The Perks Of M&S Flower Delivery

In addition to being a great time to figure out some delicious and wholesome new recipes, the summer season always calls for some nice flowers and plant life around the house. Just as many of your favourite edible plant ingredients are best if harvested and enjoyed during the summer, the plants you use to create an atmosphere and decorate your home (or someone else’s) are often at their best when the weather’s warm and sunny. For that reason, this is always a good time of year to take advantage of the flower arrangements and delivery service at Marks and Spencer.

Of course, if you’re just looking for a few flowers to keep situated in the middle of your dining room table, you may be able to satisfy your needs at the nearest grocery store, or by picking flowers outside if you’re fortunate enough to have a thriving garden! But for beautifully arranged bouquets of fresh summer flowers (and occasionally some other nice features and treats), or for sending some flowers to a friend or family member, the M&S delivery service is a great tool for the summer. Here are a few words on some of the various plants, bouquets and arrangements available to customers.

Seasonal Flowers – M&S pays close attention to the seasons, and supplies the most seasonally fresh and appropriate options. From the “Classic July Bouquet” made up of stunning sunflowers, to the “Summer Days Bouquet” mixing sunflowers, roses, and other carnations, there are a number of choices that simply scream summer.

Summer Bouquet 2

Flowers & Treats – If you like to have some flowers around the house, but you’re also looking for some tasty wine or chocolate treats to compliment a meal, there are various hamper options perfect for you. Generally speaking, these include a bottle of wine, a small bouquet of roses, and a box of decadent chocolates!

Hamper Collections Individual Plants – Despite being recognized as a “flower delivery service,” the M&S flowers section can actually keep you stocked up on other plants as well. From a lavender tree, to a decorative barrel of assorted plants, to phalaenopsis orchids, there are plenty of interesting options.

Plant Collage

Popular Selections – The M&S delivery service also shows you what others are ordering, which in some cases can give you a good feel for which flowers are trendy or desirable for a certain season. For example, take a look at the gorgeous “Strawberry Daiquiri Bouquet” – a festive blend of oriental lilies, chrysanthemums, and antirrhiniums.

Popular Bouquets

Any of the above listed plants and arrangements can be ordered and paid for online, and sent to the address of your choice. This makes them convenient for you, whether you’re looking for some summer décor in your own home, or simply wish to give someone a lovely gift. Just remember: there’s nothing quite like a warm summer day with fresh food and fresh flowers on the table!

Post by Michelle Sawyer, an Interior Decorator who enjoys finding new and innovative ways to brighten up any room!


I love giving flowers as gifts, and enjoy having fresh flowers at home myself. My all-time favourites for the home have got to be orchids and lilies.  I’m also loving sweet peas this month too. How about you? Do you like having cut flowers in the home? If so, what are your personal favourites?

3 thoughts on “The Perks Of M&S Flower Delivery

  1. This sounds like a great idea for a gift! It seems very simple to order, too, which I love. I also like the fact that they pay attention to the seasons; it’s so annoying when a business doesn’t do their work and gives sub-par products!
    I love lily of the valley, roses, lilacs, and peonies. They’re all so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Olivia! I’ve used a few home delivery flower services and some of them have been really bad. It’s such a disappointment when you order flowers for someone and they arrive half dead or looking very pitiful :/ I’ve used the M&S delivery service a few times now and they’ve always been very reliable. I’d definitely recommend them.
    I adore all of the flowers that you mention. They’re truly beautiful ♥

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