Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching

“I hadn’t realised a healthy plant-based diet could be so easy and so utterly delicious! Thank you for helping me find a healthier balance in my life, and making the process both informative and fun.” Catriona Archer

Whatever your plant-based needs, we are here to help!  

As certified nutritional advisors, we can provide personalised coaching and nutritional plans that are specifically tailored for you. We will give you all the support, guidance and tools you need to make your plant-based journey a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience!

When it comes to food, nutrition, lifestyles and motivations, we are all wonderfully unique. With this in mind, we design our plant-based coaching programmes specifically to meet your personal goals. There is no ‘one size fits all’ programme. Each coaching session will be specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Enjoy the benefits of expert nutritional advice in a one hour verbal consultation. This can be used as a one-off session or as an introduction to one of our coaching programmes. We’re currently offering these sessions at the introductory price of £40.

Whether you’re looking to reduce your meat and dairy intake, go entirely plant-based or you’re already vegan, this is the programme for you!

Our New Shoots! Plant-Based Nutrition Programme includes:

✅ Guidance on how your health can be optimised through a plant-based lifestyle

✅ Nutritional assessments to detect any nutrient deficiency risks and to formulate personalised strategies to help correct them

✅ Personalised nutritional plans, including the setting of nutrition goals and practical action steps for achieving those goals

✅ Healthy lifestyle strategies that will enable you to achieve and maintain your optimum weight long term

✅ Tips and tricks on how to get new healthy eating habits to stick

✅ Personalised recipes that are delicious and easy to prepare

Our New Shoots! Programme includes five one-to-one sessions which are held every couple of weeks. Each session will last around 45 minutes. Between sessions, we will be available via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or email to provide on-going support and encouragement.  

Whether you’re an occasional exerciser or a committed athlete, this programme is for you!

As a certified Sports and Exercise Nutrition Advisor with over 8 years of first-hand experience of Plant-Based living, Mark will be able to give you all the support and guidance you need to fuel your active lifestyle.

Features of our Plant-Based Sports and Exercise Nutrition one-to-one Coaching Programme include:

✅ Analysis of your current eating habits in the context of your training objectives

✅ Calculating Your energy requirements to fuel Your lifestyle

✅ Calculating Your Protein and Carbohydrate requirements and recommending how to meet them

✅ Practical recommendations that will improve your nutrition

✅ Design of a Training Nutrition Meal Plan, including practical ideas and recipes for meals

✅ Guidance on eating to Achieve Peak Performance!

Each coaching session will be specifically tailored to meet your personal requirements and begins with an assessment of your existing eating and training plan. With the fundamentals of a personalised, healthy nutrition plan established, we move on to more specific sport-related coaching that will help you to make the most of your training sessions and enjoy peak performance.

The content of each coaching session will be based on your specific goals and aspirations but will typically include a Personal Nutritional Assessment, Recommendation Reports and a Training Nutrition Plan that is designed to meet your objectives.

The starter programme consists of five one-to-one coaching sessions that last around 45 minutes. Between sessions, we will be available via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or email to provide on-going support and encouragement.

Following the initial programme, further coaching sessions can be booked to keep you on track with helpful advice and guidance. Advanced coaching sessions are also available that delve deeper into specific subjects; for example The Protein Session, Carbo’ Loading for Events and Weight Management.


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