WIAW – I’ll bring the Carrot & Coriander Soup with recipe!

Hi everybody! I hope you’re having a great week so far ūüôā

Well Autumn/Fall has definitely arrived here in Bath. It’s amazing how quickly the seasons change. One minute it’s warm, sunny and the mornings are bright. Then suddenly there’s a chill in the air, the sun’s gone and the mornings are dark. I find it so much harder to get out of bed in the mornings when it’s dark and cold!

With the cooler temperatures, I’ve ditched the salad lunches in favour of warming, home-made soup. Nothing beats a bowl of home-made soup on a cold, dark, wet day.

Back at the beginning of term, Lil’ L asked me whether he could start taking soups to school for his lunch. Why hadn’t I thought of this before? We bought him a shiny new stainless steel wide-necked flask, and he now takes soup to school every Tuesday ūüôā

When M spied what Lil’ L was having for his Tuesday lunch, he wanted to take soup to work too.¬† So, for the past few weeks, I’ve got into the habit of making a large batch of soup on a Monday night, which serves us for at least a couple of lunches and/or¬† ‘starters’ before main dinners during the week.

So that’s another new habit that I’ve ‘fallen into for Fall’ ūüėČ

Time to join the WIAW party! Thanks, as always, to our lovely host Jenn over at Peas and Crayons. For this week’s party, I thought I’d share my eats from yesterday. For once, I’ve actually got a day’s worth of photographs!

Here goes….

Large bowl of muesli, using my ‘pick n mix’ jars of nuts, seeds & dried fruits. Today’s muesli included: barley flakes, wheat flakes, oat flakes, raisins, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, chopped Brazil nuts, walnut pieces, and flaked almonds, onto which I poured some Alpro fortified soya milk. It was lush!

Lil’ L chose to have a mix of home-made granola and shreddies for breakfast; M had porridge with a sprinkling of nuts, seeds and dried fruits from our ‘pick n mix’ jars.

For lunch we all had the home-made carrot and coriander soup. I had mine with a sprinkling of lightly toasted pine nuts on top. Lil’ L had sunflower seeds (due to the school’s nut ban). All 3 of us loved the soup! The addition of sweet potatoes made the soup thick, smooth and creamy, perfect for this season!

Here’s how I made it…

During the day, I made some vegan choc chip cookies and raw chocolates for my evening Buddhist class. I might have eaten one of each… purely for control purposes of course ūüėČ

I also made another batch of these choc chip cookies for the kids in my meditation class today, and they got great feedback ūüôā

The raw chocolates actually looked much better than in this photo (which is an old pic). They were super smooth and shiny. By the time I’d made them the light was appalling, so I didn’t even attempt to take a photo of them. Dodgy lighting is something that I’m going to have to contend with for the next few months!

Lots of herbal teas today to warm me up…. Twinings Cherry & Cinnamon tea, Clippers Organic Nettle tea and Clippers Organic Mint & Nettle tea; 1 cup of coffee; water

After School Snacks
Lil’ L had one of the choc chip cookies, and we both had a large glass of berry smoothie milkshake. From what I recall, I made this one with a cup of frozen strawberry slices, 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries, 1 1/2 cups fortified Kara coconut milk, 1/2 cup Alpro natural soya yoghurt, 1 tbsp chia seeds (for an omega 3 boost), and a drizzle of organic agave syrup. Thanks to the frozen fruit, this one was like an ice cream shake. It was super creamy.

At the beginning of September, I said that I was going to start meal planning in order to get a bit more organised in the kitchen. This still hasn’t happened! Since January, we’ve been on a ‘zero food waste’ mission, so I find that the evenings meals tend to be determined by what needs using up in the fridge, followed by what we actually fancy eating. I’m sure I could combine meal planning with zero food waste, but I haven’t had the time to get my head round that one yet!

