A Day Out in London – Graffiting in Banksy’s Tunnel

For the second part of M’s 40th birthday present, I’d arranged for him to spend a few hours in Banksy’s Tunnel in Leake Street, London with graffiti artist ‘G’. 

While they were hard at work, Lil’ L and I met up with our gorgeous friend Helen for a delicious Thai lunch at Busaba.  If you’re ever in London, I highly recommend a stop at one of the Busaba restaurants as the food is outstanding.  After stuffing ourselves full of delicious eats, we headed to the Natural History Museum.  I was blown away by the beauty of the museum building.  The collection of dinosaur bones was pretty impressive too 😉

Check out what M and G were up to while we were gone… (BTW, it’s legal to graffiti in Banksy’s Tunnel so don’t get alarmed!)










 G is clearly a great teacher and M must be a quick learner.  I dread to think what mess I would have produced if I’d had a go! 😉  

Big thanks go out to G and Helen for giving us a such a great day out in London 🙂

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