Raw Choc Giveaway Result

Just a quick post to announce the winner of my raw chocolate giveaway.  The comments were placed in chronological order and a random number was generated using RANDOM.ORG.

I’m pleased to announce that the winner is Sarah from Everyday’s a Picnic.  Well done Sarah!  I’ll email you shortly to get your postal address.

Well, school’s out now so holiday season has officially started for us 🙂  It’s also M’s birthday on Monday.  I can’t believe he’s actually going to be 40!!  Scary! (what’s even scarier is that I’m not far behind him… where did the last 20 years go???)

While M doesn’t think that anything’s planned for Monday, I’ve got a couple of great surprises lined up for him 😉  I’m definitely making sure that this milestone is marked BIG STYLE!  As soon as I get a chance to get back on the computer next week, I’ll reveal the surprises.  Fingers crossed he likes them!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody! xx

8 thoughts on “Raw Choc Giveaway Result

  1. It’s OK. I won’t tell him about the 80 foot high banner you’ve got planned across the river and canal!

    Thanks for the chocolates – they were lovely. I’m rationing myself to one a day for that seratonin hit! 🙂

    1. Ha ha, can you imagine how much he would have hated that!!
      So glad you likes the chocolates 🙂 I know I said that one is enough… well at the cinema on Monday I managed to eat 5 in one go! Mind you, I bet my mum will be able to beat that lol!

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