It’s Light-Fantastic in Wiltshire!

Check out this Christmas light display on a 4-bed house in Longford Road, Melksham, Wiltshire.

Christmas Lights in Melksham 2012_1_500

Isn’t it incredible?

Now I’m from Essex, and the Essex folk do know a thing or two about putting on a Christmas light display 😉  However, without a shadow of a doubt, this is the most dazzling display of lights that I’ve seen in my life!

Look at the front driveway!

Christmas Lights in Melksham 2012_2_500

And while you’re standing at the gates, gawping at the lights, you suddenly realise that you’re covered in snow. Low and behold, you look up to discover that there’s a snow machine attached to the top of the garden gate.   It’s madness!

This incredible display, which has around 180,000 bulbs (!) is the handy work of 28 year old Alex Goodhind. He worked for six weeks to get the display up and running and, for the most of that time, I imagine he was working in the rain. (It’s been raining here in the South West for what seems like months now!)

As well as brightening up the town and bringing a smile to our faces, Alex is hoping that the display will raise lots of money for Dorothy House Hospice. You can read more about Alex’s story here.

The display is on until the end of December, so if you’re in the vicinity of Melksham, go check it out!

Did you make your house light-fantastic this Christmas?
We put a string of fairy lights on the steps leading up to the front door. Maybe we’ll go for a glowing reindeer or two on the front lawn next year 😉

12 thoughts on “It’s Light-Fantastic in Wiltshire!

  1. We put up a few lights only!
    We have a man not far from our place that does a similar display all over his house – including opening his garage and filling it with little trains etc! He even puts his lights sync with music on a local radio station!!!!!!!

  2. A few pieces of holly with no berries is all we could manage this year for Yule.
    Of course, the reason is Max the Masticator ! Now he’s eaten parts of the carpet and stairs (yes, the wooden treads) he may well fancy a dessert of baubles, or mating with the Xmas Tree!

    There is a solution – no nuts after Christmas! LOL 🙂

  3. Well I only decorate the inside. I don’t have the patience or desire to decorate the outside (plus think of the electric bill).

    Alex did a wonderful job and what an amazing amount of work he put into it.

    I hope you are enjoying the holidays and I look forward to catching up in the new year.

    Have a great 2012 Sharon (what remains of it at least)!

  4. Don’t they call him “Mr Christmas”? And, I think he may even celebrate Christmas every day of the year?

    1. Hi Chloe!
      After reading Alex’s bio, I don’t think he’s the “Mr Christmas” guy that celebrates Christmas every day (you must be totally mad to do that … talk about too much of a good thing!) Alex is only 28 and runs an electronics business. Whoever he is, he obviously enjoys putting on a great show. I hope he raised lots of money for Dorothy House. That would make it worth the effort.
      Sending you love & best wishes for a fantastic 2013. I hope this new year is a great one for you xx

  5. Wow, that is an amazing light display, I like all the continuous spirals going up the trunks, I wonder how he does that. I can relate to the weeks of rain– that’s what we’ve had here in the Seattle area, too, I can’t remember the last day that didn’t include at least a little rain. The boys put up some lights outside our house this year, they did a good job, it looks nice! This is my first visit to your blog and I like your rainbow header!

    1. Hi Mary. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog & for your lovely comments. I had a little break from blogging over the Christmas holidays so I’m really looking forward to spending a couple of hours tonight catching up with everyone 🙂
      My rainbow header is a view of meadows that I can see from my office window. With all the rain we’ve had these past few months the meadows turned into a big lake! It’s crazy to think that our local Council want to turn this site into a big car park. We campaigned for over 2 years against the plans and they’re off the agenda for the time being… no doubt the Council will try again in the future. We’ll just have to keep fighting!

  6. Wow, that’s one incredible light display! Alex really seems to have put a whole lot of work in it.

    We didn’t have any outside lights at my parents’ this year as we celebrated at my relatives’. Ever since me and my siblings moved out my parents didn’t feel like putting a lot of outside lights up anymore. My mum did a great job at decorating inside the house, though.

  7. Wow, what an awesome display! And what a lot of work it must be to get set up! I can’t imagine where they must store all of it during the rest of the year. I am always amazed by people who put together such enjoyment for others, and especially by those who do it for a cause. We put up lights along our roof line and around the front door, but that’s really all I have the energy for! 🙂

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