A bike ride along the Kennet & Avon Canal… and WIAW!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I hope you’re all having a great week! 🙂

I’ve been making the most of opportunities to venture outside and enjoy our beautiful Autumn/Fall!  Despite the fact that we’ve had lots of rain and wind recently, the trees are still holding onto their leaves and giving us an amazing show of colour.  It is truly breath taking!

On Sunday we actually had sunshine and I was itching to get outside and make the most of it.  As soon as M got back from his Sunday morning bike ride, he was more than happy to hop back on the bike and come for a ride with us along the Kennet and Avon Canal 🙂

For today’s WIAW party, hosted by the lovely Jenn (Peas & Crayons), I’d love to share our eats from Sunday, which involved a gorgeous lunch whilst out on our bikes.

We started the day with one of Lil’ L’s favourite weekend breakfasts … vegan pancakes filled with cherry & berry fruit spread, and drizzled with a nutrition-packed chocolate sauce.  Both the pancakes and the chocolate sauce are super easy to make and contains lots of ‘good stuff’ 😉  The recipe is posted here.

After getting fuelled up on the pancakes, we went out for a beautiful ride along the Kennet and Avon Canal.

This is one of my favourite views on the way to Dundas Aqueduct:

And here’s another beautiful view taken from Dundas Aqueduct. 

At Dundas, we headed down the Somerset Coal Canal to the Angel Fish Cafe for a spot of lunch.  I had a tasty avocado and black olive ciabatta, while M chose the roasted vegetable ciabatta.  The colours in this ciabatta were spectacular!  I managed to take one (pretty rubbish) photo before the camera battery died 🙁

After a wonderful day spent outdoors, we came home and chilled out watching the X Men Last Stand movie (Lil’ L’s choice 😉 ).  

Inspired by the deliciousness of M’s lunch, for dinner I chose to make a roasted butternut squash and red pepper risotto. 

Check out the colour of these two beautiful veggies:

 This time round, I remembered to save the squash seeds and roast them.  I couldn’t believe how many seeds came out of one little squash!

This is the only meal that I prepare with white rice and I’m sure that it doesn’t hurt to have it once in a while 😉  I love the texture of Aborio risotto rice and love the contrast of the colourful veggies against the bright whiteness of the rice.  I finished off the dish with a sprinkling of peas (to add some more goodness and even more colour) and some lightly toasted almonds. 

Lil’ L described this meal as ‘scrummydiddlyumptious!’  I don’t know where he gets these words from! 

For dessert, I defrosted the apple and blackberry pudding that I made a few weeks ago.  Next time round I won’t add the blackberries into the pudding as Lil’ L has got an issue about purple apple pieces!  Personally, I think they’re very pretty 😉

Right that’s me done!   I can’t wait to head over to Jenn’s party and see what y’all eating. 

 Happy WIAW everyone! xx