Reflexology with Sarah Durrant at The Lansdown Clinic, Bath

Last Thursday, I visited Sarah Durrant at The Lansdown Clinic in Bath for a session of reflexology.*

Reflexology by Sarah

For those unfamiliar with reflexology, it’s a gentle and relaxing complementary therapy based on the theory that reflex areas in the feet (as well as hands) correspond to every gland, organ and part of the body. Stimulation of specific points can affect the corresponding area and help to alleviate problems and restore balance in the body.

Reflexology can help to relieve a whole host of health issues, including:

– Stress and stress-related conditions
– Digestive disorders such as IBS/constipation
– Sleep disorders
– Back/neck/shoulder pain
– Migraines/headaches
– Menstrual problems
– Fertility/conception/pregnancy


My first experience of reflexology was in 2003 when I was heavily pregnant with Lil’ L. Overdue and feeling ‘enormous’, I booked myself a reflexology session. I was secretly hoping that it would kickstart labour but, at the very least, I thought it would help to relieve tension. The session was utterly blissful, and I walked home feeling so relaxed and ‘light’. I went into labour the following day!

Sarah Durrant actually specialises in fertility and conception, and has a great track record of success. Though I definitely didn’t want her to work this kind of magic on me 😉 it was wonderful to hear how she’s been able to help women, not only with conception but also through pregnancy and birth.

As well as home visits, Sarah provides reflexology at The Lansdown Clinic, which is located in this quirky building that used to be a pub called ‘Ye Old Farmhouse’. Though it still has its eye catching exterior, the interior has undergone a complete transformation and is now filled with fresh, modern practice rooms.

Lansdown Clinic

For my session, I was hoping that Sarah would be able to help ‘reset’ my body and restore me to my usual levels of energy. I’m not sure whether it was a post-festive lull or the dark, rainy weather, but I must admit that I struggled to get going in the New Year. Full of great intentions to have a super productive start to 2016, I found my energy levels low, especially in the mornings. I just felt like hibernating! Also, less than a week into the New Year, I had a bike crash on a busy road in Bath. Fortunately I escaped with minor cuts and bruises. A friend happened to pass by and spotted me, so she pulled over, scooped me and my bike into her car and took us home. How lucky am I?

It was just two days after the crash that I met with Sarah for my reflexology session, and by then my arms and legs were pretty sore and stiff. After completing a short medical questionnaire, Sarah and I chatted about any particular issues I was experiencing, then I reclined in the super comfy seat and she got to work on my feet. It always amazes me how quickly you can feel parts of your body responding when areas of your feet are massaged. As soon as Sarah put pressure on the area of the foot connected to the stomach, my stomach started gurgling really loudly!

The session lasted for a total of 50 minutes, and as Sarah worked on various pressure points I could feel the tension in my body melt away. At the end of the session, Sarah gave me the low-down on what she’d found, plus she advised me to drink plenty of fluids for the rest of the day to help flush out toxins. I left the Clinic feeling an incredible sense of well-being and ‘lightness’. That night, for the first time in weeks, I had no trouble falling asleep, and slept soundly all the way through to the morning.

If you have any niggling health issues or are simply feeling below par, I can highly recommend booking a reflexology session. If you’re a resident or visitor to Bath, you can connect with Sarah via her website or on Twitter. If you live elsewhere in the UK, you can find your nearest qualified reflexologist here.

Have you ever tried reflexology?


* I received a complimentary session but, as always, all opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “Reflexology with Sarah Durrant at The Lansdown Clinic, Bath

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about you bike crash Sharon and so happy you’re OK! It must have been a huge shock on you whole system. I’ve never tried reflexology, it interests me because my energy levels are at an all time low. I’ve never been good with the dark days anyway, I think I have SAD and that combined with everything else has not been good for me this Winter. Glad you had a good nights sleep.

    1. Thanks Vicky. After weeks of not sleeping well, since that reflexology session I’ve had no trouble falling asleep. And, after having a good night’s sleep, I feel so much better in the mornings. I never imagined that one session would be enough to ‘reset’ my body but incredibly it seems to have worked!!!

    1. Thanks Lauren. I’m amazed how quickly my body has repaired itself. My cut chin is almost healed, the bruises have faded and I’m just left with a sore knee cap. I’m really looking forward to it healing so I can get back to running/cycling/yoga. At the moment I’m eating all the leftover Christmas cakes & puddings and doing no exercise. It’s not a good combination 😉

  2. That is awesome that reflexology has been known to reduce your stress conditions. That is smart to relieve tension by relaxing your muscles. I had no idea that reflexology can even be used during pregnancy. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Reflexology can truly help you with your recovery. Hope I can have my appointment too with my therapist soon!

  4. Reflexology is great. I am starting a healthcare course in September so within 2 years I should be a qualified practitioner of reflexology. A good foot rub is one of the best feelings in the world.

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