WIAW – The Antioxidant Rich Addition (no ghouls in sight!)

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats
Hi everyone!

I’m guessing that everyone’s WIAW posts are going to be filled with Halloween delights today. But I’m bucking the trend. It’s not intentional though. Every year I do intend to make more of an effort to decorate the house and make ghoulish treats but it just never happens!

The only hint of Halloween in our house was this pumpkin that Lil’ L carved at Cubs last week. It sat on the dining table for a week before it collapsed in on itself and started oozing goo all over the table. That was pretty gruesome!

So, for this week’s WIAW foodie party, I’m going to have to bring some very unghoulish, but very tasty and nutritionally-packed eats from Monday.

There’s lots of horrible bugs and viruses going round our area at the moment so, in an attempt to protect my family from the germs,  I’ve been feeding them lots of vitamin-C and antioxidant-rich foods and drinks to help boost their immune systems.  Here’s what we ate on Monday…

– Warm water & lemon; 1 black coffee (me & M)
– Glass of Innocent smoothie with pomegranates, blueberries & acai (for Lil’ L)
– Bowl of chocolate clusters with goji berries.

These granola clusters are deliciously chocolatey and crunchy. I make a batch each week for Lil’ L as they’re one of his favourite breakfast cereals. Today we had them drenched in Alpro Almond Milk and they were totally lush!

The clusters are also delicious on their own and Lil’ L loves taking them to school for his play-time snack. They’re so easy and quick to make. I’ll write up the recipe and post it soon!

For lunch I made a large batch of tomato and red lentil soup. This soup is brimming with goodness, it’s super tasty and very filling. We love it! The recipe’s posted here.

Innocent apple & mango juice; and more of their pomegranate smoothie (they’re on offer in all the supermarkets at the moment, so I treated us 😉 )
– Lots of Clipper organic nettle tea (still my favourite tea ever!)
– 1 Costa Americano with soya milk
– Water

For our main meal, we had a stir fry, served with brown rice. It was too dark to take a pic, but this it looked very similar to this stir fry.

This time round, I packed in lots of nutrient-rich veggies… carrots, red, yellow & green bell pepper, pak choi, white cabbage and broccolli. I also added half a tin of braised tofu and lots of cashew nuts.  I usually make my own ginger sauce but, for a change, I thought I’d try a shop-bought one (Sharwoods Black Bean stir-fry sauce). It was very nice, but didn’t taste that dissimilar to my home-made ginger sauce (which has far less sugar in it!)

For dessert, we had a slice of this lush blackcurrant cashew cream cake, which I made for Lil’ L’s birthday celebrations. Now this is the kind of birthday cake that I like. SO much better than chocolate sponge cake in all respects 😉

I’ve been hooked on raw cashew cream cake ever since I first tasted one at Saf in London last May. And they’re SO easy to make yourself! The ingredients are simply blended in a processor then frozen. I promise I’ll write up the recipe for this cake and post it soon!

I tried to encourage Lil’ L to eat the berries and currants on top of the cake but he wouldn’t even try them 🙁 Never mind, I just pureed a cup full, sieved them, added some agave syrup and drizzled it on top instead. Worked a treat 😉

Time to head over to Jenn’s @ Peas and Crayons and check out all the gorgeously ghoulish eats 🙂

Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe xx

p.s. If you could choose your own birthday cake what would it be? Mine would definitely be a raw cashew cream cake. Perhaps raw chocolate and lime flavoured. mmm!

18 thoughts on “WIAW – The Antioxidant Rich Addition (no ghouls in sight!)

  1. I am hooked on cashew based raw cheesecake too, my favourites are key lime and of course the berry one. so delicious!!!!! happy bday to Lil’L – a bit late but hope he enjoyed his amazing cakes!!

    1. Thanks Alexia! Lil’ L had an amazing birthday. He was just disappointed at how quickly it went by!
      I’ve bought a huge bag of limes and I’m planning to make a raw lime & chocolate cheesecake this weekend. I love that combo!
      Have a great weekend! xx

    1. Thanks so much Kelsey for your kind comments! My photography used to be appalling …. but with a little practice (and a better camera!) the shots are getting bit better 🙂 Have a great weekend! xx

    1. Chocolate cake is a very popular choice for birthdays! I much prefer raw desserts to baked ones so I must have a try at making a raw chocolate cake soon! Have a great weekend! xx

  2. Oh my that cake looks so very beautiful. I would totally have scarfed down a slice (berries and all).
    I cannot wait for the recipe to be posted.

    As for Halloween decorations, I am with you, I have good intentions but never get anything up (in fact we have three uncarved pumpkins…I don’t know what is the matter with us).

    I hope you all have a very festive Halloween!

    1. Halloween didn’t happen for us either this year! I had such good intentions too! At least I made use of the uncarved pumpkin & transformed it into soup & roasted seeds this week 😉 Have a great weekend Rachel xx

  3. If I could choose my own birthday cake… Wow. I would never have thought that that’d be such a hard question! You see, I’m a fan of all the flavors for different reasons. I like the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting because it is just so rich and sweet. White cake is classic and tastes like birthday, ya know? Funfetti is awesome simply because I wasn’t allowed to have it when I was younger. Strawberry cake is awesome because it’s pink– I love pink! So, I’d have to go with… None of the above! I actually love cookie dough ice cream cake the best. Cookie dough anything is my favorite really!

    I hope novody in your family gets sick! *fingers crossed for ya* Is that chocolate layered cake up by the pumpkin? It looks really good! Oh, I guess that’s another stipulation for me. Cakes should have layers. It means more frosting 🙂

    1. All your fave cakes sound amazing! Just reading the list is making me feel hungry! I’ve never heard of Funfetti. What a cute name for a dessert! I must Google it now and find out what it is 🙂
      Here’s wishing you a great weekend! xx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments!
      I really need to check out what Funfetti is. I’ve never heard of it but it’s got to be good with a name like that! Coconut creme sounds lush too! I haven’t had that either. I’ve really missed out haven’t I? I need to put that right asap 😉
      Have a great weekend Jessie xx

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