After a quick scan of the fridge and the array of vegetables that desperately¬† needed using up, I made a veggie korma (based on this recipe). We served it on a bed of brown rice and Lil’ L had some toasted wholegrain tortilla slices to dip into it (I found the tortillas at the back of the fridge too!)

For dessert, we had a mango hedgehog.

Before I dashed out to my class, I also gave them a raw choc heart each ūüôā

Evening munchies
On Tuesday evening, I attended a special Buddhist ceremony called a ‘Puja’ which involved a food offering.

After a wonderful evening of prayers, meditation and visualisations, we had a little party and got to sample the wonderful food offerings. Even though I’d already eaten a ton of food today, it would have been rude not to take a plate… or two ūüėȬ† I stuck to the savoury bites and fruits, all of which were totally scrummy!

So that’s me done for another WIAW! I’m off to check out all the yummy eats over at Jenn’s ūüôā

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone xx

WIAW – I’ll bring the Mediterranean Vegetable Crumble (with recipe!)

The lovely Jenn over at Peas and Crayons has set ‘Falling into New Habits’ as the theme for this month’s What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) parties. Maybe the first new habit I should ‘fall into’ for Fall is actually turning up at the WIAW parties. I’ve been missing all summer! Sorry guys! There was a serious lack of food photography going on in July & August as I was too busy (having¬†fun) with Lil’ L.¬†Now he’s back at school, there’s no excuses!

However, one¬†new habit that I have¬†taken up this month is¬†going for a¬†30 minute run straight after school drop off.¬†¬†I’m not a ‘morning person’,¬†but this quick run in the fresh air is making a world of difference to my day.¬†By the time I get back home, I feel really alert, and the fact that I’ve actually ‘achieved’ something before 9.30 spurs me on for the rest of the day.

My productivity levels have definitely increased since I made this simple change to my daily routine.¬†Let’s hope I continue with it!

I’m also enjoying the opportunity it gives me to spend an extra half hour outside in the¬†fresh air, enjoying¬†the morning sunshine (we’re having a great September here in Bath!) and¬†taking in the beautiful views.¬†Here’s my favourite pics¬†from this week’s runs.

I’ve always struggled to run in the mornings but I do feel like I’m getting a bit better at it.¬†I have no trouble running at night… it¬†feels effortless, like I’m flying rather than running.¬†In stark contrast,¬†in the mornings,¬†I feel like I’m glued to the ground,¬†and it takes¬†a huge amount of effort to pick up my legs¬†and run.¬†Weird eh? Does anyone else experience this or is it just me???

When I get back from the run, I’m¬†doing a simple¬†5 minute core strength yoga sequence,¬†then it’s time for breakfast.

On the subject of food, since coming back from the Summer holidays, I’m full of renewed enthusiasm for cooking fresh home-made meals. I just need to get into the habit of photographing them! For this week’s WIAW party,¬†I thought I’d¬†share my favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner from the past seven days. Fortunately, these were the three meals that I did actually manage to photograph!¬†I hope you enjoy them as I much as I did! ūüôā

Continuing with my recent chocolate-banana obsession, my favourite post-run breakfast has been a chocolate-banana energy shake. It tastes fantastic, is packed with goodness, and leaves me feeling full up all morning.

Here’s how I make it…

Lil’ L and M love this shake too. As well as being¬†great for breakfast¬†(and especially good¬†for those mornings when you’re in a rush), it also makes a great after-school or post-work snack.

Chocolate Banana Energy Milkshake

I’ve had lots of¬†lovely lunches this past week, but my favourite was this Thai Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup.

So delicious!¬†I’ll write up the recipe and post it on Friday. I¬†promise!

It was hard to choose a favourite dinner, as I’ve been cooking lots of our favourites this week.¬†However, this is¬†the one that I managed to photograph… Mediterranean Vegetable Crumble.

This is so yummy and can be eaten hot or cold. Any leftovers make a great addition to work lunch boxes.

Here’s how I make it….

My favourite dessert of the week has got to be the instant dairy free chocolate banana ice cream with chocolate sauce and nut sprinkles. Yum yum yum!

