Book Review: Feeding Your Vegan Child: A Practical Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition by Sandra Hood RD

I was excited to hear about the publication of this new vegan nutrition guide by Registered Dietician, Sandra Hood. Covering all aspects of nutrition from preconception through to the teenage years, this guide is a much needed and valuable resource for vegan parents here in the UK.

Unlike other nutrition guides which can be complex and a bit overwhelming to read, this one is the opposite. It has all the essential information that parents need, presented in a clear and easy to understand way. The guide has chapters on:

✨ Preconception

✨ Pregnancy

✨ Birth to complementary feeding

✨ Complementary feeding (weaning)

✨ The growing child (1 – 10 years)

✨ Teenagers

Sandra demonstrates how vegan diets can provide all the key nutrients for pregnancy, breastfeeding, growth and development. She addresses the typical concerns that parents may have: Will my child get enough energy on a vegan diet? Does vegan food contain enough protein? Is there enough calcium in plant-based products? And what about omega 3?

The guide also features case studies of vegan parents and a whole chapter of easy vegan recipes, including ‘first foods’ and recipes for one year olds and beyond. I highly recommend this guide to anyone that is planning a vegan pregnancy or a family that is making the transition to a vegan lifestyle. Quick to dispel all the myths and misunderstandings that people often express towards vegans, Sandra demonstrates how easy it is to attain a balanced vegan diet and how it can be a healthy choice for all stages of life.

I was especially delighted to see that the guide had been authored by Sandra, who I consider to be a leading authority and inspiration in the field of vegan nutrition. Sandra is an NHS Dietician with a long experience of working with vegan families. She has been vegan for over forty years herself and is an honorary nutrition advisor to the Vegan Society.

The guide can be purchased from all good book stores here in the UK, as well as Amazon.

[Disclaimer: The publishers kindly sent me a copy of Feeding Your Vegan Child; all views shared in this post are my own]

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