WIAW – Cinnamon Porridge, Celeriac Soup & Colourful Pastry Bake

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re having a good week so far!  Life has been pretty hectic for me this week so, at meal times, I’ve had to rely on trusted, old recipes which I know I can whip up in next to no time. For this week’s WIAW foodie party, I’d like to share our eats from today. All the food we consumed took minimal preparation, but was absolutely scrumptious! Here goes…

Warm water and lemon (before school drop-off)
It was cold this morning, so I was looking forward to getting back home and making myself a huge bowl of steaming hot cinnamon porridge. I topped it with an assortment of nuts (pecans, walnuts, almonds), ground linseed (for an omega-3 boost), goji berries and a little candied peel. This was topped with a drizzle of agave syrup. Yum!

I love adding candied peel to my porridge this time of year. Not only does it add a burst of citrus flavour to the porridge, but it also makes me feel just a teensy bit festive 😉 That reminds me, I MUST make the Christmas cake this week. I should have made it last weekend and totally forgot!

For lunch, I had some celeriac soup left over from last night’s dinner. This is one of my absolute all-time favourite soups. It tastes AMAZING!! It’s so creamy and sweet.  Celeriacs are widely available in the UK now and they’re really cheap. I only use half a celeriac in this soup, so it only costs about £1 to make a huge batch!

Snacks & Drinks
Berry smoothie, peppermint & nettle tea, 1 black coffee, water, 1 orange

For dinner, I made a colourful pastry bake, but cheated by using ready-made puff pastry. I tried Clive’s organic rough puff wholemeal pastry (bought from our local health store, Harvest). It tasted wonderful (far better than white pastry) but it didn’t puff up. I’m not sure whether this is due it being wholemeal, or because I left it defrosted for 48 hours rather than 24. Next time I use it I’ll have to make sure that I follow the instructions!

Unfortunately, it was too dark to take a picture, but it looked similar to this one…

This time round, I topped the bake with finely chopped red pepper, yellow pepper, courgette (zucchini), red onion, mushrooms, olives and pine nuts. I also made some lightly spiced, crispy potato wedges to go with it.  It was a very yummy dinner indeed and Lil’ L has ‘bagged’ the fourth portion for his packed lunch tomorrow 😉

For dessert, we had some tinned peaches in natural juice, topped with Alpro pouring yoghurt and some home-made granola. It only took a few seconds to prepare yet it tasted really special.

I discovered the new Alpro pouring yoghurt in Waitrose last week where it was on special offer. When you bought a fresh Alpro soya or almond milk, you got the pouring yoghurt for free. Bargain! I bought both the plain and vanilla versions and the family loves both of them.

So that was our day of quick prep meals. For me, it felt more like a day of feasting than ‘make do’ dinners. I’m glad to hear that the boys felt the same way! 🙂

I’d love to hear about your favourite quick prep dinners. If you’ve published them, please do link up below as I’d love to check them out!

Right time to head over to Jenn’s and get inspired 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone xx

5 thoughts on “WIAW – Cinnamon Porridge, Celeriac Soup & Colourful Pastry Bake

  1. Porridge and Soup! Perfect for me, I’ve just had a tooth out so anything that doesn’t need chewing is kind of attractive…but this looks good no matter what your dental circumstances.

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