Apple & Walnut Cake with Cinnamon Caramel Frosting (Raw / No Bake)

Autumn has officially arrived! And this is the season where one of my all-time favourite flavour combinations comes into its own. Sweet, warming and comforting, that’s how I would describe apple & cinnamon

I’ll be welcoming in the new season with lots of delicious recipes that showcase this beautiful flavour combo, including old favourites like Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes and Monkey Bread as well as some new tasty discoveries.

One recipe that recently caught my attention was The Rawtarian’s Raw Apple Walnut Cake which featured in the first issue of Vegan Life.

Vegan Life Apple & Walnut Cake Collage

There are so many things I love about raw/no bake cakes. Besides being packed with nutrient-rich ingredients, beautiful flavours and contrasting textures, they’re also incredibly simple to make. I’ve had many baking fails over the years, but I’ve yet to mess up a raw cake. Throw the ingredients in a food processor, pulse, press into a tin and chill. What could possibly go wrong?

Apple & Walnut Cake (Raw / No Bake)

As is the norm with me, I did make a couple of tweaks to the original recipe to suit my personal tastes. The first time I made it, I found that the apple flavour got a little lost, so second time round, I pulsed in the apple at the end to keep it chunkier. This worked a treat and I loved the extra texture dimension of the apple, alongside the nuts and dried fruits. I also subbed some of the raisins with sultanas (I love the apple/sultana combo) and added some ground nutmeg and a pinch of salt. For me, this really helped to make the flavours ‘pop’.

Apple & Walnut Cake (Raw / No Bake)

The original frosting recipe doesn’t call for the cashews to be softened first, but my blender just isn’t capable of blending raw nuts. They just say gritty (which isn’t nice in frosting!) So, instead, I opted to blend the cashews using the method I use for my dairy-free cheesecakes. I also added some cinnamon and coconut sugar, which gave the frosting a deliciously warming, caramel-like flavour. I then sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top for good measure. The coconut sugar drew in moisture from the cake and gave it an unexpected (but pretty) glazed finish.

Apple & Walnut Cake (Raw / No Bake)

This cake has been a huge hit with the family. Even Lil’ L loves it! And this is definitely the kind of cake I’m happy to serve him as an after school treat or dessert 😉 This recipe is a keeper. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Products used in this recipe
Waitrose LOVE life walnuts
Happiness is Homemade organic raisins and sultanas
Clarks maple syrup
East End desiccated coconut (available in Tesco on the world food aisle)
Aasani cashews (available in Tesco on the world food aisle)
Biona organic coconut sugar
Essential organic virgin coconut oil
Magimix Food Processor

Apple & Walnut Cake

Did you get the first issue of Vegan Life? If so, I’d love to hear if you’ve made any of the recipes yet. I think I’ll try the Khao Suey next. It sounds scrumptious! If you missed Issue 1, it’s currently available to purchase as a back issue from the Vegan Life online shop.

21 thoughts on “Apple & Walnut Cake with Cinnamon Caramel Frosting (Raw / No Bake)

  1. This sounds amaaaazing! I love the tweaks you did to the recipe. I’ve found lately that a lot of raw recipes seem to lack that ‘pop’ of flavour. I am wondering if it’s because it’s tested while making it without consideration to the fact that the chiller or freezer will make the flavour less potent. I always add a little extra!! 🙂

    The coconut sugar on top makes it look so beautiful! I was going to ask how you got that pretty decorative glaze!!

    Some might think of apple pie or crumble as quintessentially Fall, but for me, recipes like this are what I imagine! I love seeing these sorts of treats become more ‘normal’ for everyone to make! 🙂

    1. I think you’re right Koko, the chilling/freezing probably does dampen the flavour. I was also wondering whether people that eat raw all the time have more refined taste buds? Whenever I’ve eaten at raw restaurants, I always find the food a bit bland. It must be me rather than the food though as the restaurants are really popular! For now, I’ll stick to making raw food at home and that way I can crank up the flavour until I hit that sweet ‘pop’ 😀

    1. Thanks Kari ♥ I’m already craving another one of these apple cakes. I love raw desserts so much!
      I’ve also got my eye on your vegan lemon meringue pie 😉 It looks so good and I never dreamed this childhood favourite of mine could be veganised. I can’t wait to give it a try! xx

    1. Thanks Emma ♥ I love this cake and I’m pretty confident you would do too 😉 I’m so glad Vegan Life featured The Rawtarian as I’d never come across her before. I’m looking forward to checking out her website & recipe index when I get a spare mo.

      p.s. I hope you had a wonderful time at VegFest last Saturday. We went on Sunday pm to see the Brendan Brazier & Fiona Oakes talks. I couldn’t stay long but managed to say hi to Karris & Scott from TVK. It was so lovely to meet them in person!

      1. Ah, I was there on the Saturday! Shame we missed each other.
        It was so nice to see Karris and Scott from TVK though and I also met up with Jo (of Including Cake) and Ellie (of How to Eat a Rainbow).

    1. Thanks Sandy ♥ I agree, there are so many amazing raw recipes around at the moment. I love raw desserts but I’m not such a fan of raw main meals (like raw spaghetti bolognaise, raw burgers, etc). I always get the urge to warm them through which totally defeats the object lol! Maybe I’ll get there one day 😉

  2. Hi Sharon! Can I just say I die?! I made up this cake this morning, and it’s delicious! I didn’t use raisins so doubled up on the sultanas. The frosting is divine! I plan on using it on other cakes I bake.

    Enjoy your day,


    1. Yay! I’m so pleased to hear it worked out for you! Next time I make it, I might try all sultanas instead, as I do love the apple/sultana combo ♥ The frosting can be used on baked cakes as well as raw. Once you’ve processed it smooth, simply freeze it in a shallow bowl for 1/2 hour – 3/4 hour until it’s firmed up into a spreadable consistency, then you’re good to go.
      Have a wonderful weekend Nikkii! xx

  3. I love apple and cinnamon together, I need an apple pie ASAP! I like more apple flavor in my dessert, glad that you made the dessert with a bit more texture, I like texture in my desserts, too! 🙂 Mmm, salt and nutmeg are both a lovely addition! I’m so glad the cake worked out well in the end with few alterations, it looks beautiful, Sharon!

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