Time to head over to Jenn’s and join the party!

Enjoy the rest of¬†your week everyone ūüôā xx

This time last year…. my first appearance at Jenn’s WIAW party!!! ¬†WIAW Party – I’ll bring noodles

WIAW Fun, Food & Fitness

Fun and Fitness

Since July is the month of WIAW Fun, Food and Fitness, I thought I’d begin today’s post with a quick rundown of my current exercise regime.

When I left salaried work a few years ago to set up my own business, I stopped my gym membership to save money. Ever since then, I’ve been exercising in the great outdoors. When I went to the gym, it was all about the exercise. Now it’s so much more. As well as helping me to stay fit, exercising outdoors gives me the opportunity to get some fresh air and take in the beautiful views. It helps me to feel connected to my local environment.

It gives me the opportunity to recite mantras and get connected spiritually.

I also love the opportunities it gives me to interact¬†with members of the local community. There’s lots of¬†smiles, ‘hellos’ and words of encouragement as I make my way along the road or tow path.¬†


For me,¬†exercising outside¬†has¬†had a huge, positive impact on my well-being, both physically and mentally. I used to love going to the gym. Now, the thought of being cooped up in a sweaty room, with no fresh air, and with only¬†machines and screens to look at¬†just doesn’t¬†appeal¬†anymore.

At the moment, I’m running on average twice a week. I have two favourite routes, one flat route along the Kennet & Avon¬†towpath, and a second hilly route up to St Catherine’s Court.


4-5 mile runs suit me perfectly and I run around 10 miles per hour now (a whole minute quicker than this time last year. Woo hoo!)

I also cycle 1-2 times a week. I love mountain biking at the weekends with the family, and tend to cycle into Bath once a week too.


I sold my car a few years ago (to cut costs) so these days  cycling, walking and running are my modes of transport. I love getting about this way, for the same reasons as I love exercising outside.

Over the past decade¬†I’ve found the optimum¬†level of exercise to suit my body. In my teens and 20s I was prone to knee injuries and seemed to always be at the physio. For the past ten years, I haven’t had a single injury. Long may it continue!

Fun and Food

For this week’s WIAW foodie party, I thought I’d show our eats from today.

A delicious bowl of porridge for me & M. In mine, I added ground cinnamon, mixed spice, almonds, walnuts, pecans, Brazils, ground linseed, shelled hempseed and goji berries. It was made with Alpro Original Soya Milk (the version sweetened with apple juice) and I lightly drizzled some Sweet Freedom Fruit Sweetener on top.

For some people, porridge is a winter breakfast but I can happily eat it all year round ūüôā

Lil’ L chose to have a mix of granola and Shreddies, and I added in some flaked almonds, chopped walnuts, shelled hempseed and ground linseed for a nutritional boost.

The night before, while we were washing up, I quickly made some tomato pasta for lunchboxes. It only took a few minutes to prepare. While the organic wholegrain pasta twists were cooking, I finely chopped some veggies Рcarrot, fine green beans, mushrooms, red pepper, red onion Рand let them gently cook in a frying pan with a little olive oil. When the pasta was cooked, I mixed in half a jar of Seeds of Change Organic Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce and the veggies. I also added some sunflower seeds, shelled hempseeds, pine nuts and nutritional yeast for a nutritional boost.

Marigold Nutritional Yeast with Vitamin¬†B12 is one of my all-time favourite health food/vegan products. It’s got a delicious cheesy/nutty flavour which works really well in pasta dishes. I also use it for savoury crumbles,¬†pizzas,¬†pesto and, ground with raw cashews, as a¬†vegetarian¬†replacement for¬†parmesan.

It’s got an amazing nutritional profile. As well as being high in protein, it’s packed with B vitamins and zinc. Just one small 5g serving provides 220% of your B12 RDA.

You can buy the Marigold Nutritional Yeast from health food stores and online. I tend to buy mine from Harvest in Bath, or online from Goodness Direct.

