WIAW – Apple & Cinnamon Smoothie, Lightly Curried Parsnip Soup, Spaghetti Bolognaise

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far 🙂

It’s Wednesday, which means only one thing in food blogging world… yep it’s WIAW party time again! If you’re new to this shindig, you can check out what it’s all about here.

Jenn’s latest theme is ‘Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats’. I’ve never been that big on Halloween, but I’m looking forward to checking out all the spooky concoctions that people create over the next few weeks.


For this week’s WIAW party, I’d like to show what I ate yesterday. No horrors, but lots of lovely eats.

I’m still loving the breakfast smoothie milkshakes, especially on those days when I’m short of time or have been out for a morning run. One of my favourite Autumn/Fall flavours is apple & cinnamon. The addition of yoghurt makes it nice and creamy, while the spices add warmth.

Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Smoothie

For lunch, I had a bowl of home-made curried parsnip soup.

This soup is sweet, silky smooth, warming and oh so yummy!  For me, this is another soup that’s perfect for Autumn/Fall. The spice I used was Garam Masala, which gives the soup a gentle hint of Indian curry. Lil’ L loves it, so hopefully other children will too 🙂

Lightly Spiced Parsnip & Coconut Soup

hot lemon; nettle tea; cherry & cinnamon tea; 2 coffees

I needed to make a quick dinner yesterday as I was heading out to my study class, so we had spaghetti bolognaise. We hadn’t had this dinner in ages!

I used half a packet of Linda McCartney Vegemince (which I bought from Holland & Barrett) and my favourite pasta sauce… Seeds of Change Organic Tomato & Basil Sauce. Into the sauce, I also added a large, finely grated carrot and a finely chopped courgette (zucchini).

When the bolognaise was cooked, I allowed it to cool down slightly then sprinkled in some Marigold Nutritional Flakes with added B12 (this adds a cheesy, nutty flavour and lots of lovely B vitamins). We then served the bolognaise on a bed of organic wholewheat spaghetti.

I made 4 portions of bolognaise and Lil’ L took the remaining portion for his school lunch today, wrapped in a wholewheat seeded tortilla, which I lightly toasted to give it a crisp topping.

Fresh pineapple with Alpro natural yoghurt. Sorry no pic… I had to dash to my class!

Evening snack
When I got back from my class, I had some home-made granola with a drizzle of almond milk, which I served in a cute little ramekin.

So that’s me done for another WIAW. Thanks as ever to our gorgeous host Jenn over at PeasandCrayons.com.

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone xx


13 thoughts on “WIAW – Apple & Cinnamon Smoothie, Lightly Curried Parsnip Soup, Spaghetti Bolognaise

  1. All your meals look delicious! I’m not a fan of parsnip, but I want to try parsnip soup again to see how I get on.
    I’m not big into Halloween either, but I’m in the US for it this year, so I might get more excited!

  2. All of your meals are perfectly fall! I cannot wait to try that smoothie–have I mentioned how much I love apples? 🙂 The soup sounds beautiful as well! There was such a chill in the air today, despite the sunshine, that after Jace’s soccer practice we came straight home to make soup for dinner instead of what I had originally planned. I’m thinking I will be making lots of soups this fall/winter.

    1. I think I’ll be making lots of soups this Autumn/Fall too. They’re so warming on cold, wet days (and we’re having lots of those this week!). Lil’ L’s also enjoying taking a flask of soup to school. It makes a nice change to sandwiches!

  3. Oh know now I will have two smoothies to choose from (I had the chocolate one this morning). You had a great day of eats and that spaghetti looks delicious and comforting.
    I have been meaning to pick up the Vegan Cookies cookbook and seeing those blackstrap gingersnaps I may head over to Amazon right now.
    You are right about age (it is just a number)…but sometimes when I say it out loud it sounds bad (but I still feel young about 25 just like you). I was just having a moment and hopefully I am over it now 🙂
    Have a great day, and if you don’t post before, and a great weekend as well.

    1. I love Isa & Terry’s Vegan Cookie Book. It’s so beautifully designed & full of great recipes. It’s my ‘go to’ book when I need to make cookies for my study class. I can always rely on them turning out well.

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