“I really enjoyed working with Mark. He had a great way of talking me through the science of nutrition and then translating that into something I could understand and follow week to week. I was specifically looking for someone that could help me better understand vegan nutrition whilst training. He was flexible so that we could use each session to focus on any questions I had, and recap from last time. I felt very at ease working with him and loved his relaxed approach. He always got in touch in between sessions to follow up and check in, he was also one of my biggest cheerleaders whilst I was training for my first half marathon. He helped me focus on what I needed to do to be ready for race day and I don’t believe I could have completed my first ever race without him.” Emma, Bath

“I met Sharon earlier this year and didn’t know much about plant-based foods and how to put them all together in a healthy way, so Sharon’s knowledge and enthusiasm really inspired me to try it! During lockdown it has given me a chance to experiment and try this way of life and I love it! Thank you Sharon for your continued support.” Annette, Bath

“The [low fat, whole food plant-based] diet is working great for my diabetes so far, and I’ve found that I’m managing to lose some weight too.  All the advice Mark gave me was great, and as for what he could do better, I can’t think of anything to be honest.  Thanks for all your help.” Nick, Bristol

“I hadn’t realised a healthy plant-based diet could be so easy and so utterly delicious! Thank you Sharon for helping me find a healthier balance in my life, and making the process both informative and fun.” Catriona, Corsham

“I’d got into a bit of a rut with my diet and exercise. Work involved a lot of time driving; sitting in a car and not necessarily eating great food from service stations! I always get out on my mountain bike for an hour or two at the weekend which keeps me ticking over but, when I went through my typical week with Mark, I was kind of surprised to find how little physical activity I do between Monday and Friday. Working through this with Mark was a really great experience and he gave me some really practical advice on making a few key changes that together have made a big difference to my week. Having the support of a coach made me really think about my diet and looking after myself not just for now, but for the future too. It has helped me to turn these changes into long-term habits that I’ve been able to stick with! Thanks for your help!” Rory, Bath