Mediterranean Deep Crust Pizza – A Healthy, Tasty, Dairy-Free, Vegan Pizza!

‘Healthy’ isn’t a word that we normally associate with pizza.  That’s because most pizzas consist of a white flour base, a thin layer of tomato sauce, a token vegetable or two (if you’re lucky) and lashings of cheese.  Some pizzas have 2, 3 or 4 different cheeses piled on top.  And it’s all this cheese that makes pizzas so calorie intensive.

I don’t normally look at the calorie content of food but I was intrigued to find out how many calories were in the goats cheese pizza that I used to eat on a Friday night.  1/3 of the pizza contains 383 calories, and I’m pretty sure I used to eat the whole pizza myself.  That’s a wopping 1149 calories! Add on a beer or two and that’s a serious amount of calories consumed in one evening.

Within six months of transitioning to a whole-food plant-based diet at home, I’d lost 3/4 stone in weight.  I’m convinced that this weight loss was down to cutting out cheese.

We still eat pizzas on a weekly basis, but we choose to make them at home. We prepare a wholewheat crust, use sun-dried tomato paste or basil pesto for the base and pile them high with veggies. We don’t add any dairy or vegan substitute cheeses because, for us, the pizza doesn’t need it. It is full of flavour and feels complete as it is, without the need for a layer of fat melted on top.

Mediterranean Deep Crust Vegan Pizza 1 copy

Lil’ L and M love our home-made pizzas and much prefer them to shop-bought and restaurant pizzas. Our home-made ‘no cheese’ pizzas have also had great feedback from friends.  Lil’ L’s best friend is a particularly big fan and asked me if I had posted the recipe yet. After a quick check, I realised that I’ve posted photos, but never actually got round to posting the recipe. It’s time to put that right!

The recipe I’m going to share today is one of our all-time favourites – ‘Mediterranean Deep Crust Pizza‘.  This pizza tastes great served both hot and cold, and it stores very well too. I often make two pizzas at the same time, and the second pizza is used for lunchboxes.

When Lil’ L was small, he didn’t like chunky vegetables, so I used to chop them very fine and sprinkle them on his pizza.

Confetti Pizza Veggies copy

We ended up calling this the ‘Confetti Pizza’. Here’s how it looked with a pesto base:

Confetti Vegan Pizza

And with a sun-dried tomato base:

Confetti Vegan Pizza with Sun Dried Tomato Base

Now that he’s older, he much prefers his veggies big and chunky 🙂

I’d love to rescue the pizza from the clutches of the junk food industry and give it the healthy status it deserves. Will you join me?

Do you already make your own ‘healthy’ pizzas? If so, I’d love to hear how you make them. If you’ve posted any recipes, please do link up below.

Have a great weekend everyone xx


16 thoughts on “Mediterranean Deep Crust Pizza – A Healthy, Tasty, Dairy-Free, Vegan Pizza!

  1. Yay, you! Isn’t it amazing how delicious home made pizza is? I used to crave restaurant pizza until I learned to make my own. Now I wouldn’t dream of buying a pizza.

    1. Hey Karen! I totally agree… home-made pizza is way tastier than shop-bought! It’s definitely worth the effort to make the crust by hand too. I used to buy them but they taste pretty fake & “plasticky”. I’d never dream of buying them now. Home made rules! 😉

  2. I’ve been making my own pizza for a while now and we love it. The crust recipe came from a Mediterranean cookbook. I often use a pesto base with tomatoes and basil on top but recently made a topping using a tomato sauce base with all the veggies I saute and spice for what we call “faux-hita” — my vegan version of a fajita mix. I love the look of your confetti pizza!

    1. Hi Annie! I love the sound of your “faux-hita” topped pizza! I bet it’s got lots of great flavour. Do you make the fajita spice mix yourself or do you buy a pre-mixed packet?

      1. Sharon, I spice the veggies ( green pepper, jalapeno pepper, onion, garlic, celery, shredded carrots) using lots of cumin, tumeric, oregano, black pepper, and I usually add tarragon, too. My boyfriend suggested using refried beans as a base instead of tomato sauce! Yum!

        1. Thanks for the tip Annie! I’ve got all those spices so I’m looking forward to trying out my own fajita mix 🙂
          Yes, refried beans work really well as a pizza base. We use it in our Mexican pizzas, topped with sweet corn, pepper, salsa and avocado. It’s really yummy served hot or cold.

    1. We don’t have anywhere in Bath that sells vegan / dairy-free pizzas so I always end up making my own (it’s no hardship though as I enjoy making them). What are the pizza parlours like where you live? Do they cater for vegans?

        1. You’re so lucky! The best I can do here in Bath is to ask Pizza Express to make me a Giardinera and hold the cheese. I get some funny looks, but it actually tastes really nice… far better than the cheese version 😉

  3. I love making homemade pizza too. I’ve made so many variations but do love pesto and grilled veggies. I love using sundried tomato paste, I often use it instead of regular tom paste as I find it has a better flavour.
    Your pizza crust is so perfect- how do you get it so round with that raised edge?!

    1. Like you, I much prefer using sun-dried tomato paste as it has such great flavour. To make the pizzas round, I just roll them out & then fit them into a non-stick pizza tray (I just use cheap ones from Tesco). To make the crust “handle” I pull the dough out from the edge, fold it over and press it down. It’s really simple to do & I find the handle makes it much easier to pick up the pizza slices 🙂
      Love the sound of grilled veggies on a pizza!

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