Lil’ L morning snackseeded flatbreads with home-made¬†humous
Lil’ L post-school snack – small bowl of raw cashews (he loves these!)
Lil’ L pre-swimming snack¬†¬†3 mini banana pancakes (leftover from Sunday)¬†with chopped pecans and a drizzle of Sweet Freedom Fruit Sweetener
My post-school snack – a mixed bowl of raw nuts (cashews, walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds) and raisins.


I’m loving this snack at the moment, but I end up eating a pretty big bowlful. I’ve heard¬†that raw nuts are actually a negative calorie food but¬†I must check this out for sure!

For dinner, we had one of our all-time favourite meals¬†…. Veggie Fajitas.¬†¬† This is my favourite kind of ‘fast food’ – it’s¬†ready in less than 10 minutes, only uses one pan (gotta love the ‘one pans’!), it’s really tasty and¬†healthy! I wish all ‘fast food’ could be like this!

You can make veggie fajitas simply by using veggies and seeds, but I also like to add in half a pack of Fry’s Vegetarian Chunky Strips for added flavour and texture. These can be bought in the freezer section of health food stores like Holland and Barrett.


¬†To make the fajitas, I simply stir fried some veggies,¬†seeds and the¬†vegetarian chunky strips¬†in a little olive oil. I then sprinkled on some fajita seasoning mix (not too much as Lil’ L doesn’t like his dinners too spicy). Once I’d removed Lil’ L’s portion I added some Linghams Chilli Sauce to add more heat for me & M.

Just look at all those beautiful colours in the pan ūüôā

The fajitas were served in Tesco wholemeal seeded tortilla wraps. We had two each, and Lil’ L took the leftovers to school the next day for his lunch.

For dessert we had some fresh pineapple chunks and a fresh¬†strawberry jelly. Lil’ L absolutely loves these jellies…. and¬†I love the fact that they’re sugar-free, gelatine-free and contain real strawberries (which he normally runs a mile from!) Recipe coming very soon!¬†

After dinner Lil’ L and M tried one of the¬†raw chocolate-coated lime creams that I made yesterday.¬†¬†They got a big thumbs up ūüôā¬†

Here’s how they looked before I added the chocolate coating…

They really do make a refreshing after-dinner treat.¬† Both M and Lil’ L loved the¬†raw chocolate coating I added after the pic,¬†whereas I prefer them without. Lil’ L said that I’m¬†over-ruled so the chocolate’s staying!

Well, that was another¬†great day of eats. Time to head over to the lovely Jenn’s and check out the¬†yummy WIAW¬†food gallery.

Happy Wednesday everyone! ūüôā xx

Do you enjoy exercising outside or do you prefer hitting the gym? 

Biking at Ashton Court & WIAW Fun, Food & Fitness

First off, I’d like to wish all my lovely American friends a very happy 4th July! I hope you’ve all had lots of fun today ūüôā

So it’s July already? Unbelievable! With all this rain we’re having here in Bath, it doesn’t feel like July¬†at all! I feel totally out of sync with my American and European foodie friends who have moved onto sorbets, granitas¬†and popsicle making. I’m still making soup and big bowls of warm porridge!

The crazy English weather continues!

Last weekend was yet another weekend of mostly rain. However,¬†on Sunday, after a morning of heavy rain, it suddenly stopped¬†and the sun came out! To make the most of it, we decided to head¬†to Ashton Court Estate in Bristol with our bikes piled high on top of the car.¬†It was the first time we’d ever been there and we were looking forward to checking out their (fairly new)¬†mountain bike trail.

The Ashton Court Estate is¬†a beautiful, historic 850 acre parkland….

… with¬†the most fantastic views that stretch right across the city of Bristol.

Check out how lush the grass is (thanks to all that rain!)

There are two deer parks on the Estate, one with fallow deer and the other with a large herd of red deer.

