Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching

Are you looking to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle but not sure where to start?

Are you looking to optimise your own health and at the same time, contribute to a happier, healthier planet?

Or perhaps you are training for a sports event or want to know how best to fuel your workouts?

Whatever your plant-based needs, we’re here to help!

As certified nutritional advisors, we can provide personalised coaching and nutritional plans that are specifically tailored for you. We’ve been plant-based for over ten years now, providing us with extensive practical experience and knowledge that we can share with you. We will give you all the support, guidance and confidence you need to make your plant-based journey a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience!

Book a free 30 minute consultation with us!

During a free, no obligation consultation we will discuss what you want to achieve from our plant-based coaching sessions. You also get to meet us and decide whether our coaching is a good fit for your needs!

Following the initial free consultation, one-to-one coaching sessions are £50 each. If you’re local to Bath, coaching sessions can be held face-to-face at a convenient location. We love to meet our clients in person! Alternatively, coaching sessions can be held as a video call (for example Zoom or Skype).

When it comes to nutrition, food, lifestyles and motivations, we are all wonderfully unique. With this in mind, we design our plant-based coaching sessions specifically to meet your personal goals. 

How we have helped our Clients

✅ Provided personalised nutrition plans

✅ Identified & resolved nutritional deficiencies

✅ Reduced meat & dairy consumption

✅ Weight loss & long-term weight management (no more fad dieting!)

✅ Provided nutrition plans to achieve peak sports & exercise performance

✅ Developed healthy, long-lasting eating habits

✅ Simplified meal planning & grocery shopping

✅ Advised how to eat healthy & plant-based on a limited budget

✅ Empowered to make healthy lifestyle decisions

✅ Provided motivation, inspiration and accountability

We look forward to helping YOU achieve your plant-based goals!