Let’s get spiralizing! Gadget Review & Tangy Peanut Zoodle Recipe

Fresh, cooling food has been the order of the day here in the hot South West UK. And zucchini noodles (aka ‘Zoodles’) fit the bill perfectly. Eaten raw, they taste surprisingly like regular noodles or spaghetti, but lighter and fresher.

Tangy Peanut Zoodles

Have you joined the spiralizing craze yet? I started spiralizing this time a year ago, when my sister bought me one of those ‘pencil sharpener’ style spiralizing gadgets for my birthday.

It works surprisingly well for such a simple little tool. It’s perfect if you’re only planning on spiralizing one or two vegetables, or you make single meals. Any more than this and I find my wrist starts to ache from all that twisting action.

If you really get into spiralizing and want to experiment with vegetables like sweet potatoes, butternut squashes and beetroots, then I definitely think it’s worth investing in a bigger spiralizer.

Harcas Florette

A couple of weeks ago, just as I was contemplating purchasing a bigger spiralizer for the summer, Steamer Trading, a family-owned cookshop, contacted me and asked whether I’d like to test run the Dexam Spiralizer which they’d recently started to sell. Talk about perfect timing!

Dexam Spiraliser

The Dexam model is similar to other spiralizers that I’d been checking out, where the vegetable is secured onto prongs, then you turn a wheel to start spiralizing. It comes with three different blades – a small grater/noodle blade, large grater/noodle blade and a ribbon blade – which neatly store underneath.

It’s incredibly easy to use and spiralizes a vegetable within a matter of seconds. Turning the handle is a breeze, with no stress on the wrists.

Dexam Spiraliser

As well as being simple and quick to use, another advantage is that you can spiralize fat, wide vegetables (which you can’t do with the ‘pencil sharpener’ model). On the downside, it isn’t great for thin vegetables (like thin carrots or parsnips) as little of the vegetable actually hits the blade. So when choosing these kinds of vegetables, short and fat is far better than long and thin.

Dexam Spiraliser

Spiralizing is great fun, and I’m sure kids would enjoy it too! Just make sure they keep their fingers away from the blades (or wear kitchen gloves) as they are super sharp!

One of my family’s favourite spiralized dishes is Tangy Peanut Zoodles. It’s perfect as a warm weather evening meal. It’s really simple to make and comes together in a matter of minutes.

First, whisk all the sauce ingredients together and set one side to allow the flavours to meld.

Tangy Peanut Dressing

Spiralize your veggies. You can either use just courgettes or use a mix of courgettes and carrots.


Add in any additional veggies of choice. This week, I chose to add in some finely sliced sweet romano pepper…

Red Pepper

and some lightly sauteed spring onions (scallions). If you use spring onions, be sure to wash them thoroughly. Score down the green parts so that you can open them up and wash out any grit. I had a really bad experience one time when I didn’t wash them out properly and ended up with a gritty noodle dish. It put me off spring onions for years!

Spring Onions

I also added in some strips of smoked tofu, then it was time to drizzle on the sauce and stir through.

Zoodle Salad ingredients

Divide between plates or bowls, sprinkle on some toasted sesame seeds for garnish…


(and some coriander leaves for the coriander lovers), and you’re ready to serve!


Happy Spiralizing!

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10 thoughts on “Let’s get spiralizing! Gadget Review & Tangy Peanut Zoodle Recipe

  1. Hi Sharon. Thanks for the review of the spiralizer. I bought a very cheap handheld gadget that I saw advertised. It was a disaster! However as I only have a small kitchen do not have the room for the one you have reviewed. Can you tell me which model is the handheld one you have illustrated at the top of your article, and whether it is good enough for occasional use? Would it handle sweet potatoes and beetroot in small quantities?

    1. Hi Virya! My hand held spiraliser is a ‘Harcas Florette’ but I’m not sure whether they sell them anymore. There are lots of similar models on Amazon though, so I would have a read through the comments and perhaps go for a well known brand. My hand held spiraliser is great for making courgette noodles. I find I can’t make carrot noodles with it as the carrot break off in little pieces. These curly carrot pieces are perfect for salads and coleslaws though (which I make often). I haven’t tried sweet potatoes or beetroot but I’m guessing they wouldn’t work as you need long-shaped vegetables that you can grab hold of and twist x

  2. This is very similar to the spiralizer I have, which I love! Although, I don’t use it often enough. Summer is the best time to make the most of it though. Love the sound of these peanut zoodles <3

    1. Thanks Aimee! Yes, summer’s perfect for spiralised dishes. I was back making soups this week as it’s been so cold and wet here in Bath. The weather sure is changeable!

  3. I had this for dinner last night after dusting off my little gadget (never been used before) I love it, can see some lovely summer variations on the menu, I think I will pop it in my suitcase for my trip to France next week 🙂

    1. Yay! I’m so pleased you enjoyed it Sue! 😀 That’s such a great idea taking it on your hols with you. It will be great for quick spiralised zoodle dinners with pesto, tomato sauce or salad dressings. Have a wonderful time in France! xx

  4. Oh this sounds delicious, a fantastic Summery dish. I must make something more adventurous with my spiralizer, I just love turning the handle and watching all the noodles stream out.

    1. I’m having so much fun with the new spiralizer! The hand held gadget was quite laborious (and hard on the wrists) but this new, bigger one is so easy. I, too, love watching the noodles stream out. It happens so fast doesn’t it? I hope you gets lots of joy out of your spiralizer this summer 🙂 xx

  5. So many different spiralizers available these days. I have just recently upgraded from a handheld one to a kitchen top standing one. So much easier to use! I’ve enjoyed using it for potatoes to make a type of hashbrowns in the oven 🙂 So good!

    1. It is so much easier to use isn’t it? I’m glad I started out with the hand held gadget first though, as it’s made me appreciate the new one even more 😉 I never thought of making hash browns with a spiralizer. That sounds so cool! Definitely got to give it a try 🙂

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