There are ancient woodlands and beautiful meadows filled with wild flowers.

There’s lots of wide, smooth paths perfect for¬†walking and family cycling.


And for the more adventurous, there’s the Blue (intermediate level) mountain bike trail.

This is where the fun really began for us ūüôā

Lil’ L absolutely loved it! As¬†soon as we’d finished the trail he asked if we could go round it again.

I thoroughly enjoyed it too and the technical level was just right¬†for me. It was very ‘twisty turny’ through the trees, with the occasional step to ride off, but nothing too scary. Along the trail, there were a few forks where you could choose to do¬†the red (advanced) sections, then re-join the blue trail.¬†This suited M, and even Lil’ L had a go at some of the red sections, while I was happy to stay on the blue.


On the Estate, there’s a new cycle centre with a cafe that I’m looking forward to checking out next time we go. There’s also a cafe at the Ashton Mansion house, where we did¬†stop for a drink.¬† As a post-ride snack, we¬†had¬†a couple of these spicy little gingerbread fellas that I’d made the night before.


We had such a great afternoon at Ashton Court and¬†I’m looking forward to heading back there as soon as the weather cheers up again. It’s such a beautiful place to visit!¬†¬†For anyone else that’s interested in visiting,¬†here’s the website www.ashtoncourtestate.co.uk ¬†and¬†postal address for sat navs: Long Ashton, Bristol, BS41 9JN.

Moving onto….

WIAW Party Time!


The theme of July’s¬†WIAW parties is Fun, Food and Fitness. What a¬†great theme chosen by¬†Jenn over at Peas and Crayons!

Well I’ve already mentioned¬†the fun and fitness highlight of our¬†week so far, so it’s now time to move onto the food ūüôā

For this week WIAW party, I thought I’d share¬†our¬†eats from yesterday (Tuesday).

At the moment, one of my favourite breakfasts is my¬†‘Buddha Breakfast Bowl’ where¬†I basically go along the line of cereals and¬†seed/nut jars and tip a little bit of everything in ūüôā

On Tuesday, into my bowl went some Shreddies, Mornflake Superfast Oats, Granola, Muesli, flaked almonds, gojis, hulled hemp seeds and ground linseed. After I took the pic, I added a cup of Alpro Soya Milk. It was totally lush!

Lil’ L had a similar bowl (minus the gojis) and M had porridge (as usual!)

For lunch, I had a spinach pancake, topped with avocado, tomato puree, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds and a drizzle of Linghams Chilli Sauce. Lil’ L and I created this pancake topping after school last Friday. He ate it as a snack¬†(without the chilli) and I ate it for my (very late) lunch. It tasted so good that¬†I chose to have again¬†for¬†lunch on Tuesday ūüôā

In their lunchboxes on Tuesday, both M and Lil L took home-made spinach and tofu ricotta filo parcels. They loved them so much that they took them again for lunch today ūüôā¬†

Before heading to my study class, I made a big pan of veggie chilli, which we served with brown basmati rice and toasted tortilla segments. Apologies for the rubbish picture, but I only had a couple of seconds to quickly take a snap of it before I had to serve it and head out.

Every time I make chilli it comes out slightly differently as I use whatever ingredients I have to hand. In this chilli I added:
1 red onion
2 garlic cloves
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp mild chilli powder
1/2 red pepper
1/2 green pepper
1 medium courgette (zucchini)
handful mushrooms
1 finely grated carrot
1 can black beans
1 cup red split lentils
2 cans of chopped tomatoes
2 tbsp tomato puree
1.5 cups of vegetable stock
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp agave syrup
salt & ground black pepper

After I served Lil’ L’s portion, M and I added some Linghams Chilli Sauce to our portions to spice it up a little more.

The chilli was really tasty and we had enough left over to freeze for next month ūüôā

I didn’t have time for dessert, but Lil’ L and M had blueberry muffins and¬†pineapple smoothies when they came back from dropping me off at my class.

