Lush Berry Jelly (Jello) (vegan/sugar-free) & Triple Berry Milkshake

The other day, M arrived home from work with the most incredible bounty of berries and currants that he’d acquired from Cobbs Farm in Hungerford. There were punnets galore of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and red currants.

Not only did they look amazing, but they smelt incredible too. Within a couple of minutes of arriving home, the whole house was filled with the¬†smell of sweet berries. I couldn’t wait to tuck in ūüôā

And the taste? Oh my word.¬†They are¬†so good.¬†The strawberries in particular blew¬†me away.¬†They are, without doubt, the¬†tastiest¬†strawberries I’ve¬†ever come across. I wish you could try them too!

Since berries don’t keep for very long, I¬†froze the majority of the¬†fruit,¬†but I did keep a¬†couple of¬†punnets in the fridge for us to enjoy over the next day or two.

The following day, Lil’¬†L and I set to work making some¬†berry jelly (jello).

Instead of using gelatine (which is a slaughterhouse by-product), we use agar-agar flakes, which are made from a nutrient-rich sea vegetable.

I bought mine from our local health food store (Harvest on Walcot St), but it’s also available from¬†Waitrose.

While shop-bought jelly tends to be laden with refined sugar, artificial colouring and very little (if any) nutritional value, our home-made jellies are made with fresh fruit and fruit juice. These jellies are brimming with antioxidants and vitamins and taste totally lush. They make a great dessert or treat for adults and children alike (Lil L loves them!)

Vegan Berry Jelly / Jello

They’re super¬†easy to make too.

Here’s how we make them…

We’re also using the berries to make¬†Triple Berry Milk Shakes.¬†They are so lush! Into the blender goes…

– 1 cup of almond or soya milk
Р1 cup berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries) (I tend to use a mix of fresh and frozen berries so that the shakes are nice and cool)
– 2 tbsp plain soya yoghurt (I use Alpro)
Р1 tbsp chia seeds (for a nutrient boost)
– drizzle of maple or agave syrup

For a breakfast smoothies, we’ll also add in 2 tbsp fine oats or some ground almonds.

We pulse the ingredients for a few seconds to break up the fruit, then whizz them on high speed for a couple of minutes.

Berry Milkshake 400

Lately, we’ve also made lots of fresh fruit (dairy free) ice cream,¬†frozen yoghurt, and fresh fruit jelly sweets¬†(recipes and photographs¬†coming soon). All yummy, healthy desserts and treats ūüôā

I was so¬†impressed with the fruit from Cobbs Farm and I’m really looking forward to visiting the farm¬†in person.¬† I read on their website that you can either buy the fruits from their farm shop or go and pick your own. They also have a deli, vineyard and a¬†cafe that serves coffees, cakes, cream teas and¬†Sunday lunches.¬†¬†Sounds like a great place to spend a Sunday!

I hope you’re all having a great summer so far.¬†¬†The Olympics¬†have been fantastic haven’t they? Are¬†you¬†inspired¬†to take up any new sport? I fancy¬†trying beach volleyball … but I’m wondering whether¬†the skimpy knickers are compulsory. I’m way too old¬†to rock that look ūüėČ

6 thoughts on “Lush Berry Jelly (Jello) (vegan/sugar-free) & Triple Berry Milkshake

  1. Oh my the colors are you just so vibrant. I have been wanting to try agar agar (to avoid the use of gross gelatin) looks like it sets up quite nicely.
    The smoothie though has got to be my favorite of the two. Is the smoothie one of the 15 that Lil’ L wanted to make?
    He will be following in his mom’s footsteps and creating cookbooks before long ūüôā

    1. Agar agar sets really well, though the texture is very different to gelatine jelly/jello (not sure which term you use in the US) … it’s firm, but not wobbly. You can even make ‘jelly sweets’ by increasing the ratio of agar agar to liquid (I’ll post the recipe soon).

  2. Fruity! Looking forward to Olympic BMX this afternoon (and would love to ride the course when the Games are finished….)

  3. Wow, those berries are gorgeous! I don’t think I have ever had fresh currants before–they are not something we see around here in stores or at farmers markets… Your jelly/jello sounds like something my kids would love. They are intrigued by the commercial jello, but I won’t buy it because of the gelatin, high sugar and chemical colors. I bet this version would make them just as happy, and I would feel good about giving it to them!

  4. These sound awesome! I’m so exited to have found your blog. I live no where near any large supermarkets, but I’m going to try and get hold of some of the flakes. I wonder if I can get them online? I’ll have a google tomorrow. If this gets fruit into my children…then yay!

    1. Lovely to hear from you Rebecca! ‚ô• You should find agar flakes in health food stores, either on the high street or online. They’re also available from Waitrose and Ocado.
      My son has never been a huge fan of fruit (apart from mango and pineapple!) but the easiest way I’ve managed to get him to eat it is in the form of smoothies. I often use frozen fruits and frozen banana slices so the smoothies come out thick and sweet, like sorbets and ‘soft whip’ ice creams. This way, he’ll happily have a smoothie as ‘dessert’. Whatever it takes eh? ūüėČ

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