Lemon Coconut Energy Balls

It is so quick and easy to make your own energy balls! It is literally a case of whizzing the ingredients together in a food processor. It also works out way cheaper than buying them from the supermarket.

As an added bonus you get to flavour them exactly to your own personal tastes!

I have already shared a few of my favourite energy ball recipes on the blog including Chocolate Orange, Cocoa Lime and Chocolate Rose (I can see a pattern running here haha) BUT the one I’m sharing today has to be my all-time favourite and – surprisingly – it contains no chocolate!

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Curried Tempeh Vegan Sandwich Slices

The curried tempeh I’m sharing today makes one tasty, high protein sandwich filling! For my work lunch box, I love to serve it in a seeded bap with some juicy tomato slices, diced red pepper, fresh green leaves and a dollop of vegan mayo or mango chutney. Just like tofu, I find that adding a couple of slices of tempeh to my lunchtime sandwich really helps to power me through the afternoon and keeps me feeling full for hours.

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Book Review: Feeding Your Vegan Child: A Practical Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition by Sandra Hood RD

I was excited to hear about the publication of this new vegan nutrition guide by Registered Dietician, Sandra Hood. Covering all aspects of nutrition from preconception through to the teenage years, this guide is a much needed and valuable resource for vegan parents here in the UK.

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Indian-Style Scrambled Tofu ‘Egg’ on Toast

Today I’m sharing a delicious plant-based alternative to scrambled egg on toast. Quick and easy to prepare, this recipe makes a great savoury breakfast or lunch option. Inspired by my friend Raj, I love to flavour my scrambled tofu ‘egg’ with a sprinkling of ground turmeric and garam masala spices which gives it a beautiful Indian flavour and golden hue. I’ve been making this Indian-style scramble for a couple of years now and it still remains my number one favourite tofu scramble. It’s been a big hit with my family too. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

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Super Greens Pasta Salad with Balsamic Glaze (30 Minute Recipe)

Today I’m sharing a delicious pasta dish that has quickly become one of our new family favourites. It can be eaten warm or cold, so perfect for serving as a main meal or packing into lunchboxes. It contains a wonderful array of nutrients, textures and flavours. The tangy Balsamic glaze really makes those greens pop and sing!

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Quick & Easy Mexican Bean Tacos

In today’s post, I’m sharing my family’s favourite Saturday night Mexican Bean Tacos. This recipe is just perfect for when you need something quick and easy to prepare. It’s so tasty and filling! And even though my family has eaten this meal hundreds of times now, we still look forward to it every weekend. There is something really fun and satisfying about biting into a crispy taco shell!

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