Chocolate Rose Energy Balls

For this month’s entry to the Suma Blogger’s Network, I’m sharing a recipe for one of my all-time favourite snacks – Chocolate Rose Energy Balls They taste more like a decadent treat than a snack, yet they’re packed with nutrient-rich energy-fuelling ingredients.

Chocolate Rose Energy Bites

Filled with wholegrain oats, nuts, dates and cacao, each ball provides a healthy does of protein, heart-healthy fats, slow release carbs, as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are really satiating, so I find that just one is enough to fill me whenever I need an energy boost or afternoon snack.

They’re easily portable, so perfect for stashing in backpacks for day trips and bike rides. They also make a great after school snack. Lil’ L loves them!

Chocolate Rose Energy Bites

And you’ll be pleased to hear that they couldn’t be easier to make. It’s literally a case of whizzing the ingredients in a food processor and rolling into balls.

They’re attractive enough to leave naked or you can dress them up with a coating of sweetened coconut.

Chocolate Rose Energy Bites

Chocolate Rose Energy Bites

All the products used in this recipe are available from the wholesale cooperative Suma which supplies independent health food shops in the UK. Two of the star ingredients I used to make this recipe were Zaytoun Medjoul dates and Steenbergs Organic Rose Water.

Rose Water and Date Collage

I’m a huge fan of Suma and very proud to be part of their Blogger’s Network
If you’d like to see what the other Suma bloggers have been up to, check out this Pinterest board.


12 thoughts on “Chocolate Rose Energy Balls

  1. I’ve been looking at ideas to create some snack balls recently and I love that you don’t include coconut oil in these – they sound awesome! Though not a fan of rosewater generally, I expect the other flavours blend perfectly. Your photos are fantastic!

  2. Energy balls are popping up left right and centre on blogosphere, but I don’t mind. I do love them and moreso when made with chocolate and rose – more of a elegant treat, than energy charger. Yum.

    1. Yes, these rose cacao bites definitely feel more like a decadent sweet than a functional energy booster. They’re great for serving to kids as an after school ‘treat’. It gives them a much longer lasting boost of energy and nutrient hit than a Penguin bar 😉

    1. It’s a pleasure Catherine <3 They're full of slow release energy so they should definitely boost your stamina on the court. Eat one or two of these before a match and the others won't stand a chance against you 🙂

  3. I probably need to test these very thoroughly…looking like they’ll stand up to being in a jersey pocket for a few miles on the bike.

    1. They’re very robust so I think they would survive in a jersey pocket 🙂 With the mix of nuts, oats and dates, they should be perfect for maintaining energy levels on endurance rides. You’ll have to test them and let me know!

    1. Well I’d never have thought of putting dried flowers in an energy ball. That’s so creative! The Pukka Love tea sounds absolutely delicious. I’d love to give it a try! Their 3 Ginger is one of my all-time faves. I drink it every morning as my ‘wake up’ drink 🙂

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