Super easy veggie burgers

Veggie burgers are great fun to create as there’s no end to the combinations of beans, veggies and flavours that you can use.  With my birthday money, I decided to treat myself to a burger press in the hope of making a more professional looking burger than the usual pattie I mould in my hands. 

The burger press arrived today and I couldn’t wait to try it out!

This week, I opted to make cannellini bean and chick pea burgers with a spoonful for crunchy peanut butter to give them a nice crunchy texture.  M said they were one of the nicest burgers I’ve ever made and Lil’ L said they were ‘delish’. 🙂  I think the burger press helped.  Within a flash the mixture was turned into professional-looking burgers!  I’m very pleased with this new addition to my (ever increasing) kitchen gadget collection 😉

My simple veggie burger recipe can be found here.