Snacks & Drinks
Me: 1 apple, 1 black coffee, nettle tea, cherry & cinnamon tea, lemon & water
Lil’ L’s¬†morning snack: 2 sunflower seed crackers with humous
Lil’ L’s¬†afterschool snack: 1 banana pancake (leftover from Sunday) with chopped pecans, ground linseed and a drizzle of agave syrup.

Right, it’s time to head over to Jenn’s, check out the gorgeous eats and get inspired ūüôā

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone! xx

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Sensible Snacking for Kids & Wise Yoda!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far ūüôā

I had lots of fun this afternoon with the kids at my ‘Wednesday Workshops’ (the little Buddhist meditation classes I teach at our¬†local primary school). After a beautiful meditation on ‘the kindness of others’, I thought it’d be fun to¬†watch one of my favourite Star Wars clips.


When it ended, I asked them if they’d learnt¬†anything¬†from watching it. Their hands shot up in the air and they started reeling off the lessons they’d learnt including…

  • Never¬†give up (even if you’re finding something difficult or have already failed in your first few attempts)
  • Don’t get distracted
  • Control your mind
  • Believe in yourself
  • Size doesn’t matter

All that wisdom from watching a¬†5 minute clip of Yoda! Just imagine how wise they’ll be after they’ve watched all¬†six Star Wars films ūüėČ

After watching the clip, we had great fun making paper fortune tellers and filling them with Yoda quotes and kind messages.

Think you the relationship between Master and Padawan is only to help them?
Oh, this is what we let them believe, yes! But when the day comes that even old Yoda does not learn something from his students – then truly, he shall be a teacher no more.


WIAW – Sensible Snacking …¬†Lil’ L Style!

¬†This month,¬†the lovely Jenn over at Peas and Crayons has set ‘Sensible Snacking’ as the theme for our weekly¬†‘What I Ate Wednesday’ foodie parties. I think this is a great theme as it’s all too easy to reach for the junk snacks when we’re feeling a bit peckish.¬†

For me, the¬†most important thing¬†is making sure that¬†Lil’ L has¬†snacks that are going to sustain his¬†energy levels.¬†On weekdays, he has a morning snack¬†at playtime and an after-school snack. I try to make sure that these snacks contain whole foods, complex carbs and minimal sugar so that his energy levels¬†don’t peak and slump. I also want encourage him to develop healthy snacking habits for the future.

Now that he’s older, I involve him in the decision making about¬†his¬†choice¬†of snacks. Here’s a run down of some of his current favourite snacks (all of¬†which¬†he’s eaten in the past week).

Morning Snacks


  • 2 seeded¬†flatbread crackers with bean pate or houmous filling (his¬†number 1 current favourite snack)
  • 2 wholegrain rice cakes with yeast extract (these taste like the Marmite rice cakes but they have the added bonus of being wholegrain)

  • 2 sesame wholegrain rice cakes with St Dalfour Strawberry spread or Manuka honey filling (the honey was a gift from his grandma!)

  • Packet of wholegrain mini biscuits with no added sugar or salt.

After School Snacks


  • Roasted pistachios nuts (salt free).¬†


  • Almonds and sunflower seeds roasted in a tiny amount of low-salt soy sauce (recipe here)


  • ¬†Apple cinnamon pancakes with chopped pecans, ground linseed and a drizzle of maple¬†syrup.¬†
    I make pancakes every Sunday and Lil’ L likes to have the leftover pancakes on a Wednesday before his swimming lesson (warmed in the microwave).

  • Wholemeal choc chip¬†or almond cookie.

We also¬†make a fruit smoothie after school. This week, he’s made smoothies with different combinations of pineapple,¬†blueberries , banana and strawberries, non dairy milks and yoghurt, and chia seeds for an omega-3 boost (the seeds are completely obliterated in a high speed blender, so you don’t even notice them).

We’re always on the look out for new snacks, so do let me know if you have any suggestions.
If you have kids, I’d love to hear what their favourite snacks are.
And equally importantly, what’s your¬†current favourite snack?

