Stuff I’m Loving – Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Snack Edition

In today’s post, I thought I’d take a break from home cooking and share my latest favourite store-bought snacks. Like most families, we don’t always have the time to create all our food from scratch, so I like to keep a stash of ready-made snacks and treats in the pantry. They come in really handy when we’re heading out for the day or travelling, as well as for serving at impromptu coffee mornings and play dates.

All the goodies I’m featuring have recently been launched, so I’m very excited to be sharing them with you today! In my opinion, they are easily as good (if not better!) than my home-made snacks.  They’re all filled with whole food ingredients, contain no junk, and taste totally scrummy. Oh and they also happen to be both gluten free and dairy free!

9bar Breakfast
I was really excited when I heard that a new range of 9bars were coming out this month, and especially that they were going to be vegan and gluten free! These new bars are designed to be a ‘breakfast on the go’ so perfect for those days when we need to dash out early, or when we’re travelling. I’ve found they also make a great refuelling snack for hikes and bike rides, and after-school snack (Lil’ L and his friends enjoy sharing a bar). They’re packed with nutrition – sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and hemp seeds, nuts, oats, puffed brown rice and soya ‘crispies’ (which give them a lovely crunchy, crispy texture). They come in a range of flavours – Cashew & Cocoa, Apricot & Strawberry, Almond & Raspberry and Peanut & Raisin. They’re all totally scrummy but, if I were pushed to pick a favourite, I would have to say the Cashew & Cocoa. I’m a sucker for anything chocolatey 😉

9Bar Breakfast

Nairn’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Biscuit Breaks
I would never have guessed that these choc chips biscuits are gluten-free. They taste just like regular oaty biscuits, well nicer actually… M is the ‘biscuit connoisseur’ of the family and he said he would choose to buy these choc chip biscuits over regular ones! Nairn’s oats are carefully farmed to ensure there’s no cross-contamination with gluten grains, and all their products are made in a gluten free bakery. These yummy biscuits (‘cookies’ to our overseas friends) make a great accompaniment to hot drinks, or as a ‘snack on the go’ (they come in pouches of four, so handy for popping in your bag). I have a number of friends that are coeliac or gluten-intolerant, so I’m going to keep a stash of these biscuits in the pantry ready for coffee mornings. They don’t contain dairy either, so perfect for vegans and the dairy intolerant (that’s me!)

Nairns Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Biscuit Breaks 400

Landgarten Organic Dark Chocolate Soya Snack
The Vegan Kind April Subscription Box arrived the day before our trip to Lanzarote and when I spotted the chocolate-covered roasted soya beans, I knew they’d make the perfect snack for the journey. As soon as I found my seat on the plane, I ripped open the packet and started tucking in. The packet is a pretty substantial size, but I was so absorbed in my holiday read (Chris Hadfield’s An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth) that, before I knew it, I’d scoffed the lot! I’m a bit of a fan of the Landgarten goodies. I featured their chocolate-covered pumpkin seeds in my January ‘Stuff I’m Loving’ post. I think I love the soya nuts even more!

Landgarten Dark Chocolate Soya Snack

Pudology Puddings
I very rarely buy shop-bought desserts as they tend to contain dairy, however as soon as I heard about the new range of Pudology indulgent desserts that are both dairy and gluten-free, I couldn’t wait to try them! They come in a range of flavours and, so far, we’ve tried three – Chocolate (chocolate ganache with Madagascan vanilla), Chocolate Orange (chocolate & orange ganache with Brazilian orange oil) and Banoffee (layers of biscuit, toffee, banana & chocolate). Oh my word they are good! Lil’ L described them as a “luxurious treat” which sums them up perfectly. These desserts make a wonderful weekend treat. They’re also perfect for treating your dairy or gluten intolerant loved ones

Pudology Puds

Rebel Kitchen Choco Mylk
This is another goodie that Lil’ L and I were thrilled to find in the The Vegan Kind April Subscription Box. We love chocolate milk, but find that the shop-bought brands tend to contain dairy or are too sugary for us. The Rebel Kitchen Choco Mylk is 100% spot on! It has a beautiful, rich chocolatey flavour and is definitely sweet enough to suit children’s palates. However, unlike other chocolate milks, this one is full of goodness and contains no nasties. It’s made with just four ingredients – water, coconut milk (11%), date nectar and cacao (2%). And what cool packaging too! I can’t wait to try out the other Rebel Kitchen mylks (they even have an adult range!)

Rebel Kitchen Choco Mylk copy

Have you discovered any tasty dairy- & gluten-free snacks lately? If so, please do share details below. I’m always on the look out for new products to try! 😀


N.B. This review contains samples that I was sent to try but, as always, all opinions expressed are my own. In my reviews, I only feature products that are ‘hits’ with my family and that I think would appeal to my readers ♥

7 thoughts on “Stuff I’m Loving – Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Snack Edition

  1. Pudology! I’ve got an A Level in that. It’s the most important science; after physics, chemistry and biology. Great post, love the Nine Bars. M

  2. I LOVE the choco mylk in fact a case of it arrived today from Goodness Direct! I really like the Landgarten snack too but the chocolate covered pumpkin seeds were awesome! I haven’t tried the Nairn’s biscuits- I see them every week when I go shopping but have never indulged. Pudology were at the Leeds Vegan Festival but the queue was too big to try the puds and I haven’t seen them in the shops near us yet.

    Great reviews Sharon!

  3. Awesome reviews- I’ve not heard of any of these companies, but I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for them here in New Zealand, as well as in Canada. I think the pudding sounds sooo delicious, and the Rebel Kitchen Mylk looks amazing! What cool packaging, and it’s so nice there aren’t any icky preservatives or anything!

  4. I hope you’re having a fabulous time in Paris, I cannot wait to read about your trip! Marvelous review on these yummy goodies and I haven’t heard of these products before except for Rebel Kitchen mylk products (I like their packaging but have yet to try them). Pudology puddings look amazing – I can’t believe they have Banoffee flavor, I’m surprised! Looks like I have to go to the UK soon and try them all 🙂 Haha, Markio’s comment is pretty funny – “A Level in Pudology!” Have a splendid week, lovely! xx

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