#WIAW – I’ll Bring the Chickpea & Vegetable Balti (& recipe!)

Upon my return from the school run this morning, I spotted the first signs of new life in our (otherwise dead looking) garden. The snowdrops seem to have appeared overnight!


And what a joy they are to behold 🙂

For this week’s WIAW party, I’m sharing our eats from Sunday, which included some of our all-time favourite breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I’ve even written up another one-pot recipe to share. I’ve got such a backlog of recipes to write up… but I’m getting there… slowly!

Thanks, as always, to our most gracious host, Jenn over at Peas and Crayons.


As it was Sunday, Lil’ L was very keen to have a ‘special breakfast’. He’d spotted some very ripe bananas sitting in the fruit bowl and suggested we make some banana pancakes. I halved our usual recipe, used two frying pans, and speedily made 6 pancakes, which we shared 🙂

Banana Pancake with nut and choc chip topping - 500

We’ve been playing around with new toppings for pancakes. This week we had pecans, walnuts, dessicated coconut, choc chips and a drizzle of maple syrup. This combo went perfectly with the banana pancakes.  It was very yummy indeed 🙂


Ready for when M got back from his Sunday morning marathon mountain bike ride, I made a large pot of watercress, leek and potato soup, which we served with chunks of wholegrain, seeded bread.

Watercress & Leek Soup - 500

You might be surprised to hear that this is one of Lil’ L’s favourite soups. He’s been eating eat since he was about 2. While raw watercress can be quite peppery, when combined with potato and leek in a soup, it takes on a wonderful, mild taste.

For lunch time dessert, we had a slice (or two!) of raw chocolate and lime cashew cream cake. I actually made this cake for M’s birthday back in December but we never got round to eating it!

Raw Chocolate Lime Cashew Cream Cake - 500

This dessert is really good. Lil’ L described it as ‘scrumdiddlyumptious’! I scribbled notes of how I made it on a scrap of paper and as soon as I locate it (!), I’ll write up the recipe and post it.


Our Sunday dinner wasn’t particularly traditional… we had a Chickpea and Vegetable Balti served with home-made naans.  Mind you, maybe curry has become the traditional English Sunday dinner. It wouldn’t surprise me. I can happily eat curry any day of the week 🙂

Chickpea & Vegetable Balti

This balti was designed to be mild enough for children, but if no kiddies are going near the balti bowls, feel free to crank up the heat!

Here’s how I made it:

Lil’ L loved this dish so much that he ‘bagsied’ the fourth portion and took it to school the next day for his lunch, rolled in a seeded tortilla wrap!

[This recipe has been submitted to Ricki Heller’s #Wellness Weekend]


To boost our calcium, fruit and omega-3 intake, for dessert we had a berry milkshake smoothie. Since Lil’ L doesn’t like the pips from raspberries and blackberries (I’m not that keen either!), I blended the berries and almond milk first, then sieved it before returning it to the blender and adding banana and chia seeds.  It was creamy, refreshing and ‘special’ enough to be considered a ‘real dessert’ by Lil’ L 😉

Berry Milkshake Smoothie

So that’s me done for another WIAW.  It’s time to hook up with all the lovely bloggers over at Jenn’s. Hopefully see you there!

Are you a fan of curry? If so, what’s your favourite type?
I adore Indian kormas and baltis as well as creamy Thai curries.  I’m such a wimp though when it comes to heat. Anything beyond ‘mild’ and I feel like a pressure cooker about to explode!

15 thoughts on “#WIAW – I’ll Bring the Chickpea & Vegetable Balti (& recipe!)

  1. Snowdrops! Like little fairy lanterns heralding the coming spring, I have a pot of them growing just outside the back door.

    Yes I’m a huge curry fan and I like them fairly hot too. I must confess I will often resort to a super lazy Quorn chunks with Pataks paste, though I do add toasted and crushed whole spices to make it seem like I actually did some cooking..

    Gorgeous food, gorgeous pictures, gorgeous blog by the way 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments 🙂 I love your description of snowdrops! They’re such beauties aren’t they?
      I’m very intrigued by the sound of your cabbage soup. The name sounds far more sophisticated in French doesn’t it? I’ll definitely be checking out your recipe xx

  2. What a beautiful spring scene!! That is so cool that your son likes that soup…I don’t know any kid that would have such a refined palate as to enjoy watercress! 😉 If you can believe it, I’ve never had curry before. This recipe looks so good, though, that I might have to try it!

    1. It’s amazing how the flavour of watercress transforms when it’s cooked into a soup with potato and leek. Some of my son’s little friends have tried it and they liked it too!
      Wow you’ve never had a curry? There’s a whole new world of culinary delights waiting for you out there 😉 Indian, Thai and Malaysian are my all-time favourites. They have completely different tastes and textures. Just writing this has got me craving curry again lol!

  3. Oh I hope you find that scrap of paper because that cake is just beautiful, I love the layers.

    You have had some delicious food, as always.

    I hope things are going well for you and that the weather is nice in Bath like it is here (69 degrees today…pretty nice for January).

    Happy Wednesday Sharon!

    1. Hi Rachel!
      The chocolate & lime cream cake was so simple to make, yet looks pretty impressive when you turn it out the tin. It’s really scrummy too. I’ll have a good hunt for the recipe at the weekend so I can post it asap. It’s got to be here somewhere!
      The snow’s now gone in Bath, but it’s been replaced with gale force winds and rain. I don’t know what’s happened to our weather system, but it’s certainly not behaving ‘normal’ 🙁 Glad to hear you’re enjoying nice weather in NC 🙂 xx

  4. your whole sunday is just packed with deliciousness! and it always tastes even better when u can share with loved ones! great soup! u know i am a fan of green soups mhmm… u eed to post the recipe for us!! love the look of the banana pancakes too, my little brother loves when i make them for him!
    oh and curries.. they are a winner any night of the week! xxx

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