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone! ūüôā xx

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Father’s Day Highlights & WIAW

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far!

Firstly, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU¬†for all your kind birthday wishes. They really made me smile ūüôā¬† Well, I’ve been 40 for a week and a half now¬†and I’m glad to¬†report that I’m still feeling as young as ever. Long¬†may it¬†continue!

Secondly, HAPPY BELATED FATHER’S DAY to all the Dads out there.¬†¬†I hope you all had lots of fun on Sunday!¬†¬†

I thought it only right that¬†M should decide¬†how he’d¬†like to spend Father’s Day.¬†¬†After all, the day was ‘his’ ūüėȬ†Here’s what he chose to do….

– Mountain bike ride in the morning…¬†followed by a lunch¬†of creamy¬†spiced¬†parsnip soup

–¬†Trip to an open day at Crofton¬†Pumping Station to see the oldest beam engine in the world in action (such a boy thing to do!)


– Visit to the market town of Marlborough for coffees and a browse round the Oxfam shop (we all bought a little something ;))

– Art session with Lil’ L where he taught Lil’ L how to stencil and spray paint (it was his first time!)

–¬†And, to finish off the day …¬† an evening meal at our¬†favourite Indian restaurant, Rajpoot.¬†¬†

Even though we did lots of activities, the day was really chilled and M said he loved it … and that’s¬†the most important thing!

WIAW – Time I got partying!

Yesterday, I¬†actually managed to photograph a days’ worth of¬†meals.¬† That hasn’t happened in a while!¬† It’s¬†WIAW¬†time ūüôā¬† Let’s get partying!

On warm days, such as yesterday, we’re¬†enjoying a simple bowl of cold oats, made with¬†Alpro Almond or Soya milk, and a sprinkling of chopped nuts, linseed and goji berries.¬† We’ve been using the¬†Mornflake Superfast Oats which are so fine that they can be served straight away, without the need to soak them in milk overnight.¬†

I was surprised how enthusiastic Lil’ L is about this simple breakfast.¬† For the past couple of weeks, he’s asked for it most mornings!

For their packed lunches, M and Lil’ L had seeded bagels filled with bean pate¬†and some slices of red pepper on the side.¬† The lunch looked so good that I decided to have it myself too ūüôā

I rarely buy shop-bought pate but this Redwood Beanfeast Pate is absolutely delicious!¬† It contains 7 different types of bean and 4 different types of seed, so it’s packed full of goodness.¬† It’s available from¬†Holland & Barratt and Asda, and also online from¬†Redwood¬†and¬†Goodness Direct.¬† It costs around ¬£1.58 and will¬†easily serve us for 4-6 lunches, so a pretty¬†good value purchase!

For dinner, we had one of our absolute all-time favourite meals… roasted squash and black bean enchiladas in a lightly spiced tomato sauce.¬† Such a simple meal to make and so tasty!

This meal is delicious served warm¬†or cold, and Lil’ L loves to take the leftovers for¬†his lunch the next day.¬† Recipe coming soon!

РCreamy strawberry banana chia smoothie
– Piece of orange and almond cake

Me: Hot lemon & water, Clipper organic nettle tea, Twinings cherry & cinnamon tea, apple & mango juice, 1 black coffee, lots of water

Lil’ L: Innocent apple & mango juice, Innocent apple juice carton, water

No snacks for me today. 
Lil L: sesame rice cakes with manuka honey; oatmeal & raisin cookie 

I¬†always make sure¬†that Lil’ L has two snacks available each day – one for morning playtime and one when he gets in from school.¬† I always try and give¬†him tasty,¬†nutritious snacks¬†that are going to nourish him and give him lots of slow release energy.¬† Since June is the WIAW month of ‘Sensible Snacking’,¬†next week I’ll¬†give a rundown of some of Lil L’s¬†current favourite snacks.

Have a great week everyone! xx

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