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Today, I’m taking part in the Travelodge #FlauntYourHaunt campaign and I’m going to share what I love about my home city. I’ve lived in Bath for sixteen years now, but not a day goes past that I don’t count my lucky stars that I ended up in this incredible place!

So what makes Bath so special to me?

Bath Abbey in November

First and foremost, it’s Bath’s unique character, history and setting. There are so many incredible sights packed into one small city. The stunning Georgian architecture, quirky cobbled streets, imposing Abbey, steaming Roman baths and magnificent Pulteney Bridge presiding over the Weir; all these sights take my breath away, time and again.

Roman Baths


Look up as you wander round Bath’s streets and you’ll see a backdrop of majestic green hills. This is truly one of the features that makes Bath city so unique. I especially love the view from Bridge Street as you head to Pulteney Weir. Glance up and perched on a green hill you’ll see Bath’s famous folly “Sham Castle”.

Pulteney Bridge and Weir 500


And speaking of hills, I love how Bath’s undulating nature gives it so many vantage points. Look up and you’ll spot grand buildings perched high up on the hills. Take a walk up one of Bath’s hills, and you’ll have the most breath-taking panoramas of the city. Whichever way you look in Bath, there’s a sight to behold.

And just a short walk out of the city centre, suddenly you’re in the countryside…

Bath Skyline Walk 5

and hiking in woods!

Bath Skyline Walk 4

Bath Skyline Walk 3

This is another aspect of Bath that I absolutely adore.

The Bath Skyline walk involves a fair bit of hill climbing, but it’s worth it for the views alone.

Bath Skyline 500


A more gentle walk (and one of my all-time favourites) is through Sidney Gardens and along the Kennet and Avon canal.

Kennet and Avon Canal with Swans - June

A 30 minute stroll and you’ll find yourself at the beautiful Bathampton Meadows; my favourite green space of all time (and the one featured in my blog’s top banner!)

Bathampton Meadows 1 500

Bathampton Mill is a lovely place to pause before heading back into Bath. In the Summer months, you can even hop on a boat from the landing stage at the Mill and take the scenic water route back to the city.

Bathampon Mill and Pulteney Princess


You might even spot a kingfisher along the way!

6 thoughts on “Flaunt Your Haunt – Bath City, UK

  1. Oh, Bath looks so lovely! I’ve visited the Cotswolds a couple of times, but I haven’t made it there. Next time for sure! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

  2. A lovely review of a beautiful city Sharon. I used to enjoy visiting Bath when my daughter was at University there, it’s got so much to offer.

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