Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Breakfast Bowl (Dairy-Free)

I’m pleased to report that summer has finally arrived here in Bath. Hooray! And when the temperature’s soaring, I like nothing more than starting the day with a cooling bowl of ice cream. Yes, ice cream for breakfast. Now we’re talking!

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Breakfast Bowl

However, this is no ordinary dairy, sugar laden ice cream, but one made with nutrient rich bananas When frozen then blended, bananas transform into the most delicious, creamy ice cream. And it’s super healthy, so you can indulge in it to your heart’s content.

The recipe I’m sharing today is for a chocolate-flavoured banana ice cream bowl. Chocolate porridge, chocolate overnight oats, chocolate waffles, chocolate banana ice cream… rarely does a day pass where I don’t eat chocolate for breakfast in some shape or form!

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Breakfast Bowl

I love to use raw cocoa powder for the ‘chocolate hit’ in this bowl (commonly referred to as ‘cacao powder’). In its raw form, cacao maintains more of its powerful nutrients. It’s packed with antioxidants and minerals, including iron, magnesium, zinc and manganese. It also contains mood-enhancing serotonin, phenylethamine (PEA) (the ‘love’ chemical) and anandamide (the ‘bliss’ chemical). No wonder this breakfast makes me smile so much!

I also like to include a tablespoon of chia seeds and almond butter for added protein and heart-healthy fats, including omega 3. Adding these two ingredients also helps to make the bowl a more ‘complete’ breakfast and helps to keep you feeling full up for longer.

Banana Ice Cream Making

These ice cream breakfast bowls are so quick and easy to make. It’s simply a case of freezing the bananas, then whizzing the ingredients smooth in a power blender or food processor (I use my Froothie).

It literally takes a couple of minutes to make!

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Breakfast Bowl

Ice cream, parfaits, chia puddings, pancakes, waffles…. we love interchanging breakfasts and desserts in our house, and it appears that having dessert for breakfast is one of the top food trends right now. Here are some ‘desserts for breakfast’ from my favourite bloggers that I can’t wait to try out:

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2 thoughts on “Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Breakfast Bowl (Dairy-Free)

  1. Ice cream for breakfast – woohoooooo!! I love the look of this…all those healthy ingredients including my favourite, cacao – yet it tastes like ice cream. What a dreamy breakfast for the hot summertime!

  2. I love the sound of this Sharon, I’ve been meaning to make come Nice Cream for some while only there’s never enough bananas left to freeze. I could just eat a bowl now (even though we’ve just switched the heating on brrrr).

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