Cocoa Lime Energy Balls (Vegan / Gluten Free)

Cocoa Lime Energy Bites

As we head into Spring, I’ve started to crave lighter foods and fresh citrus flavours. For me, these Cocoa Lime Energy Bites are spot on for this time of year. They’re chocolatey but not too rich, they’re fresh and zesty thanks to the lime, and they’re lighter than the classic energy bite as I’ve cut down on nuts and substituted oats instead.

Lime Zest

I toyed between calling them ‘bliss balls’ and ‘energy bites’. They’re packed with mood-enhancing nutrients like magnesium, zinc, iron, B vitamins and omega 3, as well as cacao which triggers bliss-like chemicals in the brain. I always feel amazing after eating them. For these reasons, they definitely belong in the ‘bliss camp’.

Cocoa Lime Energy Bites

However, whenever I mention ‘bliss balls’ to M, he cringes. Maybe the name’s just too hippy or girly for him. ‘Energy bites’ got his approval though. It’s not very attractive or sexy, but if this name makes it a ‘man treat’ too, then that’s what we’ll go with. Men definitely deserve their share of these yummy snacks.

Energy bites is an accurate description anyhow, as they’re packed with fantastic ingredients like oats, nuts, seeds and dates that boost and sustain our energy levels.Cacao Nibs

I also like to add a handful of cacao nibs into these bites. They provide a lovely chocolatey ‘crunch’, as well as more of those amazing raw cocoa nutrients.

These energy bites make a great mid morning snack, afternoon ‘pick me up’ or post-school snack (Lil’ L loves them!) They’re very filling, so I find that one is usually enough for an energy boost and to stave off hunger pangs. They’re easy to transport too, so perfect for stashing in your bag for road trips and days out.

Cocoa Lime Energy Bites

Products used in this recipe (UK Stockists)
Mornflake Superfast Oats
Tesco Wholefoods cashewswalnuts  and soft pitted dates
Sevenhills Organics shelled hemp seeds, cacao powder, cacao nibs
Clarks original maple syrup
East End desiccated coconut
Suma coconut sugar (available in health food shops) or Biona coconut sugar from Amazon
Magimix 3200 Food Processor

Cocoa Lime Energy Bites

Do you crave different foods in Spring? As well as citrus, I’m loving fresh green flavours right now… mint, peas, asparagus, green beans. Two of my favourite Spring dishes are Mint Pea Soup and Risotto con Verdure. Hopefully I’ll get to share them with you very soon! xx 

11 thoughts on “Cocoa Lime Energy Balls (Vegan / Gluten Free)

  1. I’m hungry now – they look amazing. I should make these instead of brownies for sure. Good food this month has some great wild garlic recipes for spring green lovers 🙂

    1. Thanks for the tip about Good Food. I’ve got a garden full of wild garlic at the moment and haven’t done a thing with it (apart from dig some up for my monk friend 😉 If you’re ever passing by, feel free to come and pick some!

  2. I love that these are lime flavoured Sharon, I bet they taste wonderful. AND your pictures are fantastic!

    I’ve never made anything like this. When we were in Canada last time almost in the middle of nowhere we came across a raw food cafe and they were selling the most delicious huge cacao energy bites and they were out of this world! I must attempt to make some one day.

    I’m attempting a no sugar (at all) diet 6 days a week for the next few weeks but I’m pinning these to make some time!

    1. Oh wow… no sugar at all! Does that include fruits? Gosh I think I’d struggle to manage 24 hours lol! I’d love to hear how you get on and how the elimination made you feel. You’ll definitely have to share a blog post on it 🙂 xx

  3. haha my daughter loves the word “bliss ball” – so maybe it is a bit girly!!!
    Either way I’m sure she’d love these. Love that they are oil-free 🙂
    Never tried ones with lime but they sound delicious. Will have to sub the hemp seeds because they aren’t sold here!

    1. I get away with calling them bliss balls at my buddhist class, but it’s a definite no no at home 😉 The lime flavour works so well with the cocoa. You’ll have to try it! I definitely recommend the cacao nibs if you can get them in Oz. The hemp seeds can be left out… I just use them for an omega 3 boost xx

  4. I don’t know why but I cringe at the phrase ‘bliss balls’, too! Energy bites I can handle, though- and these look seriously top notch. Cocoa and lime sounds like a Spring time match made in heaven!

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