Sultana Banana Mini Pancakes (Vegan)

Today I’m sharing a recipe for Sultana Banana Mini Pancakes ❤️ They are quick, easy to make and use basic pantry ingredients. They’re perfect for serving as a weekend breakfast or for ‘elevenses’. Me and Lil’ L have made them three times so far and they have proven to be a big hit with the family.

Have you tried adding sultanas to pancake batter before? They work beautifully in these American-style fluffy pancakes. In fact, I loved them so much that I ended up adding more than the original recipe called for.

The original recipe is from Kate Ford’s Vegan in 15 and was published in this month’s Vegan Life magazine (along with Kate’s ‘Freakshake’ which took pride of place on their front cover!)

Check out that cute pancake stack!

And below is my little pancake stack, before the obligatory drizzle of maple syrup. As you can see, I still haven’t learnt the art of food styling 😊 I still just plonk the food on a plate or in a bowl and click the shoot button on the camera.

Well at least you know how they will turn out when you make them, and the pancakes themselves look pretty similar to the ones above, don’t you think? I just need to work on the presentation.

I did tweak Kate’s pancake recipe ever so slightly, increasing the quantity of sultanas (as we were enjoying them so much!) and omitting the nuts from the batter (so we could keep them as an option for sprinkling on top instead). I found that the flour conversion from grams into cups in the Vegan Life magazine was slightly off (according to my scales and cups anyhow!) so I’ve taken this into account in the recipe I share below.

I usually get nine pancakes out of the batter, which means three pancakes each for me and the boys.

As soon as the photoshoot was over, you can guess where these three ended up.


Have a great weekend everyone!



6 thoughts on “Sultana Banana Mini Pancakes (Vegan)

  1. Yes, been there got the tea shirt 😉 I’m a fan of sultanas in pancakes too. I’m not sure you need to do any more food styling than you already do, your photos always look fab and I certainly wish I had a pile of the ones you’ve shown right in front of me now.

    Must check my copy of Vegan Life. I haven’t opened it yet! Great to hear Kate’s recipes are in it.

    1. Thanks Choclette for your kind words ❤️ I wish I had a pile of these lil’ pancakes in front of me right now too. Maybe I’ll make them later as an after-dinner treat 🙂

  2. Ooh, I’ve made these (also without the nuts), and they’re fantastic, aren’t they, Sharon?

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with your styling – the pancakes look really delicious and yummy… I’d deffo nom them!

    1. Yay! All round appreciation for Kate’s lil’ pancakes 🙂
      Thank you so much for your kinds words about my photos. I’m not sure whether I could stretch to calling it ‘styling’ haha but I guess they do the job. I thought about doing a food photography course but I quite like the idea of ‘keeping it real’. One of my readers said she liked my photos because they made the recipes look ‘attainable’. I took that as a compliment 😉

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