Raspberry and Lemon ‘Cheese’ Cake Hearts… Perfect for Valentines or any Special Occasion!(Vegan / Dairy-free)

When I was young, cheesecake was my number one favourite dessert. When I quit dairy, I never imagined that I’d ever eat it again! However, in the past few years, some very talented vegan chefs have been creating a mouth watering array of dairy-free ‘cheese’ cakes that easily rival the traditional dairy-laden dessert. Not only do they taste scrumptious, but they’re far healthier too!

At the Alley Cafe in Nottingham, I experienced my first blackcurrant vegan cheesecake, made with tofu (not that I realised it was tofu – I had to ask the chef for the secret ingredient!) I loved it so much that I went back the next night, just so I could indulge in another slice 😉

On my first trip to Saf in Kensington, my jaw dropped when I saw the selection of vegan cheesecakes on offer. I was amazed when the waitress told me that the creamy filling was actually cashews! (By the way, it’s so sad to hear that Saf’s shutting… I loved that place so much I even chose to go there for my 40th birthday lunch … and had cheesecake for dessert of course!)

Me at Saf Restaurant on my 40th birthday

Since my first visit to Saf, I’ve made numerous cashew ‘cheese’ cakes at home, some of which you’ll find in my recipes section.

It’s Valentines Day tomorrow, which gives me the perfect excuse to indulge in my love of making (& eating!) these scrumptious desserts. Last year, I made six mini chocolate cheesecakes for friends and family (I halved the quantities in this recipe).

This year, I chose a chocolate crust, but couldn’t decide whether to make lemon or raspberry cheesecake, so I made some of each. I topped both with freeze-dried raspberries, and added a sprinkling of grated chocolate to the raspberry cakes.

Raspberry Vegan Cheese Cake

These scrumptious cheesecakes would make a wonderful treat for Valentine’s Day, birthdays… or any special occasion! They freeze well so you can make them days in advance.

And you’ll be pleased to hear that they’re not labour intensive at all. It’s jut a case of blending and freezing!

Lemon & Raspberry Vegan Cheese Cake

Products used in this recipe
Aasani Cashew Kernels, available on the world food aisle in Tesco (the cheapest cashews I’ve found so far!)
Aasani Almonds, available from the world food aisle in Tesco (nuts from the world food aisles and Asian supermarkets tend to be far cheaper than those found in the home baking or whole foods sections)
Essential Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – I bought this from Harvest in Bath, but it’s also available from online stores, including Amazon.
Clarks Original Maple Syrup – available from Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s supermarkets and online stores, including Amazon
Magimix 3200 Food Processor, purchased from Amazon

[This recipe has been shared at Ricki Heller’s Wellness Weekend]

What was your favourite childhood dessert? Is it something you still enjoy eating now?

11 thoughts on “Raspberry and Lemon ‘Cheese’ Cake Hearts… Perfect for Valentines or any Special Occasion!(Vegan / Dairy-free)

  1. Gorgeous cheesecake, it looks yummy! I love lemony cashew cream (I make one quite similar) and the freeze dried berries look so beautiful. Oh and I would definitely go for the chocolate crust!

    1. Yep, I had to get some chocolate in there somewhere 😉
      I’m always on the look out for new cashew cream recipes, so I’d love to check out yours. I’m still amazed at how creamy cashews become when blended. They make such a great alternative for those with dairy allergies & intolerances xx

  2. These are beautiful! I love that you made both flavours, and the gorgeous heart shapes. I was the opposite of you – I never really liked cheesecakes until I discovered vegan ones. I think the traditional sort always left me feeling a bit ill, but the cashew and tofu-based variety are just pure delicious 🙂 These recipes look like ones for me to try out next time

    1. Thank you Kari! ♥ Dairy cheesecakes didn’t agree with my stomach either, but it took me a long while to work out that I was intolerant to dairy. As soon as I realised, I stopped eating dairy and felt like a whole new person 😀 I totally agree with you that the cashew-based version is better all round!
      Here’s wishing you a wonderful weekend xx

    1. Hi Lauren! Yes, you should definitely give these cashew cheesecakes a try. They taste so good! They’re a big hit with my friends and family too, so a great dessert to serve when guests are visiting x

  3. Cheesecakes were always my childhood favourite too. I don’t make them too often now as my husband is not a fan but I still love a vegan version.
    I make them with Tofutti cream cheese more frequently than nuts though
    You always make your food look so incredibly pretty 🙂

    1. Thank you Sandy for your sweet comments ♥ I’m clearly a ‘girly girl’ at heart as I’m totally drawn to ‘pretty’ food 😉
      I wish I could buy Tofutti cream cheese here in Bath as I’ve heard so much good stuff about it. I’ve eaten tofu-based cheese cakes in restaurants, but I think the cashew ones are my all-time favourite. Shame your hubbie doesn’t like them :/

  4. Same here! It was my number one favorite dessert and I get super picky around vegan cheesecakes whilst traveling. These are beyond gorgeous cheesecakes, love the heart shaped ones! I love cashew-based cheesecakes!

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