Top Ten Vegan Easter Eggs & Chocolate Treats 2013

The shops are currently laden with Easter eggs, but it can be quite hard to find eggs suitable for vegans or those on a dairy-free diet.  Just in case you need a helping hand, I’ve selected ten of my favourite vegan Easter treats on sale this year.  All are available online, and some you will also find on sale in health food stores and supermarkets in the UK.

1. Hotel Chocolat Seriously Dark Egg Sandwich £8.00Hotel Chocolat serious-dark-wrap-egg-sandwich

2. Hotel Chocolat Easter Tiddly Chicks £5

Hotel Chocolat tiddly-chicks-70-dark

3. Hotel Chocolat Egg Catcher Tablet £1.95

Hotel Chocolat egg-catcher-tablet-70-dark

4. Divine Dark chocolate Easter Egg with a bar of Divine’s Ginger & Orange Chocolate   £10.00


5. Divine Small Dark Chocolate Easter Egg £3.00


6. Divine Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs  £4.25

Divine Dark mini eggs

7. Montezuma’s Organic Dark Chocolate Chunky Egg £7.99

Montezumas l-dark-chunky-eggBC


8. Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs with Almond Praline £5.49

Montezumas l--dark-almond-mini-eggBC

9. Montezuma’s Organic Dark Chocolate Cheeky Bunnies £4.99

Montezumas l-cheeky-bunniesBC

Montezuma is donating 5p towards the Butterfly Conservation from this Easter product.


10.  Sjaaks Organic Chocolate Filled Eggs £7.50  (Available in the UK from Viva)

Viva Sjaaks Chocolate Filled Eggs


If you’re buying an egg for someone with a dairy allergy, do make sure to check out the dietary information labels first.  While the above eggs do not contain dairy as an ingredient, they are likely to have been made in a factory that handles milk (this isn’t an issue for me, but it could be for others).

Of course, you can always make your own Easter eggs, and that way you can guarantee that they will be dairy free.    You can also make them raw and sugar-free, using a raw chocolate making recipe like this one.  There are some cool chocolate silicone egg moulds on sale online, including some great value moulds on Amazon and Ebay.

Please note that this isn’t a sponsored post but, if the Easter Bunny happens to be reading it, I’d like him to know that I’d be delighted if any of the above were to land on my doorstep 😉

What are you hoping that the Easter bunny will deliver to your house this year?

International friends, how easy/difficult it is to get vegan/dairy-free chocolate Easter eggs where you live?  If you have a favourite brand, I’d love to hear about it.


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Vegan Easter Eggs & Chocolate Treats 2013

  1. Isn’t it fantastic how many vegan options there are out there! I don’t get easter eggs Mum seems to think I’m too old to care about Easter now, but I’d secretly love an egg! It’s a little sad to buy myself one!

    1. Ah that’s a shame! Why don’t you send her a link to this page with a big hint about how delicious the eggs look (that’s what I’ve done lol!) In my opinion, you’re ever too old to receive an Easter Egg! If you’re mum won’t buy you one (and you’re not comfortable buying one for yourself) you and a friend could always treat each other.
      Whatever means it takes, we need to try some of these chocs. They look amazing don’t they?

  2. Those Divine chocolates look scrumptious.

    I was planning on making some raw chocolates for the kids this year…you know since I have that awesome mold and what not 🙂

    As for vegan options stateside? I am sure there are some (going places like Whole Foods and what not) but I haven’t actually explored them.

    1. I think it’s a wonderful idea to make some home made raw chocs for Easter. I managed to buy a second hand chocolate egg mould from Ebay (it’s about 20 years old… my mum had the same one when I was young!) and I can’t wait to try it out! 🙂
      Have a wonderful Spring break Rachel xx

    1. I am so intrigued to see what sort of Easter vegan treats you have over there. You’ll have to do an Internet trawl for me and link up 😉
      It’s just dawned on me that your Easter isn’t in Spring is it? That is so weird! I can’t get my head round Christmas in Summer either. My mum used to live in Australia and she’s told me how they had Christmas dinner on the beach. I’ll guess I’ll have to come over and experience it for myself one year 😉

      1. Def let me know if you ever do come for a visit!
        I can’t get my head around a cold Christmas either hehehee – just what we get used to isn’t it!
        Our Easter in is Autumn, but still usually quite warm days with a hint of fresh chilly air! 🙂
        We are not doing chocolates etc for Easter this year but gifts with spiritual meaning.
        I find most of the dark chocolate (except for Cadbury) is usually vegan. Also we have a great company called “Sweet William” that does the best vegan chocolate ever (my opinion and many others!) however i don’t consume a lot of it because its still quite processed!

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