Breakfast & Elevenses

All recipes on this page are dairy free, egg free, vegan


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  1. Hi Sharon. I hope you can help. I have been advised to eat “cooked breakfasts” instead of smoothies and wonder if you have any suggestions for things I can prepare in advance/batches that can just be reheated in the mornings. The obvious baked beans on toast can get pretty boring after a while! Also need to avoid wheat! Was thinking of using quinoa with fruit and heating it up. Have got a couple of wheat-free cereals for when I have no time to do much. Do you have any bright ideas? xx

    1. Hey Virya! Off the top of my head I’m thinking… baked oatmeal, porridge made with GF oats or quinoa, English cooked breakfast (e.g. scrambled tofu, mushrooms, sausages), smashed peas & avocado on toast, breakfast hash, pancakes (like the Easy Vegan Blender Pancakes on p38 of my cookbook), granola. All of these breakfasts (except the avocado) could be batched cooked, re-heated and will last a good few days.

      Are you on Pinterest? I have a whole recipe board dedicated to Vegan Gluten-Free Breakfasts which could provide more inspiration. I’m adding to it all the time! ☺️

      I hope this is of help! Much love xxx

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