Bluebell Woods and Bath Skyline

I don’t remember a year ever being as wet as this one! Here in Bath, rarely has a day gone by without rain. In the press, there’s talk of an impending heatwave. Hmm I’ll believe it when I see it.

Last weekend we finally had a break in the weather and we were itching to get outside and make the most of it. It was actually a Bank Holiday here in the UK and we had three days of warmth and sunshine

We were pretty much outdoors for the whole weekend. On Saturday, we headed out on our bikes along the Kennet and Avon Canal and rode the Two Tunnels circuit. This is one of my all-time favourites cycle routes. I love riding through the Combe Down Tunnel. It’s got such a cool vibe! Just over one mile in length, it’s the longest cycle and walking tunnel in the UK.

Riding along the Kennet & Avon Canal Towpath

On Sunday, we met our friends for a drink in Marlborough then headed to West Woods at Clatford, North Wiltshire. English bluebells bloom in late April/early May and you’ll find many woods are literally carpeted in them!

Bluebell Woods Clatford

We timed our visit to Clatford just right. By going later in the day we found that everyone was leaving just as we arrived. For most of the walk, we were literally alone in the woods. It was an incredible experience. Truly magical!

Of course there were plenty of sticks and climbing to keep Lil’ L and our friends’ grandson happy 😉

Bluebell Woods at Clatford 2

On Monday (our bonus day off), we went for a hike along the Bath Skyline. We did the circuit back to front and started at Bathampton Woods. Another magical place, filled with mossy trees and stones

Bath Skyline Walk 1

Bath Skyline Walk 3

It’s super steep in places, so a great workout!

Bath Skyline Walk 2

The official circuit guide says that, on average, people burn 735 calories on this walk! Luckily M had stuffed his backpack with leftover pizza and trail mix to keep us going.

Bath Skyline Walk 4

Bath Skyline Walk 5

The climbs are worth it as you’re rewarded with the most spectacular views of Bath city. It was pretty hazy on Monday but the views were still incredible!

Bath Skyline Walk 6

Bath Skyline Walk 7

We finished our walk in the city centre, which was abuzz with tourists and locals. It’s amazing how a spot of sunshine can totally transform the vibe of the city. It actually felt like summer had arrived! The bars and cafes were packed with people drinking and dining al fresco. Sadly it was short lived as the rain started again on Monday night, but at least we made the most of it while it lasted!

How’s the weather where you are? Today it’s so dark and rainy that it actually feels like winter’s returned! Not great weather for us, but perfect if you’re a slug or snail 😉

15 thoughts on “Bluebell Woods and Bath Skyline

  1. Same weather here, but then we are practically neighbours LOL
    I love how Glastonbury takes on this holiday atmosphere, with shop owners bringing goods outside for display, visitors drinking coffee in the market place and street players providing music in the background.
    Of course I enjoy watching people climb the tor from the comfort of my armchair 😀

    1. Kath you’ve just got me thinking… I don’t know if I’ve ever visited Glasto in the summer! I seem to always head over there round Winter Solstice / Christmas time. I definitely need to schedule a visit this summer!
      I’m sure I’ve seen your white house as I’ve been climbing the Tor. I’ll give you a wave next time I visit! 🙂

  2. Wow those bluebells are amazing…that scene looks like a dream!! I love a fun, active weekend where you are getting in a good workout but it doesn’t feel like you’re working out. It’s just nice to be active outdoors!

    It’s Fall here in New Zealand, and it’s a bit hard to be thinking about heading into winter when I keep seeing pictures from my friends at home outdoors, and getting excited for Summer. But! I will see what the experience brings 🙂

    1. I bet Fall in New Zealand will be absolutely stunning ♥ Do make sure you take some pics for us and post them on the blog xx

  3. Beautiful pictures, the woods look amazing. All our kids seem to want to do is watch tv even when the weather is lovely so we weren’t out as much as we should have been. We weeded, went to the park and T did archery, but walking through bluebells would have taken me back to begin a kid. Must get map details off you sometime.

    1. We really should have been gardening on the Bank Holiday weekend rather than just out enjoying ourselves… it’s a total jungle out there!

  4. Gorgeous photos, Sharon! Thank you for sharing! I LOVE Bath – have been there several times, the last time 6 years ago. The bluebells are sensational – I could just smell the freshness in the air! Lovely shot of Bath, too. *sigh*

    All the very best to you and your family,
    Nikkii x

    1. Lovely to hear from you Nikkii ♥
      I’m glad you enjoyed the bluebell shots! It was lucky we went that weekend because a few days later they’d gone to seed!
      Bath is a stunning city isn’t it? I love the architecture & green hills that surround the city. They make the most beautiful backdrop (especially when the sun’s shining!)

  5. Wow! Beautiful pics! 😀
    We are getting quite a bit of rain here lately…. still kinda warm though – 20C – but it feels cold to us Aussies 😉

    1. 20C is positively hot here in the UK 😉 I won’t complain though as we’ve actually had no rain for the past couple of days and the sun’s been out. Everything looks so much brighter and colourful ♥ It’s amazing how a little bit of sunshine can lift the spirits 😀

  6. Wow! lovely pictures Sharon! Looks like you had a taste of Summer! We also had some sun and made the most of it too getting out and about.

  7. Glad the weather improved for you over the bank holiday, sounds like a lovely few days. It’s been relatively good here lately, although yesterday was horrific and the forecast isn’t good for the weekend- waiting for the heatwave!

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