awe of the chocolate aisle in Whole Foods.¬† It’s so neat and colourful isn’t it?¬†

We ended up buying a bar of the ‘Seed and Bean Organic Coffee Espresso’, which was on special offer.¬† It was totally lush!¬† One of the best shop bought chocolate bars I’ve ever tasted ūüôā

After gawping at all the beautifully displayed food aisles in Whole Foods, we headed up to the Saf restaurant.

We ordered a few savoury dishes to try and, while we waited for them to arrive, Lil’ L looked for Wally ūüėČ

The menu had changed since I last visited Saf and, to be honest, I preferred the savoury dishes on the old menu, but the desserts were as amazing as ever!¬† I had the white chocolate jasmine tart with cacao nib crust, caramelised apricot sauce and espresso syrup.¬† Oh my gosh this was good!¬† The waitresses delivered it to me with a lighted candle and rendition of ‘happy birthday’!

Next time I visit Saf, I think I’ll skip on the savoury courses and just work my way through the¬†dessert menu instead ūüėČ

Well, the first couple of days of being 40 have been wonderful.  Long may it continue!

Have a wonderful week everyone¬†ūüôā xx

10 thoughts on “Me and My Blog are 1 Year Older

  1. Happy Blogday! Roof garden is cool; you completely forget that you’re up above the High Street, far from the cabs, buses, scooters and Boris Bikes…

  2. happy blogversary! and happy birthday to you!! there is nothing better than a raw birthday cake from SAF! mhmm i am coming to london this wednesday until sunday, let me know if u r free for a coffee, drink, food or something. i would love to meet!

  3. Lookin’ good on it. ūüôā

    In the pic with L I’d say you look more like big sister than Mum.

  4. Hi Sharon
    You look Absolutely Fab for 40 – remember it’s only a number!
    So glad that you had a wonderful Birthday weekend – see you soon!

  5. I know this is a week late, and I apologize, but Happy Birthday Sharon. You look absolutely FANTASTIC for 40 (although I don’t think that is all that bad of a number).
    Your weekend seems to have been filled with lots of fun and I got a kick out of Lil’ L reading “Where’s Wally” Stateside we call him Waldo and my children love searching him out.
    I look forward to reading another years worth of blog posts from you (and many more after that).
    Happy Birthday again (and still belated) to both you and your blog!!!

  6. Sharon! Happy belated birthday to you. You look amazing and so young. Lovely pictures.
    I’m still reading just not as often as I would like. Still feeling petty yuk and trying to get through the last few weeks of pregnancy!
    Hopefully, I can catch back up on my blog reading, I miss it.

    1. Thank you Amy. You’re so kind!
      I’ve really felt for your these past few months. It’s such a shame that the pregnancy has been so rough for you. Not long to go now though! I can’t wait to see a pic of your beautiful baby girl when she arrives x

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